Who Else is Leaving DeKalb County?

A lot of folks saying “goodbye” to DeKalb County, and not just parents worried about their childrens’ educations or the value of their homes. Word in to Peach Pundit is that Massey-Bowers, who provided lobbying services for DeKalb County, is out. Can’t possibly imagine why. Surely, there must be a good reason. Maybe some folks should start looking here to find some answers.

You may hear some noise about how Massey-Bowers’ contract “expired” over the summer. Don’t get distracted. Stay focused on extending the proposed Ethics Reforms to locally-elected officials -which is starting to look like a better and better idea. And keep in mind all transactions require two parties.

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  1. fishtail says:

    Mr Hassinger…this past week, shortly after Dekalb CEO Burrell Ellis got a preview copy of the report from the Special Grand Jury investigating corruption at Dekalb County, 2 agency heads at Dekalb County announced their resignations. Now it turns out that Massey-Bowers has had their lucrative lobbying contract terminated by the Dekalb County Commission, headed up for now by Commissioner Lee May. Seems that Lewis Massey and Bruce Bowers have been sharing their $150,000 lobbying contract with Kevin Ross, and they have concocted a cover story that Kevin Ross was handling “Federal lobbying”…. the only glitch in their cover story is that Dekalb County already has a Federal Government lobbyist named The Ferguson Group…so we will have to wait a few more days to see what the Special Grand Jury reports says about all of these shenanigans. If Lewis Massey, former GA Secretary of State, and Bruce Bowers, son of Mike Bowers and head of Sonny Perdue’s Teansition Team, are criminally incriminated, then this Dekalb story will become even bigger.

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