Cagle Top Name In Landmark Poll for US Senate

Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone Communications have released a poll on Georgia’s US Senate race, and of those expressing a preference at this time, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle leads the pack of the names offered with 17%. One third of those polled are listed as undecided.

Cagle tops four U.S. Congressman – Gingrey (15%), Kingston (12%), Price (11%) and Broun (10% but it’s probably a conspiracy) – and State Senator Ross Tolleson was included to show his trial balloon at an altitude of 2%.

The results aren’t terribly surprising given that Cagle is the only name offered in the poll that has appeared on a statewide ballot. It also should demonstrate to the Congressmen considering the race that the bubbles which they naturally exist in at this time will have to be expanded greatly before they can start writing a victory speech.

Landmark’s full press release appears below the fold:




Senate: Cagle – 17%, Gingrey 15%, Kingston 12%, Price 11%

(ATLANTA) – A new poll conducted jointly by Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone Communications reveals that Casey Cagle currently leads the pack of possible candidates for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Saxby Chambliss’ announced retirement.


“There is a great deal of volatility in the Republican field,” said Mark Rountree, President of Landmark Communications. “If Lt. Governor Cagle decides to run he would initially lead the pack because he has statewide name recognition. However we also found that, based on our poll question regarding of his job approval, voters don’t know as much about him beyond name recognition. That’s normal for a down ticket elected official.”


“The most common response at this early stage was ‘undecided’,” said Rountree.


The survey, which has a 4.5% margin of error, surveyed 483 self-identified Republican Primary voters and was conducted for Channel 2 news in Atlanta.


“Voters in metro Atlanta prefer Tom Price,” said John Garst, President of Rosetta Stone Communications. “With a tremendous amount of votes coming from the metro counties, you would have to deduct that should Congressman Price enter the Senate race officially, he would be a strong contender.”


The top-line breakdown of the survey is as follows:


Casey Cagle – 17%

Phil Gingrey – 15%

Jack Kingston – 12%

Tom Price – 11%

Paul Broun – 10%

Ross Tolleson – 2%

Undecided – 33%


Landmark Communication and Rosetta Stone Communications are leaders in public opinion polling in Georgia and regularly conduct joint surveys for WSB-TV in Atlanta.




  1. Velasco says:

    Being that there’s only one person in this race – this is all reallllly hypothetical.

    If Cagle were to run – he’d soak up a good bit of that 33% undecided and put distance between the rest of the pack. He’s the only one with a statewide network – that has put up big numbers twice – and the only one not tainted by DC.

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