State BOE Recommends Deal Suspend 6 DeKalb BOE Members

From 11Alive:

ATLANTA — After a 14 hour deliberation, the Georgia State Board of Education has recommended that Governor Deal suspend 6 of the 9 board members on the DeKalb County School Board.

Unable to stop the process in court, DeKalb County’s school board members fought, all day, Thursday to keep from being removed at a hearing before the State Board of Education.

Earlier this week, a judge refused to halt the hearing when DeKalb’s School Board challenged the law as unconstitutional.


  1. Will Durant says:

    This is ugly and is going to get uglier with enough race cards being thrown around to get up a game of Uno. A couple of my best friends were once educators in DeKalb and they are beyond even talking about the situation.

  2. Ghost of William F Buckley says:

    62% of DeKalb voters pulled the lever FOR the Charter School Bill, which implies that close to a super majority does not support the current education system status quo. I think that the ‘race card’ will be pulled, and I also think that many people will discount that hand.

    It will get uglier, so I agree on both counts.

    We’ll see how the Gov. Deal handles the State BOE recommendation to eliminate 6 of the 9 DeKalb School Board members.

  3. Greg S says:

    Yesterday was a spectacle, the children were an after-thought. If I lived in Dekalb and had children I would move or put them in private school just as Michael Thurmond did.

    • Ghost of William F Buckley says:

      Many have, and many more will choose to live elsewhere. Newcomers will avoid DeKalb.

      North DeKalb’s proximity to Perimeter jobs and the fact the schools are actually decent, tempers the negativity.

  4. Nick says:

    The testimony at the hearing and the whole story just seems bizarre. It just seemed that some of the Board members were tone deaf to what was going on. In the end it just seems really sad that they could not focus on the big picture of education improvement. It will be really interesting to see what the State does for Dekalb long term. I can now see a push for smaller school districts.

  5. Self_Made says:

    I live in South DeKalb county. My SB member, whom I know personally (but very casually) is one of the members recommended for suspension.

    I’m very happy about that. I hope Deal pulls the trigger.

    I’m also a Black guy…and I DO have problems with how SACS goes about their business, particularly in how they seem to meddle in the electoral process in minority-majority school districts. They’ve got too much power for a private entity and do seem to have an agenda.

    But they aren’t wrong on this one.

  6. I’m pleased with the decision. The voters are trying to fix this – they give big majorities to the candidates in 2012 who ran against the status quo who were able to raise enough money to get their message out. In a fourth race, a candidate who had no money almost beat an incumbent. Lets keep the momentum up! Hope Deal does the right thing.

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