Insider: Graves Not Running This Time.

The AJC’s Daniel Malloy had an exclusive conversation with Congressman Tom Graves who said while he’s not running now the future for him looks bright.

The news, delivered in an interview with the AJC, is not particularly shocking given the difficulties Graves would have faced against some of his more seasoned U.S. House colleagues, but Graves used the interview to make the point — unsolicited and repeatedly — that he still has statewide goals.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Maybe only time will help us shake off that a personal responsibility guy blamed a bank for lending him money on a personal guarantee.

  2. James Fannin says:

    Well Lawton, to be fair, it is hard to take someone posing as a Tea Party fiscal conservative seriously when he acts like a liberal Democrat in his personal financial dealings. It might be wrong to send Tom to a debtor’s prison but it was equally wrong to send him to Congress to “fix Washington.” Our government has a debt crisis precisely because our politicians have been as irresponsible with taxpayer money as Tom Graves behaved with the bank’s money and Graves was every bit as slippery as Barack Obama when he was called to account. Someone (taxpayers, shareholders) ultimately had to pay Congressman Graves’ just debt just as our grandchildren will have to pay the debts Congress has incurred.

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