Chairman Of Georgia Black Republican Council Blocked From Serving As Delegate To Douglas County GOP Convention

McNeeleyOriginal Post by Nathan:  Participation Is Key To A Functional Political Body

Maybe it’s my personal opinion, but I believe participation from like-minded (although we may not always agree) folks makes for a healthy political body.  It’s attributed to Reagan who said that if you show him someone with whom he agrees 80% he’ll show you a friend.  Unfortunately, it seems like we’re becoming more divisive not only in Washington, but right down in our Republican mass precinct meetings. The Georgia Republican Party’s convention process is an open invitation to all like-minded voters who believe in the principles of the Republican Party.  There’s give and take on all levels, we may not agree on everything all the time, and we may have the occasional “family spat”, but I believe that folks who are willing to sacrifice a few hours on a beautiful Saturday morning to go down and meet with fellow Republicans should be allowed the courtesy of participating.

Michael McNeely, announced candidate for 1st Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, went to his county’s precinct mass meeting this past Saturday, but apparently there was some shabby behavior lead by Douglas County Republican Party board member Jack Gamel to shut McNeely out of the process according to 3rd Vice Chairman Brian Tolar:

At the Mirror Lake precinct table today, Douglas County GOP Board Member Jack Gamel led an effort to refuse Michael McNeely (a strong conservative and 1st Vice-Chair of the Douglas County GOP) a precinct delegate spot. There were 15 delegate slots available and only five people present, yet Jack insisted in his action. Jack’s petty old white man politics targeted one of the rising African American stars of Georgia and National GOP leaders. By a 3-2 vote, Jack’s efforts were successful.

The rules allow the members of the precinct to allocate delegates as they see fit by majority vote, and they don’t have to fill all of the slots and can leave people sitting at the table if the majority is so inclined.  By my understanding of the rules, they “technically” are allowed to do this.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

This was an underhanded move by someone who had personal beef with Michael.  Perhaps Mr. Gamel had a valid reason on why he didn’t think Michael shouldn’t represent the Mirror Lake precinct, and I invite him to respond to give his side of the story.  It sounds like Mr. Gamel was quite pleased with his actions.

This does nothing to help advance our cause.  This behavior makes it look like the Republican Party wants to isolate itself from new blood.  We need new folks!  There are a number of folks who have showed up and want to get involved with the process because they see it as an opportunity to affect their communities, state, and nation for the better.  Sure, we may not agree on the open-handed issues, but I believe if that person believes in limited government, maximizing personal liberty, and striving to keep taxes low, then by all means let’s have them involved…especially if they take the time out of their day to get out and sit in a room to fill out paperwork!

I urge the duly elected delegates to the Douglas County Republican Convention to allow Michael McNeely to serve as a delegate to the Georgia Republican Convention in Athens.

Added by Charlie:

I spoke to Michael McNeely today by phone.  He told me that Mr. Gamel told him that his exclusion was because McNeely ran against Gamel’s friend Terry Baggett last term for First Vice-Chair of the Douglas County Party – a position that Mr. McNeely won.  So, in the pettyness that is county party politics, we have a man at the precinct level who chose to block his county’s First Vice Chairman from being a delegate to his county’s convention out of what appears to be a petty act of revenge.

Making matters worse, McNeely is not only a candidate for First Vice Chairman of the State GOP, but also the Chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council.  At a time when the Republican Party is desparately trying to figure out how to reach out to non-white voters, McNeely and his wife (who was not in attendence but was nominated to be a delegate) were excluded by a vote of 3-2.  Three white votes were for exclusion; Two African American votes were for inclusion.  Despite whatever reasoning Mr. Gamel may have employed, the optics of his actions will trump any other reason or judgment he may have used.

Compounding the situation which will not doubt serve as a great embarassment for Republicans at the local, state, and possibly national level is the response issued by Douglas GOP Chairman Bert Blood:

I would like to personally thank all who were able to attend today’s Precinct Mass Meeting.  It was a great turnout!  Unfortunately, I have been hit with a wicked stomach virus and regret that I could not be with you for the entire meeting.
The means by which I am writing you today is an electronic communication service known as Constant Contact which enables the DCGOP Board to communicate with our party members in an expedient manner via email using a database of your names and email addresses.
This afternoon a member of our board who had access to the Constant Contact password used this service to air personal grievances regarding an incident at today’s meeting.
I want to take this opportunity to APOLOGIZE to all party members for this breach of trust and to assure you that I will do all within my power to insure that the integrity of this valuable database is maintained.
Bert Blood, Chairman
Douglas County Republican Party

So a leading candidate for the State Party’s First Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council is blocked from attending his county’s convention as delegate on a 3-2 along racial lines, and Mr. Blood has apologized….for someone using his email list.

Republicans, we have problems.


    • eschristian says:

      Exactly @Napoleon – this was wrong behavior no matter Mr. McNeely’s skin color. I do agree with @Nathan above – that this added insult to injury in an effort to reach out to all people, especially people of color since Mr. McNeely is “Chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council”.

      I would say that makes it extra stupid because of the two reasons listed above (wrong behavior and stupid move against a leader within our party)!

  1. I cannot speak for the entire GAGOP, but as the GA-12 District Chair, I can certainly say these actions are absolutely disgusting. It may be allowable by Rules, but it is certainly unethical and shameful. Michael McNeely has stood strong for many years for conservative values, even when he was mocked and ridiculed by others. He has served the Republican Party proudly, but more importantly, he has served his country and his fellow citizens with dignity.

  2. Tiberius says:

    Best thing that could have happened to Michael’s campaign. He’ll turn this into a PR boon in Athens and people will now vote for him to correct this “injustice.” If Michael is as smart as we all know he is, he walked away from this smiling. He and his advocates now have an issue to separate themselves from the other VC candidates.

    • NorthGAGOP says:

      This isn’t about Michael’s campaign.

      This is about a few people in the Douglas GOP who have no concept of treating people with respect.

      • Tiberius says:

        lemonade out of lemons. I refuse to see some sort of great statement about the state of the national GOP, the state GOP, or the Douglas County GOP b/c of the actions of 3 people. This a county that had 11,000 voters in the PRez primary this year.

        The good news is that if McNeely is still living there in 2015, all he needs to do is bring 2 people plus himself and his wife and he can toss out whats his name. Shoulgnt be hard for a possible 1st VC.

        • NorthGAGOP says:

          Read my comment. “This is about a few people…..”

          Sadly these few people are leaders/representatives of the Douglas GOP and it will reflect on the organization.

          • Tiberius says:

            This guy is a leader of 3 people in a precinct. He leads nothing but we have all given him weight with all of this attention. I have three people in my precinct I wouldn’t trust with a bag of M&Ms. Let’s all relax here and act like this is some seminal act by a powerful person.

            • ryanhawk says:

              They really should change the name of these things from “mass” precinct meetings to something more descriptive. Part of what this highlights is the irrelevance of the local GOP organizations. Perhaps we keep losing elections because the vast majority of our “mass” precinct meetings could be held in a phone booth?

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Welcome to the Paultard standard treatment, Mr. McNeely.

    The GOP will never accept you, except as a token.

    What a miserable, rotten party all the way from the roots to the crown!

      • IndyInjun says:

        Yes, I know that you are good, Lawton. The trouble is the party and what it stands for in all its ugliness. There is no room for fiscal conservatives or middle class voters in the GOP. The ONLY thing the party has had since the 90’s is that it isn’t the Democratic party. Now it is worse.

        This next election might be the last in which I get active for any GOPer and that will depend on someone other than a bankster-defending social conservative being on the ballot in the 10th and US Senate races.

  4. South Fulton Guy says:

    This and the no so subtle shafting of South Fulton under the guise of cleaning up Fulton and redistricting is why the GOP’s supposed outreach to the Black community is doomed. The objective is to neuter Fulton so no one will care if it goes away.

      • South Fulton Guy says:

        Not a thread jack the article is about “behavior mak[ing] it look like the Republican Party wants to isolate itself from new blood. ” Seriously educate me – I am not trying to start something but tell me what is not accurate?

        • Andre says:

          I would simply suggest, South Fulton Guy, you read my analysis ( of both maps; the current commission maps and the maps created by House Bill 171.

          This thread is about shenanigans that took place at the GOP mass meetings this past weekend.

  5. Howard Roark says:

    Congratulations Mr McNeeley on your upcoming election.

    Mr. Gamel is clearly a giant void surrounded by a sphincter or is a dumb biblical donkey. Take your pick.

  6. ShiftingTides88 says:

    From down in the 1st — I tend to agree w/ Mr Loblaw’s comment. The state’s demographics are shifting rapidly in the critical N GA region. We must stick to our conservative values relentlessly in the face of challenge, but we must expand the base and face facts. Haley Barbour’s reign at the RNC always focused on that, as he has in the years since.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    If Mr. McNeely and his wife were registered to vote in Douglas county, then they should have been allowed to caucus with their precinct. The individual precinct caucus elects delegates to the county convention, not the Chairman or executive board of the county party. If they violated the state call and possibly state law with Mr. McNeely, then how were others treated? I hope the Mass Meeting is challenged and thrown out if the allegations are proven true.

    What was in the water yesterday? Did someone release toxins into the Chattahochee? Rockdale and Newton County GOP leadership were telling attendees they did not have enough points to be a delegate to the county convention. Cherokee County attempted to pull a fast one with write-in names but the grassroots caught it and cited the call and that it was up to the precinct caucus to determine who was elected a delegate to the county convention.

    • eschristian says:

      I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. The disrespect, bullying and out right tyranny to settle their anxiety was not only infuriating but unbelievable to watch unfold!

      Thank you debbie0040 & Peach Pundit for helping shine light upon this type of behavior! We must self-govern within the conservative movement.

  8. ryanhawk says:

    We do have problems. In my experience this kind of pettiness is the rule and not the exception in local GOP organizations. There are certainly great people doing thankless and necessary work in these organizations. Unfortunately local parties also seem to attract some of the most unpleasant people you will ever have the misfortune of meeting.

    The difference in this case is that the pettiness has caused immediate harm to the Republican party that reaches far outside of the local organization.

    I have come to believe that the traditional local party organizations that we have in Georgia are largely irrelevant and often do more harm than good to the Republican cause. When some Republican leaning voter shows up to a mass precinct meeting or convention they will see a cumbersome bureaucracy at best, and all too often a mean spirited show of pettiness, stupidity, and spiteful behavior that is part of an inscrutable Hatfield/McCoy style local grudge match.

    I don’t know what we can do to put these organizations out of their misery but I believe we should help them along toward the irrelevancy they seem to be so avidly pursuing by setting up non-affiliated Republican groups that actually do something that matters.

    I wish there were a candidate running for State Chair that had a vision for something beyond our current old school “let’s have a meeting” mentality (maybe BJ does and I don’t know about it).

    We need desperately to:

    1) invite new people in and let them pursue their vision (perhaps monthly meetings shouldn’t be the focal point of the local organizations — there is this thing called the internet)
    2) to avoid ideological purity and litmus tests while searching for common ground
    3) to worry less about differences and perceived flaws and focus more on commonality and success
    4) to measure principles by effectiveness of solutions and not by extremity of theory
    5) win elections rather than maintain a farcical ideological purity.

    • eschristian says:

      AMEN! @”We need desperately to:

      1) invite new people in and let them pursue their vision (perhaps monthly meetings shouldn’t be the focal point of the local organizations — there is this thing called the internet)
      2) to avoid ideological purity and litmus tests while searching for common ground
      3) to worry less about differences and perceived flaws and focus more on commonality and success
      4) to measure principles by effectiveness of solutions and not by extremity of theory
      5) win elections rather than maintain a farcical ideological purity.”

      I think this should be considered in a resolution at the conventions! Very well said and so true.

      • eschristian says:

        I think Alex Johnson is a very smart young man but I don’t know who is all running. I’m not for him but I’m not also against him either – I want to see who is in first and then make an informed decision. I liked his fb page but I do for most, if not all of the candidates – that way I can keep up with them when I do make up my mind. No worries – I probably won’t get to state and who knows if our delegates that get there will stand with all the drama that occurred.

        LOL @Rick Day 😉 Then I would not qualify – 40 and under and I’d get in.

  9. yjacket says:

    If one wants to see some real antics that make what happened to Mr. McNeeley (which is not right), look to the Rockdale and Newton County GOP Mass Precinct Meeting.

    In order to be elected as a delegate to the County Convention, one had to have enough “merits”. These merits were given in service to the local Party, working on Republican political campaigns did not count. Considering how infrequently these Counties meet, it would take quite a long time to enough enough “merits”. Who keeps track of these “merits” and ensures they are accurate is in question.

    So even though a many dedicated Republicans showed up to the Mass Precinct Meetings to elect delegates to the County Convention, they were PREVENTED by the County from electing certain individuals, even though the Precincts wanted to elected them to the County. i.e. the County dictated who could and could not be elected to the County Convention.

    For this privilege of being shut out by the County, not the Precinct, individuals were charged $10.

  10. yjacket says:

    This is in addition to the Republican appointee to the Rockdale Board of Elections writing a racist diatribe on a local blog. A public hearing was held on this racist rant . . .google The “Little White Plane” and Rockdale County. Many local Republicans were extremely upset at this and were determined to set things right at the County Convention. Unfortunately the local County GOP leaders found a way to use the “rules” to only allow those individuals who they wanted to attend the County Convention.

    • eschristian says:

      I’ve been speaking out against this since I found out about it. One reason – the establishment is not happy with me at the moment because I’m not a robot, I have integrity!

  11. MsFredrickDouglass says:

    Any body ever thought it has nothing to do with race but with Mckneely. Ask how many times he’s attended county party meetings? Ask how many state committee meetings he has missed? Ask did he even attend last years convention? Ask how many fingers it takes to count the members that attend black republican council meetings? Ask when or if he was ever elected to the chairmanship? Ask why he won’t hold elections Ever so other black republicans can get involved? Ask why he was the only black republican Not invited to attend the meeting with the RNC Chair?

    Or don’t ask and say its all because he’s black!

    • Charlie says:

      I didn’t have to ask the question about him attending the last convention, because that one was in Tampa, and that’s where I met him and his wife.

      I can also say after attending a National GOP convention, it was not only a great investment of time, but of money as well. Attending those isn’t cheap.

      So, he is someone that was willing to spend his time and money to travel to Tampa for a week (and stay at Super Bowl rates to do so), but for some reason you don’t believe he should be allowed to attend a meeting held in his hometown? One that his precinct had 15 spots available but only 5 were filled, yet he and his wife were struck?

      Hold tight to whatever you have to to cleanse your conscience on this one. This was an epic mistake on the part of the Douglas GOP, and all of us who organize and vote under the GOP banner will pay the price for it.

      • debbie0040 says:

        It also caused many people to decide to get behind Michael in his race for 1st Vice Chair. Such pettiness at a time when we need to reach out to minorities was disgusting. The Douglas County Chair damaged the entire Republican Party in Georgia because of his selfishness and pettiness.

        • eschristian says:

          If I can get through the delegates process and find my way to state – hands down – no doubt Michael McNeely you have my support. And if I don’t make it as a delegate – you have my support in spreading the word for you to everybody I know.

      • eschristian says:

        AMEN @Charlie – after the shenanigans I saw in Newton & Rockdale on Saturday – combined with the treatment of Michael McNeely – I was shocked. I rarely get shocked in politics but I did this time.

    • ARAR says:

      I know Michael McNeeley, he is good man and a good Republican. He was in the 3rd District before the redistricting. He did attend every meeting we had and was a valable member of our District Committee. I know Michael and his wife, as good friends and never noticed what color they might be. He is a good man and a good Republican, that’s good enought for me.

      • eschristian says:

        I agree ARAR – to me it was wrong no matter his color. I guess it was just adding insult to injury the fact that he is “Chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council”. It was just stupid and petty and wrong – we must self-govern ourselves and I have hope because so many great folks are speaking out against this type of behavior from within the GOP.

  12. Nonchalant says:

    I have zero ideas about personalities here, and they are probably the determining factor–Mr. Gamel could be J.R. Ewing, trying to keep control by paying hardball, or Mr. McNeely could be the next Michael Steele in the making–and I do not mean that in a favorable way.

    What I am very sure of is that sunlight is the best disinfectant sometimes to those who may have ambition without talent; and that it is absolutely pointless to talk about localism and the virtues of the comon man and praise the self-governing spirit of the yeomenry and then have grudge matches rule. I have no idea who is right here, just that it is of concern.

    I also have the strongest belief in the following rule if thumb, which may or may not be at play–“first class peope pick people as good or better than themselves, second class people pick third class people, third class people pick fifth class people.”

    • Nonchalant says:

      As an addendum–if the man has not been active locally, regardless of his trip to Tampa, then I could see this being an attempt to stop someone expecting social promotion. And yes, it happens.

      Just as I could see it being a good ole boy trying to eliminate any one he can’t control, or who has made precinct meetings unpleasant for anybody not a member of the club. I simply have no idea.

      My recommendation would be that you should be able to go to any contiguous precinct if you are having issues in your local one. That way, if you are the problem, it will eventually be figured out. I have no idea how the GOP does business at the county level, but this has been something I actually have expended some thought on in the past. Being able to participate in your local community is crucial to avoiding Leviathan. But pettiness and human nature will intervene. So how do we mitigate? How do we get people involved without the usual suspects, like sometimes happens in churches, trying to rule the roost and determine outcomes?

      • Nonchalant says:

        As an addendum to the addendum–why being able to have flexibility in where you show up at the county level may be beneficial (and once again, I have zero idea of what the rules or procedures are, or if they vary by county by county): Because you know who ran against James Madison for the First Congress?

        James Monroe, who would later be Madison’s Secretary of State. Same district, Anti-Federalist versus Federalist, both later proteges of Jefferson in the Republican party (1800 version).

        Sometimes, being able to unstack folks might be an advantage if there is too much bench in one locale. Or if someone wants to get rid of a future threat to power by nipping it in the bud, independent of any regard for the greater good.

  13. Napoleon says:

    First, none of the quotes from Michael even suggest this was about race. Second, most counties would be proud to have someone in state and national party leadership. There needs to be those people who do go out and recruit statewide and nationally and they should be able to count on support from home. Third, if it is true that Michael was side-railed because he ran against and beat this guy’s friend, then that’s just petty revenge. Fine, that happens in politics, but it still makes you small and petty when you do it.

  14. Charlie says:

    Atlanta, February 11, 2013 – The Georgia Young Republicans (GYR) issued the following statement:

    “In our political process, there is nothing more precious to Republicans than the Precinct Mass Meetings. Theyare the foundation upon which our organization is built. All of our efforts to elect Republicans to public officebegin with these grassroots meetings. Without them, Republicans cannot establish the political authority ourparty needs to speak on the important issues of our day.

    “After six years of leadership under Chairwoman Sue Everhart, our leadership team will change from top tobottom. Georgia is changing, too. Look to Virginia and North Carolina to see what Georgia will become infuture election cycles. The Georgia Republican Party must begin to think about all our members as vital partsof a dynamic organization. If we don’t, we risk wasting the effort our party to turn this state red a decade ago.

    “The behavior of a very particular few in Douglas County to exclude two dedicated Republicans from the partyprocess is not just troubling- it is destructive. We must abandon personal vendettas and embrace our sharedconservative values. The Georgia Young Republicans call on the rational minds in the Douglas CountyRepublican Party to right this wrong. Credential Michael and Jennifer McNeely as delegates to the CountyConvention. Allow them their just place at all our sides as fellow Republicans.”

  15. Nonchalant says:

    As a general aside, in this case we may be seeing what Madison was talking about in regards to how large republics were actually better than small, because small could be captured by a faction. For in this instant, once the scope was widened to a larger “republic”, in this case the wider party in the state, the actions of the faction in the smaller unit seemed less initially justifiable.

    A larger republic has a “smoothing” effect on the natural pettiness of man that can be engaged to one’s heart’s content at any level where one has unchallenged power. We need larger units to counteract local ones, and local to counteract large. Just as ambition can be made to counteract ambition, so can power-source counteract power-source.

    And as an aside to an aside–the unwillingness of the national major media to fully display Democratic dirty laundry, as well as their desire for Democratic policies to suceed, is negating for us the advantage of being a large republic, and is functionally making us a small one, with all the potential for tyranny inherent therein, via capture by faction.

  16. MsFredrickDouglass says:

    Did he attend last years state convention? You will not see any Black GOP stalwarts defend Mckneely. He has pimped his position and won’t hold elections! He needs to step down and save the party the fake drama. He uses a title that means nothing because he wasn’t elected to bully local county GOP. Last year he held a debate for GOP chair at a black republican meeting and didn’t invite Sue Everhardt then posted a blog saying she hasn’t done anything for black people. We Black Republicans deserve an election to elect a leader of our choice! We are being held hostage by mckneely – We want to Vote and Participate! What goes around comes around !

  17. MsFredrickDouglass says:

    Until someone can prove That Michael Mckneely was Ever elected to the office of Chairman of the Black Repiblican Council please stop referring to him as such. This farse has gone on long enough. He has been pimping the title for over 4 years! Ask him when he was Re-Elected or Elected. Anyone who was a witness to this election please come forward. Until then don’t drag our un democratic organization into this mess! Just say Michael Mckneely got hosed if you must. But leave the GBRC out of it!

    • ARAR says:

      just a question….MsFredrickDouglass… who and how does anybody become the Chairman of the Black Republican Council??? is Michael the first and only Chairman??? who was before him??? and how were they elected or whatever?? The GBRC should have some kind of process, what is it????

  18. MsFredrickDouglass says:

    Rufus Montgomery was the previous chair. He stepped down and Mckneely filled in as interim. He was suppose to hold elections four years ago! He refuses because as Chair he has a seat on the State Exec Committee by virtue of his office. A once statewide organization now only holds meetings in Buckhead. There are suppose to be elections every year per the by-laws! All we ask is to have fair elections! Plenty of black republicans stopped attending because he won’t allow new leadership. The bylaws say he can’t run for 1st vice chair and be Chairman. It’s a conflict because it appears the group is supporting or endorsing a candidate. But of course when you are the King you do what you want!

    • Looks like we were typing at the same time. The Chair of the BRC is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. The BRC is an allied organization, meaning that they do not fall under the umbrella of the GAGOP and thus are not under GAGOP Rules. I do not have any idea what the bylaws of the BRC look like, though. I searched for them, but I could not find them.

  19. rightwingbrown says:

    The meeting Saturday had a respectable turnout, probably increased from last year. It took some time for word to travel around the room that McNeely had been blocked by Gamel and when the tempers came to fruition there were very few people left. It is a mere microcosm of the dissension we are dealing with in Douglas County. People on both sides of the argument acted childishly and it was disappointing to see.

  20. MsFredrickDouglass says:

    Before people turn him into Mckneely Luther King over his issues with getting along with his county party – think about how we are stifling our outreach to black Georgians by having a Black Country club like GBRC that picks and chooses who & when they let people in. The State Party should pull the seat from the Exec Board until they can prove they are democratically electing officers. And the rest of the GOP should stop using the Chairman title until he can prove he was elected. Otherwise the press will use it against us when it’s not true!

    • Charlie says:

      First, there’s a “reply” button. Learn how to use it. Though in your case, you really shouldn’t.

      Secondly, the posts you’ve made here will be used against you. You aren’t doing yourself or Douglas County any favors by continuing to post.

    • bowersville says:

      It would seem that with the 47% tape’s discovery originating in GA and with Reince Priebus being in town just last week, this type of behavior would be avoided. But on the other hand David Corn of Mother Jones and Chris Matthews of MSNBC will be laughing if they find out because they know:

  21. RealRepublican2013 says:

    I am truly glad to know that in such an importance race, we have a number of candidates who have morals and are ethical. Below is a response from Catherine Bernard who is also running for the position of First Vice Chair in regards to the situation with Michael McNeely:

    “Tonight, I was planning to post about how much I enjoyed attending the Cobb County Mass Precinct Meeting and the Lincoln Dinner in Dekalb, but instead must address some very troubling news. Last week, Michael McNeely announced his candidacy for 1st Vice-Chairman. While I don’t know Mr. McNeely personally, by all accounts he is an active and dedicated Republican with a solid resume, and a pretty nice guy to boot. I can’t claim that I was thrilled about the prospect of such strong competition, but I was looking forward to meeting him, running a fair race, and letting the GAGOP state delegates choose the best person to help lead our party.

    According to an email from a member of the Douglas County Executive Board, at today’s mass precinct meeting two Board members led an effort to deny Mr. McNeely a precinct delegate spot. That effort was apparently successful, and both Mr. McNeely and his wife were denied delegate positions – despite there being many more delegate positions available than there were individuals present to accept them. Since one must be a delegate to the county convention in order to be a delegate to the state convention (where the election for 1st Vice-Chair will take place), it is hard to see this action as anything other than a deliberate attempt to thwart Mr. McNeely’s candidacy.

    If the allegations in this email are true, I condemn the actions of any individuals in Douglas County who initiated or participated in this conduct. How can the GOP be a big tent party, when even a highly-involved Republican can be arbitrarily shut out of the convention process despite having demonstrated his commitment to the party? This is contrary to all of our principles of fairness. Please join me in asking that this incident be investigated by our state party so that any wrongful exclusion of Mr. McNeely can be corrected.”

    I appreciate anyone who is willing to stand up for what’s right beyond party lines. Catherine Bernard will make an excellent First Vice Chair for the GA GOP.

  22. IndyInjun says:

    Would some of you partisans please explain how a “points” system works to a predominantly GOP voter and exclusive contributor ($10’s of thousands over 40 years) who is increasingly furious?

  23. The Dabler says:

    I have been searching and searching, but, can anyone point to the specific rule that prohibits the county convention from credentialing the McNeely Two from the floor? Seem to be a lot of rules and what not, but really…where are they?

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      The thing is, we weren’t even close to taking over.

      We almost got the GOP to stand firm against illegal detention of American citizens, however, but a committee thought better of it.

  24. Ibn Khaldun says:

    It seems like Michael was done wrong here, but what does it say about his leadership ability that he was not able to win over either the angry white man or one of his two cronies?

  25. Three Jack says:

    I decided to skip the Cobb precinct meeting and hike instead…glad I did. Whether this action was based on race or vendetta does not matter, it will continue to be portrayed as a racial matter in the media. The chairman of the Douglas GOP should at the very least resign immediately along with the backwardass guy who lead the effort against Michael.

    • Vicki says:

      This doesn’t make any sense.

      What was done to the McNeelys was ethically wrong.

      But it was procedurally correct. When a precinct meets at a PMM, it’s like its own little mini-convention. Majority rules, and if a majority wants to keep someone from becoming a delegate, whether it’s for petty political reasons or whatever, they CAN do that.

      But now this story says, “Douglas County GOP Chair Bert Blood said he spoke with Georgia Republican Party Chair Sue Everhart Monday morning and confirmed that the vote at Saturday’s precinct meeting to keep McNeely out of the convention was invalid… Everhart told him the only reason to have a vote on precinct delegates would be if there are more people seeking delegate status than members present. Only five members were present, so Blood said the vote was invalid.”

      Sue’s reasoning is logical, but the rules are clear: even if there are only 5 members present, 3 of those members can keep 2 of those members from being elected as delegates, even if there ARE fewer people seeking delegate status than slots available.

      Like I said, what was done to the McNeelys was petty and wrong. But it was valid under the rules. (Under those same rules, by the way, the McNeelys could still be voted in as delegates to the District & State Conventions, even if they aren’t delegates to the County Convention themselves. THAT is how this should be resolved — NOT by Sue Everhart pulling decisions out of her rear end that violate the rules themselves.)

      • Vicki says:

        And by the way, if Sue Everhart now gets to willy-nilly declare PMM votes to be invalid and to just declare that people are hereby anointed as delegates, will she be tipping her scepter in the direction of all the folks who were denied delegate status under this BLATANT violation of the rules “point system”?

    • Greg S says:

      I can’t figure out why this story has generated the comments and the backlash. The Republican party’s bigwigs have jumped in to save it from its base. How is that new or news?

  26. Rick Day says:

    Whar is Brian Slow-vinksi when we need him???

    Dang, people! This is a mess. I’m gonna send the brother some funds. Does he have childr….never mind.

    Well, time for popcorn! 😀

  27. Nathan_Able says:

    It’s unfortunate this happened to McNeeley. He serves the republican party professionally and honestly. McNeeley is not an activist. He is more of a servant to the republican party and I have not seen him stand up when others were bullied in the republican party. I could be wrong as I don’t have a laser focus on everything he does or says but from what I have seen he mostly stays fairly neutral during primary season and supports whoever the eventual republican nominee is. I don’t hold it against him. But it does remind me of the Edmond Burke quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” All I am saying is if you see injustice happening to another an do nothing, that same injustice can very well happen to you. I also wish Sue Everhart was as enthusiastic about being sure everyone was treated fairly in the party, not just McNeeley. Several people last Saturday were not allowed to serve as delegates from their precinct even when there were open seats. McNeeley was not the only person that this happened to.

    Currently the GOP is the party of old dusty people. If the party does not change its attitude it will very much end up being the party of dead people. And John McCain and Mitt Romney will happen again in future presidential cycles.

  28. gail says:

    Rockdale County nass meeting was apparently such a mess, people will drop out forever. The local GOP is allowing a few poison personalities to kill the party permanently. I missed it thanks to the flu, but a lot of people are totally disgusted with the party locally.

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