Your #facepalm Moment Of The Day

In a comprehensive article on a discussion by Dade County officials about Georgia’s request to tap the Tennessee River in return for ending the on-again, off-again border dispute between our fair state and those land-grabbers to our north,  reporter Robin Ford Wallace noted this sentiment from newly sworn in State Rep. John Deffenbaugh

John Deffenbaugh, the Dade citizen newly elected to the District 1 Georgia House of Representatives seat, agreed that what was happening legislatively between Georgia and Tennessee was more civil this time. “You can do a lot more with discussion than you can with fighting,” he said.

He said after Georgia’s resolution, and subsequent discussion thereof in the Tennessee House of Representatives, Tennessee House majority leader Gerald McCormick had called to make sure Deffenbaugh wasn’t offended by his comments on the matter.

It’s the beginning of a conversation,” said Deffenbaugh. “It’s just like dating a girl. You have to date her more than once or twice before you get what you want.”

Whew! For a minute there, it sounded like Rep. Deffenbaugh was going to advocate hitting somebody over the head and dragging them to a cave. In fairness, even the reporter picked up on the rather… errm, inapt analogy.

Which metaphor brings the Sentinel dangerously close to likening the river deal to a big wet kiss, so let us close here before we cascade helplessly over the brink. The Sentinel will continue faithfully to report on further developments in this matter.”

Now that’s funny right there.


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