Morning Reads for Thursday, February 21st

Goood m’awnin from N’awlins!   Louisiana is my fourth state in under a week.   Are you familiar with “Trade Show Season”?  It effectively means I’m on the road every week from the middle of January to the end of April.  Arguably much like our legislators except I thankfully get paid a tiny smidge more than $17k.  Waaait a minute – I guess educating decision makers and then selling on the best solution makes me a lobbyist of sorts?





  1. Ed says:

    I miss Bernard Shaw. The race to the bottom with cable news is horrifically painful.

    But not nearly as bad as the news of Carver’s.

    • Noway says:

      I miss Bernie, too. His shining moment was making Dukakis look like a ball less weenie for not advocating for the death penalty after his wife was hypothetically raped, brutalized and drawn and quartered.

      And if you really wanted to put folks on suicide watch try closing the 4-Way and Ross’s Diner in Cartersville.

      • Do you remember when Starvin’ Marvin was the name of the gas station off exit 290? My grandmother lived up that road, and I spent summers there. Sacks of 4-way burgers were a weekly treat. I was a fat child.

        • Noway says:

          I certainly do, Bridget! I’ve been going to 4-Way since I was about six. The chili burgers are to die for! Ate there yesterday, as a matter of fact. I take it you are no longer in the area. Just tell me if you want me to bring you a sack full for old times sake. I’ll meet you wherever you say!!! Being “4-Way” fat for an afternoon is allowed!!!

  2. Noway says:

    Saw another story not listed here. Authorities have nabbed some bear poachers in GA/NC. Putting out peanut butter/honey buns attracts them and the big, brave poachers shoot them as they chow down. Vile, sub-human folks here. Makes me wish the game wardens had just taken care of them in the woods.

    • John Vestal says:

      Last night, Hawker en route from John C Tune (Nashville – KJWN) to Thomson-McDuffie Co (Thomson – KHQU) apparently overshot runway around 8:00PM. 5 reported dead, reportedly employees/associates of “Vein Guys” vascular surgeon group.


  3. Nonchalant says:

    Thus being an open thread–I see Jim Galloway is doing his continued best to link anything he disagrees with with the past of racism: one reason why I still am not sure this is an area I wish to be a part of, as I am not black, brown, female, or Progressive. I will not be the scapegoat for whatever those groups dislike, to be freely demonized at their whim. Especially as so much of the future majority they salivatingly anticipate will have had its roots in illegality, and I myself have done no wrongs.

    Having said that, the 17th Amendment discussion has merits, though one need necessarily wish a simple repeal and be done with it. I leave it to Jim to figure out what those merits might be–journalists are supposed to be universal geniuses, yes? So I have no doubts he has already discovered them.

    Or, instead, he can just continue to wave the bloody banner because it allows his preferred political direction to prosper, which is my guess as to what will happen. I am reminded of Max Mercy from “The Natural”–the cynical reporter thinking he has the unchallenged power of reputational life and death in his hands, a god of the newsprint, the rest of us being mere mortals. Perhaps, perhaps not.

    But at any rate, I once again am glad I do not contribute much to AJC financial coffers. I do enjoy the other newspapers I do pay for daily, though, so I usually do not suffer much loss in not subscribing to or reading the hometown one.

  4. Nonchalant says:

    On a completely different subject–as my parents still foolishly subscribe to the hometown missives from the local ambassadors of the State of Progressivia (which hopes to be an occupying power of our state)–known as the AJC–I had the opportunity to read the article on the young former heroin user serving a mandatory ten year prison sentence. My statistical side said “yes, good case, good point, how many more like this are there, *really*? Or is she the lone silver bullet?”

    Having said that, I really wouldn’t mind seeing her get out via a pardon, nor would I mind seeing her spend another four years in drudgery till her sentence was complete. Neither one seems an injustice to me But my true gut reaction was to the human dynamic going on at the AJC: thinking you are going to get any change you wish at the same time your staff artist is comparing those that would need the do the change to the Devil, just because it was a slow news week and he didn’t have anything better to put his usual hook of anti-Republicanism on for that day than “GOP bad, boogetah, boogetah” –well, let’s just say the AJC gives me no sign of being full of such great minds of our times that I think that tactic is going to work much when the other point of view has a valid argument. Perhaps if the AJC was not so clearly anti-state GOP, and did not think they had unique wisdom, they could win judgment calls and influence minds when the facts are not going to be all on their side, because they hadn’t treated the other side as if they were vermin.

    But I’m sure the folks inside the Perimeter love Luckovich. Which is just a reason not to care what goes on inside the Perimeter. Or to this young lady. Human nature.

    • Nonchalant says:

      And I beg Charlie’s papal indulgence on this–but I am going to argue that Mike Luckovich is not *truly* a good editorial cartoonist because he in fact makes too many “GOP=bad” cartoons independent of any actual news connection for that day.

      In other words, too many of them are just “Thirty Seconds Hates”, and he is seemingly unable to do much of anything else besides that. In other words, he’s a one trick pony (who in previous times would have made sure the hook on the Jewish nose was appropriately exaggerated), who on news days without sufficient political content is still too often unable to not make things into anything other than ad-hominem attacks on a party he clearly doesn’t like. He’s like Walter in “The Big Lebowski” making everything about Vietnam, no matter the context.

      I give the AJC a challenge–prohibit that man from making anti-GOP cartoons for a month, and see if he is able to actually make many at all without that monomania obsessional crutch.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Mike Luckovich irrates me too but he sells papers and is a 2 time Pulitzer prize winner. The “dark” side has a top and sometimes funny cartoonist that we on the right can’t divert our eyes from.
    The AJC should not restrict him short of catooons that are defaming, indecent or malicious.

    They need to hire a conservative cartoonist as witty as Luckovich and sell more papers.

    As for the heroin addict, didn’t see the article but if her only crime was being an addict, she has no business in a prison. She needs to be in a recovery/mental clinic or hospital.

  6. Noway says:

    I don’t agree with Luckovich often but he is a cartooning God. I have a framed color print of his last Lewis Grizzard picture (with Catfish bounding out of the Pearly Gates) hanging in my office that will soon be joined by the one he did to honor Larry Munson after Munson died.

    • Nonchalant says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t thnk the man is anything but a blood libeler. And I’m not a hardcorp GOPer per se. As far as the Pulitizers–carries no weight with me.

      It doesn’t matter, though. As was written 2500 years ago–“the strong do as they will, the weak suffer as they must.” I’m sure Mr. Luckovich is quite beloved in that newsroom.

      • saltycracker says:

        “As far as the Pulitizers–carries no weight with me. ”

        Adios, Charlie will be banning you from PP….in 5,4,3,2,……

        • saltycracker says:

          maybe he typed blond liberal into his iphone – those things are tricky – but he’d be wrong again….

        • Nonchalant says:

          From Wiki: “Blood libel (also blood accusation[1][2]) is a false accusation or claim[3][4][5] that religious minorities, usually Jews, murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays.[1][2][6] Historically, these claims—alongside those of well poisoning and host desecration—have been a major theme in European persecution of Jews.[4]”

          In the sense I use it, metaphorically, and a growing use of the term, it means one who routinely makes extreme “X=bad” claims. And that’s what I think of that man the AJC has. Your opinion may vary.

          Does saltycracker actually bring anything to this? Besides snark?

          As far as being banned, I demand it.

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