What would Georgia look like if….

UPDATE:  “What I’ve Since Heard…” 

Donna Sheldon is giving serious thought to running in the 10th and Handel is waiting to see what Price does before she decides what to do – but she’s running for something.

For the PP family, most of our dinner conversations include politics on some level.  I had dinner with one of my favorite politicos tonight, and we started scootching pieces around our imaginary chess board.

What would Georgia look like if…

  • Karen Handel ran in the 6th
  • Donna Sheldon ran in the 10th
  • Tricia Pridemore ran in the 11th

I’d probably overlook a white-headed Senator if we had three women in our Congressional delegation.  NOTE: these are not even rumors – I haven’t talked to these women nor heard anything of note.  


  1. Tiberius says:

    Handel would win overwhelmingly in the 6th.

    Sheldon’s Gwinnett county is such a small part of the 10th and she would be splitting the more “suburban” part of the CD with Sen. Cowsert. Would pave the way for a more rural candidate to take the lead.

    Pridemore? I just want a candidate who can craft an intelligent sentence and isn’t viewed by those outside the “activist class” as a crook.

    • tdk790 says:

      For Pridemore, I don’t know if it is a good time for a GWCC board member to seek public office.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    The Dems outlook on the 2014 Senate elections may be even worse than in 2012, based on the numbers of Dem incumbents retiring or up for re-election. That’s cause for Dems to worry, but the TEA Party appears poised to resume in 2013 where it left off in 2012; backing candidates that will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I understand extremist Steve King is the leading GOP candidate in IA, and Bachmann in MN and Joe Miller in AK are possibilities. I’ve no illusions about Georgia, unless Broun’s the nominee. Then again, I though Barnes would win if the GOP nominee was Deal or Oxendine.

    Nate Silver is as good as they get: http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/20/can-republicans-win-the-senate-in-2014/

    • Dave Bearse says:

      OUCH. I intended to post the comment above to the Monday morning to the open thread….

      With regard to Bridget’s Post, I recollect Donna Sheldon as House Transportation Committee Chairman for the diaster known as TIA. Leadership we can do without.

  3. drjay says:

    interesting that ga has seemed to take a step backward in regard to women in office–just off the top of my head it it seems like the state went from a female mayor in atl, a female congressman, and females in three statewide offices to to having none of that (i am not commenting on the sanity or efficacy of these women, just that they held the offices) i know there are some women in leadership at the capital and sav’h has a female mayor–but that really is not the same as had been just a couple of election cycles ago…

  4. northside101 says:

    Handel got 54% in a competitive 4-way field (Deal, Eric Johnson and Oxendine) in the current 6th CD in the July 2010 GOP primary for governor and 65% there against Deal in the August runoff, so understandable focus on her possible entry. In the 10th CD, Walton County is the largest voting county in that district in a GOP primary (about one-sixth of the district’s total GOP primary votes), and focus on Sen. Cowsert because his Senate district makes up a quarter of the total population of CD 10 (parts of Clarke and Walton Counties and all of Oconee). The 11th CD seems wide open–Bob Barr? Barry Loudemilk? Judson Hill? Ed Setzler and Earl Ehrhart? Phil Kent on Georgia Gang yesterday mentioned that Ed Lindsey is looking at the Senate race.

  5. Edward Lindsey says:

    There are an awful lot of good friends already in or considering a race for U.S. Senate. As for me, the last month of the 2013 General Assembly are enough to keep me occupied for now. There will be plenty of time after session and after Congressman Gingrey decides what he is going to do for me to then consider a race for the 11th Congressional seat which stretches from Fulton, through Cobb, and up to Bartow and Cherokee. It is a great district with a lot of good people. We’ll see.

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