GAGOP Round-up: Continuing To Jog On Down The Track

I’m wrapping up my vacation in San Francisco. Consider this a free-form round-up entry. Discuss all things GAGOP in the comments below.


Seth Harp did announce his candidacy on Tuesday. Read the announcement below:

Dear Fellow Republican:

Like you, I am proud to be a conservative. I love Georgia, America, and our Constitution.

Together, we worked hard this past election cycle to try and elect Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan. And while we came up short nationwide, we are thankful Georgia remained red, but we share a deep concern about the Obama Administration and how their policies will translate to Georgia.

Georgia needs a strong and united Republican Party to both advance our conservative values and oppose the liberal agenda.

Like you, I am thankful for the service of our outgoing state Chair, Sue Everhart. Sue has worked tirelessly to support our candidates and grow the grassroots of our Georgia Republican Party. As we move forward to the 2014 and 2016 election cycles, we are faced with the task of selecting our next state Chair for the Republican Party in Georgia.

I believe Georgia Republicans deserve a Chairman who will manage your State Party with the highest level of professional ethics, integrity, and objectivity. I believe Republicans in Georgia deserve a Chairman dedicated to working with, and listening to, the grassroots of our Party.

We need a Chairman who knows it is the grassroots who deserve to have their values and their concerns placed at the top of the agenda because without the grassroots, there is no Republican Party in Georgia.

After much prayer and with the full support of my family, I am pleased to announce my candidacy to serve you as your next Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

If, like me, you want a Chairman who understands the point of our Party is to elect solid conservatives and promote principles which advance limited Constitutional government, and, if like me, you want a Chairman who understands we must unite together to advance our values to defeat liberals – then I ask for your vote and support in my campaign to advance a conservative Reagan agenda across Georgia and on the board of the Republican National Committee.

Over the next several weeks, I will be reaching out to you so I can listen to your ideas and, together, we can send a message to the Republican National Committee and Republicans across Georgia – the Georgia Republican Party stands for unity, conservative values, and puts principles ahead of politics.

God Bless America.

All the Best,

Seth Harp

During the week, a challenge from Seth Harp to the other GAGOP chairman contenders circulated to offer up a debate. I had heard that BJ Van Gundy accepted the debate (not sure if John Padgett has…someone can fill in the deets below) and one will take place. Thanks to Rebecca Yarborough for posting the information on her Facebook page:



  1. saltycracker says:

    It would be interesting to see a synopsis on what will happen in GA under Obamacare. As for merdicare we know Deal opposes the exchanges. We know that insurance companies are raising premiums dramatically to prepare for Obamacare. We are not sure where bad choices in lifestyle, obesity, smoking, drug addiction….fits in with the costs.

    Insurance agents tell us they expect to see small companies drop employee coverage due to costs. So the responsible can turn to expensive after tax individual policies or sans insurance pay the penalty to get obamacare ? What’s that ? What about those that refuse both private policies and paying the penalty ? Do they still get care or can the hospitals turn them away ?

    It appears the working person in a small business is in for some real eyeopeners and their discretionary income will plunge in 2014. Our elected are isolated from this problem.

    Here is a conservative view but just the facts we can agree on is needed.

  2. Vicki says:

    “During the week, a challenge from Seth Harp to the other GAGOP chairman contenders circulated to offer up a debate. I had heard that BJ Van Gundy accepted the debate (not sure if John Padgett has…someone can fill in the deets below) and one will take place.”

    Ummm… I’m pretty sure there’s one more candidate for GAGOP Chair. And my understanding is that he’s coming in with about 30-40% of the vote, right off the bat.

    So, why no mention of Alex Johnson?

    • novicegirl says:

      I’ve heard Johnson is coming in with 30-40% of the vote, Harp has got a solid 50% of the vote, BJ has booked 45-55%, and Padgett is doing in the high 20s.

      Harp and BJ are the only ones I’ve received communication from, the other candidates must be utilizing stealth strategies.

    • Tiberius says:

      I am not convinced the Ron Paul wing will have the 30% they had last year. It is a non-Prez year and they will be less motivated to show up en masse since voting for Chairman is not as interesting as trying to send delegates to Tampa to vote for Ron Paul.

      • Vicki says:

        I’ve been hearing strong showings in many of the MPMs. I reckon we’ll see if they do when we get there.

      • SPQR says:

        I think it was closer to 40% in terms of last year’s state convention. Regardless, you’re probably right, it won’t be quite as high this year. The difference this year, however, is that you’ve got more TEA people and disillusioned rank & filers that may be willing to do something different to re-energize things.

        Take Van Gundy, for example. It seems as if he is really trying to reach out to the pro-Liberty folks. While that probably won’t happen and Johnson will have that vote wrapped up, what Van Gundy may be trying to do is to pick up people sympathetic to the Liberty folks: those aforementioned TEA Party people, upset rank-and-filers, and newer non-Liberty people that feel like the GA GOP has to take in this influx of new people, energy, and passion to remain relevant and keep the grassroots vitalized. I just don’t see Padgett, with his Youtube notoriety and his reputation (The Political Vine’s thoughts seem to encapsulate what some may think about him), having any viable path to victory.

  3. Vicki says:

    Johnson is coming in with full support of the Liberty Republicans, which will be a guaranteed 30-40% of the State Convention, just like they were last year.

  4. cheapseats says:

    Since this is tagged as an :OPEN THREAD:, I was wondering if anybody (especially you insiders) knew what HB80 is bottled up in Senate Finance and what are the chances of it escaping for a vote.
    It passed overwhelmingly through the House and was immediately sent to the Senate where it got sent to Finance.
    There are some very important and time-sensitive issues in that bill that are pretty popular “out here” among the Great Unwashed – especially folks connected with retail auto sales.
    The kicker is that most of these need to be enacted before March 1st in order to have the desired effects and the clock is ticking very loudly on this one.
    I can’t seem to get any info on it so, I’d like to know what anybody else knows about this.

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