Rep Caldwell’s Legislative Tracker

H/T to Three Jack in yesterday’s Morning Reads.

Rep Michael Caldwell’s Legislative Tracker.  He proactively posts his votes for his constituents to easily see and understand.  Oh but wait – there’s more.  Not just how he voted, but why he voted a particular way.

Some of his votes might not endear him to his legislative brethren, but if all legislators were this transparent we probably wouldn’t need ethics reforms now would we?


  1. Cloverhurst says:

    This screams “I have no influence, never will, I sit in the back, vote and few people care.”

    • Three Jack says:

      Did you review his votes Cloverhurst? The vast majority of his votes are with his party, but he has voted against them when he finds fault with certain pieces of legislation. He then provides an explanation for the vote and from my experience, responds to email inquiries almost immediately. The point is that Michael is fulfilling his pushcard promises and I applaud him for the courage to challenge our go along to get along good ol boy legislature where seeking mediocrity is now considered the best we can do.

      We need more reps like Michael, not more who just vote the status quo so they can hang with the ‘cool kids’.

  2. Stefan says:

    Hopefully he’ll add committee votes and include an accurate portrayal of both sides of an issue. Sweet graphic work on that stamp though.

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