1. seenbetrdayz says:

    How much ‘testing’ do they have to do?

    If I got a few dozen tickets in 9 months, I’d say the folks are doing their job.

    Of course, I wonder if anyone who issued tickets for those special people’s vehicles is still on the job. Probably got fired for doing their job to the wrong people. That’d be ironic, wouldn’t it?

    I doubt if they give a crap what anyone thinks, but here’s the company that manages park Atlanta:


  2. jamesdillard says:

    Kind of amazing that FOX5 only got to this story because that guy did all the heavy lifting… way to report the news, guys!

  3. Vesuvius says:

    This is ridiculous. If these tickets were incurred as part of any bona fide auditing program, the municipal employees to whom they were issued would have been driving one of the many, many City of Atlanta official vehicles. Both of these drivers appeared to in their own luxury cars when filmed.

    And that being the case, at least own up to giving certain City officials special privileges instead of making up a bogus “mystery shopper” excuse.

    Please. These folks put the P.U. in PUblic servant!

  4. saltycracker says:

    All this negative talk, geez !
    When will these supervisors get a big raise for their success in the secret shopper aka audit that keeps Park Atlanta on their toes ?
    Did they get full reimbursement for their BMW & other car expenses for personal aka undercover vehicle use ? (They did minimize mileage by parking outside HQ)………

    And they got their boss and a council member to back them up…….sweeeeeet !

  5. Rambler14 says:

    Did FOX submit a FOIA for any information related to this “secret shopper” program?
    Surely if it existed, there’d have to be some backup material on it?

  6. Feelinmystyle says:

    I’m David Howell, The whistle blower from the story. There is a lot more to this that wouldn’t fit into the 6 minute story during the news cast. Perhaps I will call into the Erick Erickson show tonight and give a few more details that will rock the boat a little more…

    • Feelinmystyle says:

      He has a Georgia tag on the back of the car. Duncan Solutions, PARKAtlantas parent company, is based in Wisconsin and he was moved down here for this project.

  7. Will Durant says:

    Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza deserves double secret probation for even trying to tell his “secret shopper” whopper. We all know about lies, damn lies, and statistics but is there a category for lies that insult the intelligence of 98% of the population?

  8. John Konop says:

    This is good news! The next time I get pulled over for driving or parking violation, I will just say I am part of the secrete shopper,real time, no data, Mendoza study. I was only speeding to test the system thank you officer. 🙂

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