Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 26th, 2013



  • Dekalb expects no new tax but no new fix (AJC)
  • Deal announces move to remove the Dekalb six (11Alive)
  • Big Bibb Buyout ends Superintendent School Flap (Telegraph)
  • Senate passes a budget in “This Week in Golf Claps” (GPB)
  • Budget cuts for Georgia from Sequestration (Telegraph)
  • While the Legislature ignores its localization (Telegraph)
  • Left lane sitters! ‘Bout to be new rules! (11Alive)
  • A bill to create a Dunwoody Schools (PoliticalInsider-AJC)


  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    I LOVE HB 459 the “Left-lane lurkers” bill that addresses slow-poke drivers who block the fast lane (hopefully less road rage).

    But just like the current laws on the books addressing such, will it ever be enforced?

    • Three Jack says:

      Exactly TLDG, there are already laws on the books, but no penalties. Unfortunately the author of HB459 did not include the necessary penalties, so again this is much ado about nothing. Somebody put forth an amendment with penalties and this will be a bill that could actually impact traffic flow in and around Atlanta.

        • Scott65 says:

          except those people (example is going from GA400S to 85N then turning right onto Lenox)…who speed up the left lane and the try to muscle their way in ahead of everyone else…the people that let them in should NOT be thanked.
          I will be so happy when they finish those ramps at the end of 400…the work is very noticeable now!

      • saltycracker says:

        Getting behind a slow single occupant car in the HOV lane has to be one of those mystery shoppers……….looking for road rage…….

  2. Max Power says:

    Except of course for the fact that the maximum legal speed on any Georgia Expressway is 70 mph, not 90 as many people believe. If you’re going the maximum speed allowed by law than you should be able to use the left lane, and there’s often a good reason to not related to passing. Take I-16 for example, the right hand lane is total crap because it’s the one most frequented by heavy trucks. Therefore it makes sense to drive 70 in the left hand lane.

    • drjay says:

      i basically agree with you about “cruising in the left lane on 16” however the courteous thing to do when a faster vehicle approaches would be to get over long enough for them to pass, esp. if the law (and i actually don’t know if it is or not) is that one should not pass on the right…

      • Three Jack says:

        The legislation covers the part about cruising in the passing lane as long as the cruiser moves over for a vehicle that is traveling faster. The problem now is that most do not get out of the way, instead choosing to impede traffic flow then get pissed when you pass on the right. Can’t have it both ways folks, either get out of the way or get used to using your passenger side rearview mirror.

          • drjay says:

            i’m not saying people don’t speed–they do, or that i haven’t–i have–but there are plenty of folks out walking there cars on the interstate, and some choose to do it in the left lane without ever approaching 70 mph, law or no, it’s just the kind thing to do to get out of the way of faster traffic…

            • saltycracker says:

              Enforcement is +10 and 3 lane interstates are getting pretty common.
              Anyone sitting in the left lane at 68 mph is probably just trying to be a jerk and someone running 80+ is cruising for trouble. Every little town along the interstates is out for revenue.

              • Max Power says:

                Enforcement does not make the law. If the law is stupid, if the speed limit is too law then change it. Otherwise, drive the speed limit.

                • Three Jack says:

                  Max has to be one of those guys who impedes traffic by driving slow in the left lane then speeds up when a driver tries to get around him on the right. It’s really not that hard to just move over one lane Max…don’t take it personal, but some folks just like to get where they’re headed a little quicker than others.

                  • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

                    But TJ, you just don’t get it. Max has been appointed by God himself to ensure that no one does more than the posted speed limit…on roads where average speeds are often 15 mph more than the posted limit.

                • Will Durant says:

                  Unless you are part of law enforcement it is not your job to regulate traffic. By impeding traffic and forcing people to pass on the right you are endangering others much more than someone who may be traveling over the speed limit. In most European countries the police would chase you down first over the most blatant speeder and that is how it should be.

                  On the flip side the hypocrisy should be removed from the speed limits on interstates. The original design criteria when the Eisenhower system was derived was for vehicles in emergency situations to be able to travel them at 80 mph and that was for cars designs that are almost 60 years old now. Speed limits on open sections of interstates should be at least 80 and I-285 should be 70 and enforced to the letter.

                  • saltycracker says:

                    If they put the interstate speed back to 55 just think of all the fuel we’d save – time for a presidential edict for the greater good 🙂

                  • Max Power says:

                    I’m under to obligation to help other break the law. As I said before if the law is stupid, change it. If not obey it. It’s funny so many people here believe we’re free to ignore laws we don’t like.

                    • Will Durant says:

                      And I for one would like to thank you for your ignorance of the current law and zealotry in choosing to ignore it yourself proves that HB 459 is needed.

                      BTW, “Rep. Bill Hitchens is a Republican from Rincon in Effingham County near Savannah… If Rep. Hitchens’ name sounds familiar, it should. He used to head up the Georgia State Patrol. He says both his friends in law enforcement and his constituents like this idea.”

  3. analogkid says:

    Highly recommend blocking off an hour of your day to read the Bitter Pill/ Time article Stefan posted. It is crazy long, but fascinating and well written.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Stefan’s picks were outstanding. The Futures of Farming, The Bitter Pill…..who woulda thunk going to a political blog where a token leftie connects us to great stories – like looking at Playboy for the articles….

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