Atlanta Archbishop Announced As ABC Analyst For Papal Pow-Wow

577072_10151057123708167_1787412870_n[1]The Archdiocese of Atlanta just posted on Facebook that His Excellency Wilton Daniel Gregory will serve as an on-air analyst for ABC during the sede vacante.

According to the post, Gregory will cover “the departure of Pope Benedict XVI and the events leading up to the election of his successor. Archbishop Gregory will be in Rome to cover the conclave and the announcement of the new Pope on the ABC network broadcasts.”


    • Ed says:

      Wow, grift, that’s hilarious.

      I didn’t know that/post that I was running several times on here before.

    • Ed says:

      IMO, he should.

      Very smart, leading one of the few growing dioceses, sound financial stewardship, successfully led USCCB at its darkest time, won’t rock the boat, good optics… its all there.

  1. northside101 says:

    On the first point (“any Catholic male can become pope”), that is absolutely correct—evey a layman can get elected, but if that were to happen, the layman woudl then be ordained…a lot of people may not realize, but the election of a pope is sudden in the sense there is no transition time—once you accept the election, you instantly hold that office. No transition time, as in from the election of a governor or president to their swearing in.

    The South is the future of the Catholic Church as Catholics move from the North this way, the North becomes increasingly secular and with Hispanic growth. The Atlanta diocese has come a long way from its establishment in 1956, when there were only 23,000 Catholics in the then 71 (now 69) county dioces—about a third of the capacity of the Georgia Dome. They now represent the state’s second largest denomination, of course behind the various Baptist combinations (Southern, independent, free will and so on), but ahead of the traditionally second-place Methodists.

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