Morning Reads 3/6/2013

You’ve made it halfway through the week. Congratulations.

Application change coming for college kids. I never submitted any application but the FAFSA. Did I miss out on some money? Can I receive that money now? Inquiring minds want to know.

Crisp and Tift counties recognized for serving locally-grown food in school cafeterias. Good idea all around. Can we also start teaching local history?

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” A large number of Georgia’s senior living facilities don’t offer any medical care.

Georgia legislators observe “Chipper Jones” day. That might be their only homerun this session. Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck.

Heavy rainfall causes erosion problems in Middle Georgia. A pond also vanished. ACME also releases new “Disappearing Reappearing Pond.”

Venture Capital fund approved by Georgia Senate. You write the joke, best one receives recognition on Monday.

Jobless benefits are dropping. Now if jobless rates would drop.

Nelson set to require citizens to be armed to the teeth. Let’s rename some town “Burt Gummerville.”

Great news everyone, our sinkholes can’t eat people!

Jordan says paternity suit in Georgia should be dismissed. In other news, King James funnels money to mother to pay for lawsuit.

Chinese folks really like our peanuts. Somehow this is Jimmy’s fault.

Georgia House approves tax break for Gulfstream. When is my tax break coming to a vote?

Alrighty, enough trouble started for Wednesday. Go forth, be merry, and may the music never end.


  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Nelson (GA) set to require citizens to be armed to the teeth.”

    …I don’t like Nelson’s new gun law….I LOVE IT! Though with literally no crime in the town, the law, which is basically for national publicity, could become somewhat of an economic recruitment tool like Kennesaw’s famous gun law did.

  2. Engineer says:

    So they claim the disappearing pond isn’t a limestone based sinkhole. I have reason to disagree based on geologic data for that area. (I actually took a couple minutes to find the pond and compare it with geologic map of GA for those interested). The pond sits on “Neogene Undifferentiated” sediment that is approximately one mile from “Suwannee Limestone and its Residuum” (Symbol “Os” this is the same material they mine near Perry) that is uncovered where the stream is eroding into the layers. Since you can see that the limestone layer shows up in Dodge, Pulaski, Bleckley, & Laurens Counties (especially around stream/river valleys) it pretty much verifies that this particular limestone layer likely continues under that Neogen undifferentiated layer in this area.

    (tl;dr version: the GA geological map suggests the Suwannee limestone should be under that Neogene layer).

    Now I can’t say for certain, as it would take a core sample to verify but I honestly don’t see why they would rule it out when you are only talking about a 1-2 mile distance on a relatively flat area. Although, to be fair, for all I know, they may have ran a drill sample there, so who knows.

  3. Baker says:

    2 extras for you:

    Sen Gooch talking about Chip Rogers, GPB, and pressure from the guvna.

    And thank goodness because we just can’t wait any longer, Mayor Reed announces stadium deal will be ready soon.

    Those and anything else not here, and some that are, icymi

  4. Three Jack says:

    SB224 – Government VC fund passes with only 3 NO votes in a chamber supposedly dominated by conservative Republicans, many of whom probably criticized Obama for Solyndra funding. Hard to find any humor with this $100M bill that empowers the governor to appoint a 5 member board that will supposedly oversee the fund while definitely competing with private sector VC funds. It will be interesting to see how these same hypocrite GOPers react if/when a dem becomes governor again with all the new boards/committees being created.

    Thanks to Senators Crane, Heath and Orrock for having the good sense to vote against this newest government entity created by the ‘smaller government’ GOPers. The joke is on us taxpayers…again.

  5. Three Jack says:

    If you are a fan of an actual filibuster (look it up kiddos) where a senator takes the floor and speaks endlessly to block something, tune to CSPAN to witness this strange phenomenon taking place right now. Rand Paul started it and has controlled the floor since around 11am. Mike Lee just announced he will join when necessary.

    • Engineer says:

      Indeed, I’ve been monitoring this off and on this afternoon and I’m interested how long it will go.

      • Three Jack says:

        Ted Cruz is in now…can’t believe Rubio won’t join at some point.

        Ironic headline on Politico next to the one about Rand’s filibuster, ‘Obama to engage Republicans’ including a picture of Georgia’s own Saxby Chambliss joining 7 other GOPers for dinner with BHO. I guess Paul, Cruz, Lee et al didn’t get a invite.

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