Morning Reads 2/18/13

Good Morning Georgia. Who turned on the air conditioning?

Broun wasn’t the first Congressman to call Obama a socialist. Broun says something that was false, in other words.

Ogeltree might need to hire a driver to get him to NFL practices.

Your weekly post on Tenn-GA water and border dispute. I say we get some tanks.

A story on Kennesaw – where citizens are required to own a gun.

Balanced jury pools; a good idea that is causing problems. At least no one has urinated in these pools.

As Mr. Harper predicted, Warren Hill becomes an international story.

Here is a dam map of hazardous dams and other dams in the Middle Georgia area. Thanks for visiting the dam map, and for not asking too many questions on the dam tour.

Parents to control schools? I’d bet they can do better than some Superintendents. Bibb County’s for example.

Church destroyed in fire on Sunday morning.

Learn how to raise goats. You may need a herd for when we break off from the federal gubbamint.

A sick Georgia man outruns everyone in Myrtle Beach. Rumor is that he turned backwards and propelled himself with mighty sneezes.

Georgia’s population of illegal immigrants is rising fast!

Congratulations are in order for this Cobb County Eagle Scout.

Holidays are warmer in South Georgia.” Welcome to South Georgia. Summers are also warmer.

And then there is this. Never ask me to dance.

You need some music, right? Let’s hit it.


  1. I’ve actually been considering getting a small herd of meat goats. From what I understand, the demand in the Atlanta area has been growing. I’ve talked to a couple of meat goat producers who say they’ve got more demand than they can produce. I’d never had goat meat until last year when I was in Toronto, and must say, I found it rather tasty.

    As for the TN / GA water wars… various agencies have found tunnels leading into the US from Mexico… have we considered just discretely building a small pipeline underground and tapping into the river anyways?

  2. saltycracker says:

    Georgia illegal population grows: Politics involves passing laws to placate one group and then not enforcing them to placate another group. Saxby calls for stronger borders and 60 minutes runs a program that with more guards, it is easier to find one to pay off. Once across the border the locals, supported by the Feds, declare enforcement is “not my job” and businesses hire them.
    We’d rather preserve the bureaucracy than fix the laws.

    • saltycracker says:

      P.S. Code words for “we don’t want to” are “budgets are tight”, “the law needs adjustments”, the office is “overwhelmed”, “I feel your pain”……..

    • SallyForth says:

      salty, looking at the math in round numbers, Georgia has 10 million total population of which 500,000 are living here illegally. That means one of every 20 people who live in Georgia are foreigners who broke national and international laws by crossing our borders illegally (you might say breaking and entering). They traveled from one of our four national borders to Georgia to live a life they never earned, being subsidized by taxpayers for housing, food, medical care, education, etc. of social programs established to help legal US citizens who are down on their luck – plus S/S and Medicare that US senior citizens have paid premiums on for a life-time of work.

      And about that big lie “jobs Americans won’t do”, let’s get real. Americans were eating, living and thriving as a country long before our borders were thrown open. Twenty years ago, before the influx of illegals, we grew and ate lots of fruits, vegetables, meats (Georgia had already been the chicken capitol of the world since the 70’s), etc. We had homes, office parks, golf courses, etc. with neatly kept grass, yards and landscaping. We had millions of people in the country doing entry-level construction work, etc. plumbers helpers, builders helpers, ditch diggers, etc. of good earnest Americans raising their families.

      All of those Americans who were working on the lower end of the pay scale have been pushed out of the work-place by people from other countries living here illegally and willing to work for slave wages (also illegal, below minimum wage). When you cram 3 or 4 families into one house or apartment, the math works out okay but wreaks havoc on a neighborhood or city. With an estimated 20 million law-breakers now living in the US illegally and usurping their jobs, is it any wonder that we have such high unemployment rates among blue collar working class Americans?

      Georgia lawmakers, Governor and law enforcement entities, with one of every 20 residents living in our state illegally, what are you going to do to change that?

      • saltycracker says:


        There is just too much to gain from exploiting this class of people to streamline the immigration process. You barely scratched the surface. Slave labor was more costly to the owners than this system. Plus in this system a big piece of the costs are transferred to the general taxpayer.

        • SallyForth says:

          Yes, salty, you are so right in these points – and this mess has been allowed to get LARGE for years. So turning things around toward sanity is going to require large, difficult steps. But we must start the task, instead of sitting back and letting things get worse every day. It all gives me a giant headache!

          • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

            Sally, they’re gonna turn things around alright…by making the illegals legal. After again losing the fast-growing Latino vote by a very-substantial margin in 2012, the GOP is likely no longer in the mood to discuss further illegal immigration crackdowns.

  3. bowersville says:

    With sequestration coming and other budget cuts, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno said Friday:

    “Even without sequestration, the Army may be forced to cut its end strength further than the already planned-for 80,000 troops over the next several years and soldiers deployed to Afghanistan next year may see their war tours extended because budget cuts will drastically limit training for brigades to replace them…”

  4. bowersville says:

    Hopefully the US House and Senate Armed Services committees will identify and cut waste from DoD.

    “A $250 million Army program designed to aid U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has been riddled by serious problems that include payroll padding, sexual harassment and racism, a USA TODAY probe has found.”

    Not all private contractor programs are bad, but hopefully none of the bad practices in some are at the cost of combat training and extended combat tours.

    • georgiaconservative33 says:

      12,000 must have been a typo. They had 128,873 registered voters for the Presidential election with 98,113 voters casting a Presidential ballot in 2012.

  5. elfiii says:

    “U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson told the states they had to reach an agreement on downstream water releases or else he’d pull metro Atlanta’s access to the lake, which would leave 3.5 million without a source of water.”

    I wonder where US District Judge Paul Magnuson figures he will get his water from?

  6. Three Jack says:

    $297M freeloader redistribution program benefits more than just the end users —

    “Georgia’s WIC program has the highest per-participant food cost of any state in the nation, according to federal records, ranking above other states where the cost of living is higher. A federal review found that WIC was paying up to $7 for a gallon of milk in Georgia because the state isn’t doing enough to keep costs down at stores approved to accept WIC.

    Eventually we are going to have to admit government handout programs do not work. In fact, they cause generational expectations that cannot be sustained as more and more women with babies look to get their ‘fair share’ of the freebie pie.

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