Morning Reads for Friday, March 1, 2013

– Quick! Somebody from the Georgia Chamber of Commerce jump on a plane to Maryland and invite Beretta to move its plant to more friendlier climes.
– Health IT jobs coming to Midtown. Where do we line up?
– How convenient. Former DeKalb County school superintendent lands job with company she previously promoted.
– Rally against MARTA privatization (HB 264).
– You need to read it to find out what’s in it, Georgia Car Tax Edition.

– Sequestrageddon… Apocalypse Not.
– Now there’s a metaphor: comparing the stock market to the Nostromo. Don’t make me explain it to you.
– Who knew? Most political scientists are lousy forecasters. I thought that was the weatherman’s job.
Woodward vs. The White House. Or, really, The White House vs. Everybody.
Recession? What recession?
– Hudson, NY city alderman calls gun owners ‘Psychotards.” You don’t have to imagine the ensuing city council meeting – here’s an eye-witness account.
Human Events kills print edition.
– Voting Rights Act Projectile Projecting – why does the North continue to say the South is more racist?
– SSDD on Obamacare.

Random Everywhere:
– Today is National Pig Day. Please patronize your local establishment purveying plentious platters of pulled-procinus-perfection. Pass the sauce, Saavik.
– Famed American pianist Van Cliburn died Wednesday.
– The “Driving Miss Daisy” house is for sale (warning video starts when page opened).
– Red Five! Red Five! Can’t wait ‘til May!


  1. peachstealth says:

    Come on down to Georgia Beretta. You can join other European gunmakers Glock in Smyrna and H&K in Columbus.

  2. Rick Day says:

    big new in the ATL with Robinson, Abraham and Turner all cut today. over $11 mill in salary cap saved by unloading those scofflaws.

    I’m sure someone will scream RACISM about these cuts, but probably not from here 😀

  3. Noway says:

    I didn’t want to say anything but then I thought this had to be added today. A study has come out that says American women have gotten fatter over the last 40 or so years because they are not doing enough vacuumin’…. (Don’t shoot the messenger…)

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