Congressman Paul Broun Earns 100% From Club For Growth–Will That Help Him In His Bid For Senate?

Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA-10) announced Tuesday that he has earned a 100% rating from the Club For Growth and is top of the pack in the US House:

“With his score of 100%, and a lifetime score of 99%, Dr. Broun has demonstrated that he is a fighter for free markets and limited government,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “2012 was a tough year for economic freedom. Whether it was the GOP’s support of massive tax increases or the constant assault on liberty by the Obama administration, the pro-growth caucus in Congress has a lot of work to do in 2013. Fortunately, Dr. Broun repeatedly took principled stands against the tax-and-spend crowd. The people of the 10th Congressional District of Georgia are lucky to have Dr. Broun standing up for them in Washington.”

You can check out how other Congress critters ranked on their website.  Seeing how the National Journal, again, left Congressman Paul Broun off their “most conservative” list in the House for 2012, it makes one wonder if their definition of conservative is different from mine and conservative organizations like Club For Growth, Americans For Prosperity, and the Heritage Foundation.  Charlie covered that in an editorial piece last week, so go refresh yourself on it.  I believe those conservative organizations have better credentials than National Journal, but that’s just my opinion.

The “seals of approval” from various organizations certainly looks good to have on a political resume when running for office (although, some candidates’ endorsement list looks like a Foursquare badge page), but will it help Congressman Broun in his bid to become Georgia’s new junior senator?  It certainly doesn’t hurt, and I don’t doubt that it will connect the Congressman to some deep pockets (maybe even grant him first dibs since he was the first to declare) for his senatorial candidacy.  That would help him combat Karl Rove and his new PAC to off conservative TEA Party-favored candidates.  It may also improve his chances among the “undecided” primary voters who will more than likely have a large field from which to choose.

What say you?  Do the seals of approval from special interest groups help you cull candidates from your ballot when picking a candidate to support?  Which organization’s endorsement/ranking/whatever influences you more in a primary election?


  1. slyram says:

    My head is going to explode if non Republicans sit idly by and let Saxby’s replacement be selected in the GOP primary without recognizing that that is where the action is. Chambliss is strong on military, veterans, agriculture and other regionally importance matters for non Atlantans. But, I just read on poll on AJC Political Insider regarding who is going what numbers among GOP primary voters.
    I say (to anyone who will listen) that the winner of that primary could or should get 20% of his or her votes from non-GOPers and that would be a good thing.

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