Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Atlanta From Space!

(use the airport at the bottom left for orientation)

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Nationals first, then Georgia after the jump

  • Is most research a waste? (Overcoming Bias)
  • Earthquakes’ booms big enough to be detected from space (arstechnica)
  • Protecting Power Grids from Hackers Is a Huge Test (MIT Technology Review)
  • Being Right is everything, brain doesn’t care if you guessed (Harvard Business Review)
  • How the internet was ruled by “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” (BuzzFeed)
  •  The Shape of History: Why the West Rules, or why it did: (The Chronicle Review)
  • Are We in Danger of a Beer Monopoly? (NYT)
  • Craig Ehlo on guarding Michael Jordan, albeit sloppily (Deadspin)
  • A real cliffhanger: a bookstore prediction (Economist)
  • Cinema Tarantino: The Making of Pulp Fiction (Vanity Fair)


  • Marta makes walking hard, by design (ProgressiveTransit)
  • Green building sacrificed on the altar of pine (SaportaReport)
  • New rep drops first bill and county is renamed but its name stays the same (MaconTelegraph)
  • Comparing the dueling ethics bills’s claims (AJC)
  • Tax reform legislation begins its trip (AtlBizChron)
  • And efforts to expand the private school scholarship (GPB)
  • Montgomery Police chief makes a belated apology (NBCnews)
  • Gwinnett traffic tickets charge for “technology” (11alive)
  • Crossover day, or legislature as sport (AthensBannerHerald)
  • Blame the sequester for long lines at airport (Reuters)

And lastly, can you reword this press release into this “blog post”? Have I got a job for you.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Renaming Tift Co. to a different guy by the same name was interesting.
    Is that legislated history ? Or legend correction ?
    I thought it was bad enough naming public property after a living person.

    • Stefan says:

      Good question. I assumed it was some local legislation passed this session and that was in the preamble. Greencracker? You out there?

      • greencracker says:

        Allegedly the name was changed bc the previous namesake lived in Dougherty county rather than gift …. So, an error or bad choice was made in the first pace by naming the county for the resident of another county. It has nothing to do with the former mr. Tift having been an unreconstructable confederate.

  2. Ed says:

    BTW Stefan, would I be stepping on your toes were I to link to some fantastic articles from the weekend?

  3. Ellynn says:

    Georgia forestry industry should check to see how many of the 29 LEED buildings in the state are required by either law or building code to be of non-combustible contruction. How much wood really goes into a tax payer funded school, or a college building? They have far more concrete, steel, and even ceiling tile then they do wood. In most cases the wood is still locally ‘Georgia sourced’. Plus long turn enegery savings helps their industry far more then any form of public construction could hurt it. The less power large 200,000 SF buildings use, the cheaper the prices on items like nature gas, remain in this state. How much energy does the forestry industry use the klin dry all that lumber they harvest every year?

  4. Will Durant says:

    Methinks that some sales person for Motorola got a big fat commission for selling the Gwinnett commissioners on the e-ticketing technology. Generally when you go for new technology there should be a trade-off in cost savings on the administrative side. Gwinnett has announced no such economy of scale on the $6.3 million project to issue a neatly printed ticket at the point-of-sale time of the violation vs the traditional hand-written one. It appears this is one of those gadgets you get because it is cool. Now after they have bought them they are determining that SPLOST laws won’t let them pay for the maintenance and training for the new toy. I am against adding any revenue incentives to traffic violations, especially when the additional money does nothing to improve safety or lower costs.

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