Morning Reads 2/13/13

I had to enlist a big boat to bring you these morning reads. If it rains again, I’ll need an even bigger boat.

Macon received good news yesterday; the new consolidated government shall feature nonpartisan elections. Hooray! Macon also received bad news yesterday, eternal enemy of our Dear Leader, Elaine Lucas, shall run for office in the consolidated government. News outlets everywhere celebrated, waiting with baited breaths for Lucas to begin her normal antics.

Georgia – The Music State. Our state cleaned up at the Grammy’s. Now if we could find a way to tax internet music downloads, illegal and legal. We could REALLY make some money then. Forget that, we can’t even tax Amazon. Let’s stick to football. We ARE really good at that.

283 workers in Moultrie soon to be without a job. Somehow this is Saxby’s fault.

Federal budget cuts could have big consequences for Georgia’s economy. How many jobs shall we lose at our military installations? Meanwhile, President Obama puts our Pre-K system into the national spotlight.

Could the university system be the salvation for our State Archives? They’re likely to merge the archives with Georgia State’s library or something.

Metro Atlanta is so great, that’s why ten officers are alleged to have protected drug gangs.All you have to worry about in rural Georgia is someone’s meth lab blowing up. Or unsavory trips to Walmart. Watch out for that birdseed.

Georgia Medi…..Georgia Health……Regents University launches clinical trial of new method of treating pancreatic cancer. Hopefully they do not spend millions of dollars changing the name of the treatment.

Georgia happily welcomes California liberals who break ground on factory. Hooray. We will make your plastics, you lib’ral cusses.

Georgia Medicaid receives 2 million dollar grant. Every little bit helps.

Finally, Chambliss and Isakson both voted for the Violence Against Women Act.While I generally support the premise behind the Act, I can’t help but assert that the act is unconstitutional and eats away at state autonomy. Moreover, I believe most District Attorneys, Solicitors, and Officers in this state are more than happy to prosecute the living daylights out of men who attack women.

Music. Hit it. Maybe we will see rainbows today.


  1. Max Power says:

    Could the university system be the salvation for our State Archives? They’re likely to merge the archives with Georgia State’s library or something.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to merge the archives with Clayton State’s library since you know, it’s right next door.

  2. xdog says:

    If you’ve been to Monticello lately, you know they need everyone of those 90 mfg jobs. Of course, Moultrie needs the 283 jobs they’re losing but they’re not quite as desparate. And why would their loss be Chambliss’ fault and not Obama’s?

    • Ron Daniels says:

      Obama can’t be blamed for anything. Obviously this is Saxby’s fault because no one cares about South Georgia now.

      Didn’t you get the memo? Ask Ed for further clarification and for why he hates South Georgia.

    • TheEiger says:

      No, taking money from small business through higher taxes to spend on failed companies like Solyndra kills jobs. Pushing a heath care plan through in the middle of the night that no one read that will make it more difficult for small businesses to hire people kills jobs. Honest question. How does taking trillions of dollars out of the economy through taxes create jobs in your liberal mind? That’s trillions of dollars that could be spend to hire new employees, buy a new car, a house, tv, vacations, lawn service and any number of things. Like most liberals you think the government can make personal decisions better than I can. You are wrong.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        I’m not saying it does. Government spending doesn’t do as good a job in stimulating the economy as private spending.

        What I’m saying is that many GOPers make the argument that government spending kills jobs, except when its GOP-sought spending, in which case cutting government spedning kills jobs.

              • Ed says:

                That they are perfect examples of how the government was much more effective than the private sector in stimulating growth.

                  • Ed says:

                    Really all three aren’t democracies.

                    The point is that there are plenty of examples where the government (even as non-state) have done a much better job than the private sector. Just look at airlines! The private-run U.S. airlines fail and are awful, while Emirates, Singapore, Malay and numerous others are good. Then you look at state-run airlines that went public there is a near universal failure rate.

                    And people who get oh-so pedantic (not calling you out) and try to split the tiniest of hairs with the U.S. to say we’re a republic not a democracy irk me.

                    • Baker says:

                      First of all, I think you mean “private-run” airlines?

                      Secondly, I don’t split hairs too often, but the fact that many peeps aren’t even aware of the difference should be troubling.

                    • Ed says:

                      Yes. Except for first class the prices can be comparable to U.S. airlines,or they can be more expensive. Just like prices on AA vs United etc.

                      And anyway, U.S. airline prices are going to go up now that AA and U.S. Air are merging so whatever.

                      Look, my point is there are numerous examples of state-run businesses outperforming private-run businesses. Not that government is the best at running businesses or that they should.

  3. Harry says:

    Well isn’t this great…the government workers and schoolteachers get to take off Friday and Monday with full pay. After 20 or 30 years of work they then get a 4k per month pension, can get another job and double dip back into the social security system. Meanwhile, all us poor schmucks have to pay for their upkeep. Time for another American Revolution! Off with their heads!!

    Of course, no such things will happen. The blacks and Mexicans will continue to support their new masters and keep them in the seat of power.

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