John Padgett Announces Candidacy For GAGOP Chairman

This is outside of my normal Saturday cycle, but I figured I’d pass along this late-breaking news in the GAGOP Chairman’s race.  Current GAGOP Secretary and announced candidate for 1st Vice Chairman John Padgett has sent out a notice saying that he will be running for the top spot in the Georgia Republican Party.  You can read his email that he sent out a little bit ago below the fold.


I write today to share with you that I will be a candidate for Chair of the Georgia Republican Party at our State Convention in Athens.

I have had the honor of serving you and all Republicans as the Secretary of the GAGOP, and I had planned to run for the position of 1st Vice Chair at the upcoming State Convention.

As you know, I am not some “Johnny come lately” to our conservative cause. I have served on the Georgia GOP State Committee and Executive Committee for many years. With your past support, I am truly grateful to also have served the Party as a Precinct, County and District Chair as well as a Regional Vice Chair and Assistant Secretary. I have been honored to represent our Party as a delegate to the National Convention for the last three conventions. I am proud to be a recipient of the Eisenhower Commission Award from the RNC.

Our country, our state, and our Party face great challenges.  We need a bold Chair for our Party who has a proven track record of conservative grassroots leadership.  We cannot afford to put at risk all that our Party has achieved by turning over the role of Chair to weak and ineffective leadership.

Trust matters.  Experience matters.  Leadership matters.

I have been waiting for a true grassroots leader to step forward and run for Chair, but none has emerged.

After prayerful consideration, I have decided that I must step forward and offer a bold, conservative, Republican choice for Chair.

Under Sue’s leadership and with the tireless help of so many grassroots leaders across our state, the Georgia Republican Party has accomplished bold change.  We must continue to build on those successes.

My plan is bold, yet simple.

If you will trust me with your vote, I will do the following:

Re-Energize the Grassroots.  Georgia Republicans are unapologetically a grassroots driven Party.  I will work with our State Committee, District Chairs, and County Chairs to empower our grassroots leaders with the tools they need to continue to advance our conservative agenda.  I will make sure the voice of our grassroots leaders are heard by our elected leaders across the state.

Embrace and Promote Diversity Across Our Party.  The 2012 election taught us that our Party must embrace and promote diversity if we are to win elections on the local, state, and national level.  I will work tirelessly with our leadership to promote diversity in every area of our Party.

Expand Our Fundraising.  To deliver our message and empower our grassroots organizations, we need resources.  I will work to expand our fundraising networks and engage in aggressive online fundraising to help provide the needed monetary “fuel” to our grassroots “machine”.

Boldly Communicate Our Values.  The Georgia Republican Party should be on the cutting edge of communicating with the people of Georgia.  I will engage the latest technologies and tools to make the Georgia Republican Party the national leader amongst conservative organizations in communicating with our grassroots leaders and with the people of our great state.

With your help, I can make this plan a reality and advance our Party to a bold and lasting majority in every corner of our great state.

I humbly ask for your support and your vote for Chair of the Georgia Republican Party.

If you have a question for me or if you know of a district or county event I should attend, please call me on my mobile phone at [redacted].

Thank You & God Bless You,

John Padgett


  1. Leah says:

    I just Googled him (‘John Padgett GOP’) out of curiosity. Might want to do something about those first two search results, buddy . . .

    • kzh says:

      Wow, from those links, it does not seem that he did what he said he plans to do from his letter above:

      > Embrace and Promote Diversity Across Our Party. The 2012 election taught us that our Party must embrace and promote diversity if we are to win elections on the local, state, and national level. I will work tirelessly with our leadership to promote diversity in every area of our Party.

    • stephy4030 says:

      I agree KZH quote from Alex Johnson “Our Republican Party needs to return to true Constitutional, fiscally conservative roots, expand the party through education and outreach, and support limited government.”

        • Vicki says:

          I’ll take “no experience” over “experience breaking my own Party’s rules and threatening young conservatives who want to participate” any day.

  2. Charuth Cutestory says:

    I think Alex Johnson is the man for the job. We need young fresh ideas and someone that will actually work to help unite the party in other words the opposite of what Sue Everhart did during the last presidential cycle. Instead of trying to unite the factions of the party Everhart seemed to reject the Tea Party/Liberty people. This seems to be a pattern with the older ‘experienced’ guard. You do not grow a party by taking people’s money and encouraging them not to participate . I think Alex Johnson is what the GOP needs. A young guy with fresh ideas who wants to actually help grow the party rather than just hold on to power. We have to make changes to what’s been going on the last few decades, we didn’t get to 16 trillion dollar debt overnight. Reaching out to people and growing the party is what will help us win elections in the long run. Johnson seems willing to give that a try.

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