Morning Reads 2/11/13

Good morning from South Georgia. It’s a place still, after-all.

Newsflash: You may need to move to metro Atlanta if you want your child to get a half decent education; or if you don’t want taxes that encourage you to move to more densely populated areas. I, generally, defend Governor Deal. I think he has done a darn fine job. But I believe taking away these grants is a poor move that will only hurt Georgia.

Some are asking why Governor Deal hasn’t jumped on the “GOP Guvs 4 ACA-Medicaid Expansion” train. Now, is this train electric or coal-fired? Or maybe a steam engine? Is there a caboose. We should be the caboose. Cabooses are cool.

Georgia is, however, content to free-ride on other individuals’ shareholder suits arising out of the Wallstreet meltdown. I can’t say I blame them. Swoop in at the last minute and reap others’ profits. I also wonder if the teacher retirement system folks are a little afraid of lawyers. Maybe they can hire Bobby Lee Cook, Hardy Gregory, and David Forehand this time.

Everyone seems to be picking up on the Chambliss leaving/South Georgia power disappearing story. Gee, I wonder why. Any person in South Georgia who isn’t officially on the “Run Jack, Run” train now might be an Atlantian at heart. Alternatively, some Democrat needs to think this through. You have over geographically half of the state about to be marginalized by a Atlanta/North Georgia crew. People are under-represented. Diverge from your national party. Run moderate candidates who can be “Conservative Democrats” and run them from South Georgia. It’s your chance to become relevant again.

Speaking of Atlanta, the City leads in delinquent commercial mortgages. I told ya’ll, the rent is too high.

Mandatory coverage for autism? Likely means our insurance rates will go up.  But I honestly think this is something insurance should cover.

CRIMINAL ROUND UP: Drunk drivers, drug mules, kidnapper(?), and a shooter.

James Ogelthorpe was all right, but if you people in Savannah rename the Talmadge bridge I will have a hissy fit. All over the internet. You’re on notice. So settle down and don’t make this escalate any further.

Everyone flood the Fulton County Probate Court to get your toter permit before they jack the price up five dollars. You might can buy an extra bullet with that five dollars. MIGHT.

Gentlemen: You’ve got about 50 hours to lock-down Valentine’s Day. Here’s one suggestion.

Now, let me apologize. I know Eric didn’t get this right on Wednesday, and I apologize for leaving you all without well-reasoned music for your morning. I had, and still have, a sinus infection. Somehow that is Atlanta’s fault. Nonetheless, I bring you music. Good day and good luck.


  1. Ed says:

    Considering no one lives in South Georgia anymore, not sure cutting funding for schools will hurt too many people.

    Just, FWIW.

  2. John Walraven says:

    Ron, how can you break out “the rent is too high” without linking everyone to quite possibly one of the best political debate participants in American history?

  3. SOWEGA says:

    Well…hopefully our dominance of high school football won’t suffer as a result of the alleged weakening of our political influence.

  4. mountainpass says:

    The quote in the PP Daily was attributed to the wrong Will:
    I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.
    Will Rogers, quoted in Saturday Review, Aug. 25, 1962

  5. ieee says:

    Hmmm. People murdered and shot.

    Would someone please explain to me again exactly why we don’t have Registries for these people? Don’t Registries work? Oh I remember, we can’t hate these people enough.

  6. Noway says:

    This came in late and maybe more will be posted tomorrow but the SEAL who iced Bin Laden came out in an interview that he has no health insurance and has not been doing well since his separation.
    He feels abandoned. I have to say that this guy has the satisfaction of his lifetime as the guy who killed that animal, he had to know that leaving after 16 years offered no pension, health care, etc. There has to be more “there” there. There is more to this for a guy like that to have made such a economic blunder this big.

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