SOTU Prebuttal From Brian Slowinksi

Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.

Candidate Slowinksi has heard y’all and taken your advice.  Specifically:

I appreciate the constructive criticism, it helps me to improve as a candidate! Suggestions used by your readers:  Burgundy Tie, No Mac in the Background, Video shorter in length.”

You know what to do.


  1. Charuth Cutestory says:

    I like that Slewinski is talking about Auditing the Fed, but that’s only a first step. Is Mr. Slewinski willing to introduce competition to the Federal Reserve in some form, or get back to the gold standard? Since he is addressing the constitution and therefore small unobtrusive government and the ideas of the founders, what are his thoughts on the Patriot Act, drones and the NDAA? Also since Mr.Slewinski is willing to address runaway spending, what are his thoughts on the 16 trillion dollar debt and how the current interventionist foreign policy is helping to drive that debt?

  2. novicegirl says:

    If continually submitting videos of yourself, to the PP for critiquing, isn’t a form of masochism, then I don’t know what is.

  3. Jackster says:

    Nice broach, bro. hey, that eagle head in the background – you take that one yourself? I mean nice mounting job.

    At least he’s not as much of a tool as Judson Hill on twitter. Dude… put the phone down. Or start drinking and text.

    • Rick Day says:

      However, his name recognition is now strong….with the millions and millions of conservatives who read PP. If we can only get him out of those ‘funeral parlor’ suits *grimace*

  4. georgiaconservative33 says:

    Some feedback:

    1. He does not appear to be a bad speaker in person:

    2. Paul Broun voted against “No Budget, No Play,” so he is deviating from the plan of copying Rep. Broun. Also, Paul Broun is on his fourth wife. I would assume Mr. Slowinski is not.

    3. I hope that he has the rights to play the music in his video.

    4. This is worse than the first. The shot is better, but he is absolutely horrible at reading from whatever he is reading from.

    5. I hope he has money or knows how to raise it quickly. He’s got to get a professional media person. Fast. His website needs a major overhaul as well.

    6. Interesting “endorsements” including one by Herman Cain:

    • IndyInjun says:

      Brian seems conciliatory and since he has 6 children, he has a very real reason to be concerned. I don’t think he or many other GOP types understand the grand theft that has been playing out in the financial system, the looting from the top as well as the bottom, and the need to cut both military and social spending while – yes – raising taxes.

    • From the What Others Say link….

      “Brian Slowinski educates us all with his common cents!”

      What kind of cents are we talking here? Pennies? Nickels? Dimes? Quarters? What about those dollar coins? (Is that still considered a cent if it’s 100 cents?)

  5. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    Mr. Slewinski seems very genuine, and could potentially be a strong candidate…but he needs some help. His website suggests he’s a motivated guy with lots of kids and community service experience. That’s great and all but he doesn’t give voters a reason to vote for him? What’s his back story? I see (literally) a collage of generic ideas…but no theme…what’s he running on?

    At this stage in the game, it’s important to start meeting as many people as he can, try to get the dollars flowing in, and start finding/increasing number of core supporters. Ultimately, that will determine if he sticks around it to qualify…which is a year or so away. He needs to start thinking about finding a niche… that he’s not just another GOP/TP activist who read How to Influence…and now thinks he can be a politician (great book btw). In a primary where candidates will be fighting to find nuance differences in policy, he needs more then just the fact the he is a check list republican.

    I see some big names, but are they actually willing to help you? You could have a picture with the great Ronny Reagan himself, but unless they are willing to make some calls, record a robo-call, make an appearance…etc., it mean nothing.

    I liked the stump speech, but it’s missing a few key things…to start with: the name “Slowinksi” is memorable and was repeated many times, but people need a take home message to associate with the name. I got none…just a guy with a funny name that has a great family.

    One potential idea is that Mr. Slowinksi run as a strong constitutional conservative. There are a lot of libertarian leaning conservatives in the 10th. I think he is trying to do that now, but he needs to do a better job conveying the message.

    I would be very surprised if one of Georgia’s many campaign pros haven’t contacted you yet. You should get one of those guys on board asap. It really does make a difference.

  6. Rick Day says:

    Ah, banter and repartee, goes so well with morning coffee. I understand there will be a big announcement from his campaign on 4-1

    1. win a local race. show you are electable before the party puts $$ behind your November run.
    2. Toastmasters Clubs, International: google your new friend.
    3. Can anyone run that camera for you?
    4. Per 3 above, recent international political blog has determined your video editor must be summarily executed on the spot, when found. Hire a college intern or a neighbor with a hot wife. He may be pretty good with video tools.
    5. Be careful who you associate with, per 4. above The UTubes is a double edged razor.
    6. A number you have problems with, this “6”….
    7. Wheatstraw and white hats. Get out of the den and under the hood of your car. Change a tire. replace the wacker wire in your weed wacker with a level of speed, skill and confidence that would impress any voter!
    8. Ask your doctor about Adderall™.

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