1. Will Durant says:

    Absolutely the right thing to do. I’m still amazed that a Federal judge is agreeable though given the perceived racial overtones. Now we get to see how much more in tax dollars that they don’t have will be burned up on appeal.

  2. seenbetrdayz says:

    Wow, so now even the feds are involved.

    Remember the days when, if you had a problem, you just called your child’s teacher and *poof* problem solved?

    And who wants to start taking bets on who the people of Dekalb re-elect when the next election comes around?

    • 3 of the 4 members elected in 2012 were new. One – Pam Speaks – represents one of the super districts – almost the size of a Congressional district, and barely defeated a challenger who had almost no money and didn’t even decide to run until the last day when no one else had qualified.

      If the stakeholders in DeKalb – local Chamber etc, get serious, it should be easy to defeat any of these jokers who try to get their jobs back. No one knows them, and minus the “I” next to their name they’re be just another face. Sure most of them have probably gotten their family members jobs in the school system, but as long as there are more than 25 voters in each district that shouldn’t be enough for a majority.

  3. Will Durant says:

    Judge Richard Story’s finding in a nutshell:

    “To permit the Board Members to continue to serve while their individual claims are resolved risks substantial consequences for the School District and its students. The Court finds that this risk of harm far outweighs the risks to the Board Members. Should Plaintiffs prevail, the Board Members can more nearly be made whole than can the students if the return of the members results in loss of accreditation.”

    An affirmation that both wisdom and justice still exist. Now Gov. Deal needs to be a little more judicious in his choice of replacements than he has with some of his other appointees.

  4. Nonchalant says:

    I perchanced on only summaries of the Board member’s arguments, but in particular thought their “we have a property right in the office by dint of election” argument to be so noxious as to be worthy of automatic disqualfication on the spot for even uttering it.

    If only because I assume it a more than common than less than common sentiment. Folks who survive the rough and tumble of electoral politics too often appear to forget they still serve, not rule. They have won nothing by surviving primary and general but the chance to be put on even more crosses in pursuit of the public good. They certainly have not been given a fief, and the most base member of their district is still their equal.

    That is sometimes forgotten.

    • Nonchalant says:

      And may Charlie forgive this sequential post (the new prayer for our time) — {Nope. Mainly because you’re being an ass about it. – Charlie}

  5. James says:

    Good result. I went to the hearing on Friday and was very impressed with the way Judge Story handled the hearing. He was extremely well-prepared. I was less-impressed with DeKalb’s position, which was essentially “we’re going to talk a lot about the Georgia and Federal Constitutions because we don’t want to say this is about race, but nudge nudge wink wink this is really about race.”

    • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

      Judge Story has earned my respect by virtually ignoring the race cards being played and they are certainly being played.

      Eugene Walker today in an email:

      “It is morally abhorrent to sit idly by and allow the usurping of the one man one vote rights that has been bought and paid with the blood, sweat and tears of my generation. It is imperative that public servants preserve and protect the constitution and adhere to all laws, including the precept of a citizens’ right to choose their representative government. With the current assault of Section V of the voting rights act and the perpetual gerrymandering to disenfranchise races of people, I am compelled to employ every means available to me to protect citizens’ rights. The governor is using SACS and the State Board of Education as a hammer and chisel to chip away at the progress we have made.”

      I’m confused on how gerrymandering has disenfranchised races of people in DeKalb.

      And about 2 weeks ago this email that was verified by Maureen Downey of the AJC to have been drafted and signed as “Ms. Sarah Copelin-Wood, Board Member DeKalb Board of Education – District 3”:

      “Forget SACS! Forget the Overblown and Puffed Up and Self-Perceived Education Zeus, Mark Elgart! Hire Your Own Local Talent for Superintendent. Look What DeKalb County is Experiencing Now with its Latest Appointee from Little Lorain, Ohio! Look What Clayton County Experienced with Another Graduate of the Broad Superintendents Academy, Edmond Heatley! Go Local, School Board, Go Local! The Field is Black Unto Harvest! Appoint a Local Educator to be the Superintendent! Reject SACS and Go With the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC)…”

      She goes on to further denigrate Mark Elgart of SACS and that the failures of the school system are trumped up. This ignores the serious ramifications of losing accreditation by SACS and is the most overt statement I have seen in relation to racism. Remember if they keep it in house and in DeKalb “The Field is Black Unto Harvest!” only their diplomas may as well be printed on toilet paper.

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