Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Condemn Election of Commissioner Darnell

I’m being completely honest: I had no idea Georgia had an active Log Cabin Republicans chapter.  I guess ALL forms of diversity are shuffling into the media stream during this undercurrent of GOP demographic change.


The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans condemn the Fulton County Commission’s election of Emma Darnell as Vice Chairman. She’s proven to be an incompetent bigot and has cost the Fulton County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars due to her blatant discrimination of LGBT citizens of Fulton County.

We demand that all Fulton County Commissioners rescind their decision to elect Emma Darnell as Vice Chairman, and furthermore demand that Chairman John Eaves and other commissioners condemn her past discrimination of LGBT Americans.

We also demand that she forego any salary and reimburse county tax dollars used to defend the lawsuit, which a trial by jury ruled she blatantly discriminated against a former gay Fulton County employee which awarded him $300,000.

We applaud and support the Republican plan for the redistricting of Fulton County, and hope this leads to Commissioner Darnell being redistricted and retired out of office permanently.

Jamie Ensley President, Georgia Log Cabin Republicans


  1. novicegirl says:

    “I’m being completely honest: I had no idea Georgia had an active Log Cabin Republicans chapter.”

    ITP has all kinds of crazy stuff going on. Somebody told me they have Coca-Cola machines with hundreds of flavors.

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    The Chair of the Log Cabin Republican’s is a lovely man, who works tirelessly on issues of discrimination and equality in GA and Nationally.

    He testified on behalf of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Story here.

    That’s a pretty big deal, just saying.

    I’m not a member of the GOP largely because of it’s intolerance toward LBGT people.

    Jamie, however is a credit to the cause, and I’m proud to know him.

    He needs some folks to work with him, just a heads up.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    So you didn’t get the Memo during the last Gubenatorical primary reminding voters that Karen Handel was a Log Cabin supporter when she ran for Fulton County Commission?

    Her campaign response didn’t relfect well on her integrity.

  4. Jane says:

    A significant number of cong 5 GOP leaders are log cabin. Past district chairmen from The 5th have been log cabins. Ed Lindsey and Karen Handel and Jill Chambers were political allies of The log cabin GOP. Some moderate LGBT votes have a voice in the GOP.

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