Georgia Ramps Up Campaign to Shift Tennessee Border

Braveheart-braveheartOur Water Battle Hits Fox News:

Georgia residents are thirsty for Tennessee water. And state lawmakers are willing to try and move the border in order to get it.

Lawmakers in Atlanta, at the start of a new legislative session, are quickly moving to renew efforts to tap into Tennessee’s water supply by contesting the state’s border with its northern neighbor. The Georgia House of Representatives voted 171-2 this week to adopt a resolution seeking a thin strip of land leading to the Tennessee River.

That would give drought-parched Georgia a slice of the water rights. Tennessee lawmakers say Georgia can keep dreaming — and they are ready to do whatever it takes to protect their water from Peach State poachers.

Geisinger said getting Georgia “the water it’s owed” is a priority. He adds that while the state’s water supply is “fine” now, it won’t stay that way in 15 years.



  1. ARAR says:

    Georgia should have sued Tenn. under Governor Sonny. he had nothing to lose, just a try to help Georgia. but he didn’t, he just talked a lot to national media and asked us to pray for rain. we missed the opportunity then, and now we are still discussing with no action.
    We need to get it done…..

  2. GAWater says:

    Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Filing suit would have given, and still can give, Tennessee’s politicians the cover they need in order to make a deal with Georgia. But without the ability to point to a lawsuit, and the potential to lose, they can’t make the argument they have to be able to make when facing their constituents. It is all about the ability to justify the deal when facing opposition or the folks at home.

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