Senator Jim Tysinger, RIP

A sad note from Gene Wise:

“At age 91, after a long bout with pneumonia, retired State Senator Jim Tysinger passed away this morning.  He had [been on] both pacemaker and defibrillator for several years.

He was one of a kind – elected to State Senate starting Jan. 1969 – he NEVER told anyone he couldn’t work with them because they were not active Republicans and insisted on meeting weekly with any registered voter, at no cost to them, so they could express their opinions and either learn or criticize his.

In DeKalb County, school board members and jurists benefited from having a place they could go to hear the public or campaign.  It is much more difficult for them to raise money than it is for a Partisan candidate, who can promise aid to one side or the other on every issue. He leaves behind his wife, Loretta and three daughters with their immediate families. Announcements will be made soon about contacts and services to be held.”

-Gene Wise

Senator Tysinger will be sorely missed, and our prayers and condolences are with his family.