GAGOP Weekly Round-up: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

As this post hits the front page, I will be heading down to visit my friends in Floyd County as they, and a number of counties with populations over 80,000, gather to elect new precinct officers as well as delegates and alternates to their respective county conventions.

This is the “formal” beginning to the convention cycle of the Georgia Republican Party, and it’s also when you see a lot more folks “officially” announce their intent to run for various offices within the state’s Republican Party.

Last week, Michael McNeely was rumored to be considering a run for 1st Vice Chairman.  He made that rumor into fact this week when he announced that he decided to go for it.

Doug Grammer is considering a run for 2nd Vice Chairman.  There’s a possibility that he’ll show up in Cobb County to make an announcement on his decision.

Former Representative Gene Callaway has announced that he’ll be seeking to be chairman of the Gwinnett County Republican Party.  Rachel Little is running for the chairmanship of the Gwinnett GOP as well.

If you’re a Georgia Republican, get involved in the process, meet your neighbors, and post any announced (or rumored) candidates in the comments below


  1. debbie0040 says:

    Attended Gwinnett School District One Meeting About 30 people
    Talked to someone that attended Hall County meeting About 40 – 50 showed up for Hall County

  2. Tiberius says:

    attended a north Fulton HD meeting. Decent crowd but we left a lot of delegate slots open for convention. No one talked about the party races this Spring. Did get some excellent updates on our attempts to reform Fulton County.

  3. Hawks Fan says:

    90 people in Coweta County. Brant Frost V is running for county chairman. Not sure if his Dad is going to run for anything.

  4. eschristian says:

    Newton County Republican Party had a decent turnout, however, people were turned away from being alternates or delegates if they did not have any “points” r/t a by-laws change last spring the Chairman said. Even though there were people on the list that were not in attendance & 10+ to 30+ open seats within those precincts. One of the people turned away said she just wanted to get involved because she is not happy with the direction of the country but was not allowed to be a delegate because she had no “points”, which was to be expected because she just found out we have a party! What a way to welcome her & other new people in to the party – NOT!

    Embarrassed by the new “point” system and being the quiet shy person I am (not) I spoke up and they called me a “rabble~rouser” because I said: “Our party needs growth, we should welcome in new members and not discourage them by excluding them, they paid their $10 like everyone else and if we continue this behavior our party will continue to shrink.” Sorry the truth hurt but it was still the truth. I stated I would be in support of a point system if it were used to decide amongst the people who would fill the delegate/alternate spots if there were more people than delegate/alternate spots. My disagreement came at the fact there were around 20+ open seats at the lady I spoke about above precinct.

    I only say all of this because I care about both parties. It makes me sad to watch the state of the Newton/Rockdale County Republican Parties – I have worked hard for both in the past (former 1st Vice Chair and State Committee member) and want them to be as successful as they once were and am currently getting involved to help try and make that happen again!

    I was told a similar scenario played out over in our neighbors to the east – Rockdale County & they even had the audacity (after their 0-8 loss in November – yep they lost ALL offices and returned the entire county back to the Dems after two decades of being red) – the audacity to threaten to have a former Chairman (who had a proven successful term under his belt and turned the county from blue to red back in the 1990s) threatened to be escorted out by deputy because he spoke out against the regime in charge over there. He is a class act & his wife was present so he chose to do the adult responsible thing and they left. I don’t use the word regime lightly but if the shoe fits!

    You can read more about the Newton/Rockdale GOP’s “leadership” skills below:
    (notice when they copied and pasted Rockdale’s by-laws they forgot to take the word Rockdale out and replace it with Newton on page: 10 – 4th paragraph down)
    (Rockdale Board of Elections GOP representative with a very childish bigoted post – that they still support and stand behind)

    • jri1515 says:

      Hey Elizabeth!

      On your comment about the word Rockdale being left in the bylaws. This is why we need help, so others like yourself could help proofread and correct any grammer issues. Again, I plead everyone wanting to physically help to step up and help me. We need boots on the ground, not just words on the internet.

      Rick Ingram

      • eschristian says:

        Rick – when we get the party back in order and returned to our principles, will be the day I return my boots on the ground back in the name of the party and volunteer my time. I am hopeful that this will be resolved and the “leadership” will be humbled and not so arrogant. They will allow the people to speak and listen to what we have to say. They will never use bigoted/racist language again, especially in an official capacity – not only embarrassing the rest of us but also tarnishing our brand and making the stereotypes charged upon us by our opponents on the left a reality. They will apologize swiftly and publicly for past transgressions regarding racial division. They will treat the founder of the party with utmost respect and apologize for the current Chairman rolling her eyes and ignoring him when he asked to speak. I could go on and on but no need to state it all here. I will be speaking with the Chairman and some others within the party in the next few days and see if we can right the wrongs committed – including conduct at the MPM and work together. If arrogance prevails then my boots on the ground, and many other boots on the ground as well, will be working outside the party for the principles our party stands for and candidates that embrace those principles and reach out to everyone in the community.

        • eschristian says:

          By the way – since I received a lot of calls, texts, and emails from friends around the state (and even a few from out of state) that saw the recent posts on here and fb, asking me what the heck is going on over in Newton and asking if Rick Ingram is the Chair. Let me just answer on here…

          Background about me: I am the former 1st Vice Chair in 2009 & a GA GOP State Committee Member. I took two years off starting in 2010, to spend time with family and recover from surgery (broken ankle from a wreck). I saw some negative unRepublican actions/words coming from the local Republican parties (Newton/Rockdale) during early voting in 2012 and I spoke out on fb and attended the next meeting and have since that time. I was motivated to get to the bottom of this and help to see what I could do to help return our party to its principles and the Republican party that I’ve known my whole life.

          What occurred: I attended the Mass Precinct Meetings on Saturday for the Newton County Republican Party thinking it was going to be just another boring MPM (sorry but y’all know they are usually boring, but they also are necessary). Boy was I wrong. I have not seen that much passion in a local GOP meeting in a very long time. In this case however – the passion was not all positive. Basically, the party decided to change their by-laws last summer to try to encourage or essentially extort/force more volunteer service from the members and reward those that worked hard all year long. That does not sound bad on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper you can see the problem. They put their amended by-laws (that they say are approved by the GA GOP – but that has not been confirmed independently yet), they put them back up on their website under “about us” and never notified anyone. One man at the meeting said at a meeting last summer copies were put on a table at a meeting – this is before I got back involved and have not been able to confirm if this occurred or not. In the time since, they never mentioned it to the members of the party in emails about the monthly meetings, about volunteer opportunities, or in regards to the MPM. Again, some may say – the ones who worked should get delegate spots first, again sounds good on the surface but let’s dig deeper again. Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario… if you decided on Friday that you just could no longer take the economic climate we face, the increased presence of government within your life, your paycheck shrinking (if you are fortunate enough to have a job), your taxes increasing, etc… and you said enough is enough – I’m going to go see what the local Republican party has to offer, I want to get involved and help get our country back in order. You had never been involved in the party but you voted Republican your whole life and you show up, they collect $10 from you, explain there are X number of delegate spots for your precinct, most in the double digits & only 5 people showed up to your precinct. Do you think this person deserves to be a delegate? I do! In practice what they did with the merit/point system is tell people that wanted to get involved for the 1st time on Saturday that they could not be a delegate or an alternate because they had no “points” and left double digit OPEN seats with NO delegates in them and awarded seats to others that did not attend and had not asked to be a delegate/alternate based solely on their point system database. This is where the controversy was – along with the fact that a couple of grown men screamed “READ THE BY-LAWS” repeatedly and the Chairman lost complete control of the MPM for a few minutes. I stood up and said, “look, I don’t know this lady, I’ve never met her before, but if we have open seats and she wants to be involved she needs to be put as a delegate and an alternate at the very least. We are in desperate need to grow our party and actions like these discourage new members and will only continue to shrink our party.” I tried to make that point one more time during the chaos and was told all that spoke out against this were just “rabble rousers”. I had never met the lady before that day but it was the principle of it. I spoke with her afterwards and she was a very nice lady who was as shocked as I was – bet she won’t forget her first GOP meeting ever! Another lady had the same thing happen to her at the same meeting.

          Who is Rick Ingram – is he the chair: No, he is not the chair, he is the husband of the 1st Vice Chair. In fairness, both he and his wife have worked very hard for the GOP. As noted above there were some racially charged comments that came from the party that upset (rightfully so) members of the conservative black community within our county. After speaking with the Ingrams about the comments that had been posted – I will say I think in this case it was a case of poor choice of words and I did not get the vibe they are racist or bigots when I spoke with them Saturday. I don’t agree with the statement that was put on fb but I’m giving them the benefit of this not being intentional. However, with that said – I’ve heard from more people of color within the community that were hurt by the comments and still are not happy (rightfully so). I will be speaking with “leadership” in the next couple of days and I will be asking for a swift public apology via press release to the local papers (and anyone else who wants to cover it) to apologize to everyone in the community for the poor choice of words that caused pain to many people within our community.

          ***I am hoping “leadership” will be humbled by this and realize the err of their way and listen to the people and help make right the wrongs witnessed recently within the local party. As it is, these actions/words by the party – I do not recognize this party as the Republican party. The GOP is more than a social club – yes we make friendships along the way but we are there to spread the message of our principles and elect good principled candidates. If we can be friends and have fun along the way, then great but we can never allow a cliquish social club mentality to replace what we are there for! I have seen this against some members of the “liberty” wing in this area in the past and all of the folks within that group were painted with a broad brush based on the perception of a hothead jerk. Most of the folks I’ve met around here within that movement have been nice and respectful and just want to help turn over a better America to our future generations and not be the generation that allowed freedom to die. It is our duty to protect the freedom that has been handed to us from past generations over to future generations as Ronald Reagan reminded us. It was bad enough when the folks in the liberty wing were treated bad due to some paranoia that originated from our party one county over to the west of us (Rockdale) who is in a similar state of disarray as our party is and pulled the same kind of stunt on Saturday, with a “points/merit” system. But now you are attacking your base – you are attacking Ronald Reagan conservatives like myself! You (Newton GOP) are taking advice from the Rockdale GOP who put out bigoted posts about little white planes and shiny black paint in reference to their local D & R candidates AND lost all 8 races in November 2012. Not one victory and you take advice from them? Seriously? It’s just a mess but WE THE PEOPLE are trying our best to reach out to leadership – locally and above to try to resolve this and get our BIG TENT back in order!

  5. debbie0040 says:

    @eschristian, please email on that issue. I believe that conflicts with the State party Call regarding Mass precinct meetings if they did that. Don’t think they were allowed to do that to assign points in order to participate in mass precinct meetings. Would like to investigate that further if true. [email protected]

  6. Jane says:

    You getting one side of the story. People who are present at a mass meeting have priority over those who are not. Plus when You have more people than slots counties often establish a merit based system to select their delegates.

  7. eschristian says:

    The problem is Jane – there were double digit open seats and only a handful that showed up for the precinct. It’s the complete opposite of your scenario. In other words 30 open seats, 5 people show up and only the ones out of the 5 people that showed up that have “points” were allowed to be delegates/alternates. If the people that showed up had no points then they were not seated and in this scenario 25+ open seats were left OPEN. It is insane!

    But apparently – and very shockingly – it is not just happening in Newton & Rockdale. I just saw this and about fell out. I was shocked even more!!!

    “Last week, Michael McNeely was rumored to be considering a run for 1st Vice Chairman. He made that rumor into fact this week when he announced that he decided to go for it.” from above – guess who was voted down 3-2 to not be seated as a delegate with I think it was either 15 or 20 open seats? Michael McNeely, apparently. This is beyond insanity – apparently there was some widespread tyranny amongst our local county GOPs – State GOP we need you to step up and make this right!

    • ryanhawk says:

      “If the people that showed up had no points then they were not seated ”

      Do you mean these “pointless” people were not allowed to participate/vote in their precinct meeting or rather that they were falsely told they could not be chosen as delegates to the upcoming county convention? Either way it would be a violation of the Call and GAGOP… I’m just curious as to what exactly happened.

      • eschristian says:

        @ryanhawk – I just elaborated on the details above if you want to hear a little more of what happened. I was not going to air it all on here but since they sent the 1st Vice Chairs husband on here to speak about it then I guess that means they don’t mind if we go ahead and elaborate further as to what occurred publicly.

        Yes, I have been told this appears to be a violation of the Call and GAGOP. This is from very reliable sources. It gives me hope because good rock solid Republicans have reached out and are helping to get this resolved – hopefully sooner than later. It shows that the problem is with certain parties leadership or a small group of cliquish folks and that the majority of the members of the GOP are still folks with integrity and will speak up to help a fellow Republican when we face issues like this. Gives me hope for the party of Lincoln, Coolidge, Eisenhower & Reagan! Thank you to everyone who has reached out since Saturday to WE THE PEOPLE. 😉

    • Napoleon says:

      Unfortunately Elizabeth, what they did to Michael was allowed by the rules. A points system could work, but it would require people in the precincts by majority vote to not fill the spots. A caucus is a mini-convention where precinct officers and delegates are elected. Usually we don’t go through the formality of election because of the few people, but then it’s basically without objection, all are elected.

      So Newton’s point system could work in this way:

      Bob, Sue and Tim all have the highest rank of 10 points. Bill, Joe and Randy have the lowest, 1 point.

      There are 9 delegate spots. Bob, Sue and Tim tell Bill if he votes with them he will be assured to go to the convention. So they vote 4-2 to only send Bob, Sue, Tim and Bill to the convention and leave the rest blank. However, if Tim didn’t like Bob and Sue and teamed up with Bill, Joe and Randy, they could block Bob and Sue out. So points could be a good guide, but can’t be the sole determining factor as to who goes and who doesn’t.

        • In Michael’s situation in Douglas County, the precinct members took a vote and he did not get a majority of votes. By voting as they did, they are going by the letter of the Party Rules and Robert’s Rules. However, the intention of the open process convention is not to block Republicans from participating in the process. Sometimes Rules are misused.

          • Napoleon says:

            @Debbie, a precinct caucus is a mini-convention. Technically, all of those delegate slots are elected, just normally everything is friendly and no one does formal votes. It becomes a de facto vote passing without objection. However, that does not mean that proper procedure couldn’t be followed and people allowed to vote. So if you have a majority of votes in the precinct, then, outside of a rule modifying Robert’s Rules of Order, you can close a precinct’s delegates to only the people you want.

              • Napoleon says:

                I will add this though, if the county party leaders came to the precinct and told Bob, Sue and Tim they couldn’t elect Joe and Randy because Joe and Randy didn’t have enough points, I think that would be in violation of the rules because, even though there were enough people to legitimately vote down Joe and Randy, it was because of false information.

      • eschristian says:

        I guess you raise another problem then Napoleon – because we were told before we ever broke off into caucuses that the two ladies would NOT be delegates or alternates and it was non-negotiable. Therefore, it should have really been left up to the delegates within their precinct caucus? If I’m understanding correctly and never decided prior to the caucuses – who would be and who would not be delegates or alternates. The Chair had them written on the back of the precinct form – it was predetermined when we arrived. They never told the two ladies that either when they collected their $10.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    @Jane, there were slots left empty. I have had people contact me about it. These are people that attended their first mass meeting and were present so they should have had priority.

    State Call clearly states the precincts caucus and elect their delegates/officers, etc. The members present in the caucus determine how the delegates are selected from their precinct, not the county party officers. If they want to vote and say everyone that is bald is automatically a delegate, they can do that. They also don’t have to write in names of people not present given to them.

  9. jri1515 says:

    I think you misunderstood what someone said. No one was turned away from the mass meeting. I personally made sure of that. Everyone that showed up was welcomed in with open arms. Some new people that came to the meeting did not have points to qualify as a delegate because this was their first event ever. That’s why I volunteered to help them so they can learn how to become involved. Actually I am planning to personally go to thier homes to invite them back and go over the ropes with them as we need their help in our battle.


    Rick Ingram



    —–Original Message—–
    From: Debbie Dooley
    To: Rick
    Sent: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 2:49 pm
    Subject: Re: Mass Meeting Report

    The point system is ok for county committee, delegates to district and state but not participation in the Mass Meetings. The state call clearly states the precincts are to caucus and elect delegates to the county convention. If the precinct votes and says only bald people get to be delegates, that is their right to do so. This did not happen – a point system was used that the county party said had to be used and that is a violation.

    The Republican Party also believes in following the rule of law and Rules.

    I am glad you welcome new people in the party

    From: Rick
    To: [Debbie Dooley]
    Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 2:41 PM
    Subject: Re: Mass Meeting Report

    WOW! That’s terrible. I’m glad I was the greeter at the door yesterday for the Newton Precinct meeting. We had several new people. It was good to see new faces and faces that hadn’t been around for a while even though to overall turnout was light. The new point system that several of the counties has started was confusing to some and will take getting use to. But as Republicans, we are hard workers. We do not accept or should not accept entitlements or “givemes”. We are proud to earn what we deserve. I tried to express to everyone, especially the new faces, that we welcome and invite everyone’s participation. We need everyone’s help. I understand there are times that some cannot be at every meeting and event, as I try to be, due to family, work, transportaion, illness, etc. I have children, raise dogs, and run a small business myself, so I understand how tough it can be, even though I made it happen. When you believe in a cause, you make the time somehow. I beg everyone that is willing to work for the belief of the Republican Party to physically help me in the fight to win our country back. I welcome and invite all, black, white, red, yellow, male, female, young, old, gay, straight, to contact me and I will show them what I have learned in the past year. I am new also. I have been active for a litlte over a year, and I am proud to say most that have participated in Newton County and Rockdale County know my face, if not my name. I was at every event and fundraiser in Newton, most in Rockdale, some in Henry. I attended most meetings in Newton and Rockdale, and even one or two in Dekalb, Henry, and Gwinnett, including several Young Republican meetings in each county. I helped Chris Vaughn with his campaign in all District 4 counties. I believe in participation that can be seen, not heard. I personally know of several that claim they have participated, but I had never seen them. How odd! Because I am a social butterfly whom welcomes and befriends everyone. I approached each person I did not know and volunteered to help them learn the system and therefore be able to work and earn their way up the ladder as I did. I bet you will recognize me once you see my face. I met you at a Gwinnett function at 550 Trackside just before the primary. I plead with all in Newton Couny whom want to help the Republicans take back our country to contact me and help me as a fellow foot soldier.The point system will help us recognize those who really work, not those that just claim to work, to become representatives of our hard working party. Particpants should make sure others recognize they are present and helping. I imagine it is difficult to keep track of everyone’s points without thier help. It is important to sign in at all events and fundraisers, as well as turning in time spent on campaign trails, phone banks, door-to-door visits, etc. It is up to the participant to acknowledge activities. In school, if you did not turn in your homework, you did not get credit. Republicans believe in personal accountability and not entitlements. I hope everyone will understand and be patient with the new system. If I can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Rick Ingram



    —–Original Message—–
    From: Debbie Dooley
    To: [Rick Ingram and others]
    Sent: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 12:01 pm
    Subject: Mass Meeting Report

    Did you have issues participating in the Mass Precinct Meeting yesterday? We have received reports that people were being turned away because they did not have enough points and are investigating. They were not allowed to do that and if true, we are going to challenge it.

    Debbie Dooley

    Board of Directors

    Tea Party Patriots

    Co-Organizer and Co-Founder

    Atlanta Tea Party

    • ryanhawk says:

      Speaking of rope, I’d say you’ve hung yourself. What you describe yourself doing is a clear violation of both the GA GOP rules and the 2013 Convention Call which I assume you published prior to the mass precinct meetings.

        • jri1515 says:

          No. I told you I was a newby. I am still trying to learn myself. But I see what some say about egos and not helping or accepting others in the Republican Party. It seems as though it starts further up than the county level. I truly hope I am wrong and ya’ll help me to understand all the arguing and fighting I see as an outsider trying to come in to help the party that matches my beliefs.

          • debbie0040 says:

            I understand Rick, but you took a private email that clearly showed you guys were in violation of the call and publicly posted it thinking it would harm me, when in fact, you ended up harming the Newton Mass Meeting. You should always find out what the rules/call/ law is before you do what you guys did. It is not just your county party rules you have to look at. You have to look at state rules/call and the law.

            I understand that things are not perfect now and an outsider could come in and take control of the party but you have to make sure you have the outsiders out-numbered. Work to change the law and process. I would love to see being required to sign an oath saying you are a Republican before you participate in the mass precinct process but it would conflict with law.

            • jri1515 says:

              I don’t know you. Why would I want to hurt you. Is that the way you think? I would never hurt anyone. Unless of course they threaten my family. That’s where the second amendment comes in to play. Here again, I see people acceusing. Why are people like this. Care for a nd love each other. Don’t call names and accuse. Welcome all with open arms until you learn a little about them. Then you have the right to make opinions. That is the same thing I have stated about unknowns as delegates. Once we know them and thier principles, then they should be allowed to represent us all. You accused me of trying to harm you. I would probably die to save your life. You have made a blind opinion of me that is totally wrong. At least it was small mistake. What if someone I did not know placed a vote representing me on something I totally did not agre with. Do you see the similarities? Surely you understand? I will lay my life on the line for you. But you would allow the posibilty of someone misrepresenting me?

              Again my name is Rick Ingram and I am proud to be a true American.

              • debbie0040 says:

                Rick, do you think it is ok to break rules (state call) and Georgia law just because of personal opinions ? Would it be ok for someone to drive the wrong way on the road because they did not want to follow the law and rules of the road?

              • eschristian says:

                “Welcome all with open arms until you learn a little about them. Then you have the right to make opinions. That is the same thing I have stated about unknowns as delegates. Once we know them and thier principles, then they should be allowed to represent us all.”

                Rick – seriously? This is the problem. It is not up to the “leaders” in the party to decide who can be delegates or not. I have said it a 1000 times – if you are secure in your message & working your a~~ off to get your people out to the polls, or in this case to the MPM then you don’t fear opposition. And when you allow your fear of opposition to the point of paranoia, then you accidently kick out new members and make your base completely irate! Those two ladies were new and not there to “take over the party”. If you have the right message and show the right actions, which when I say “right” I am referring to following Republican principles and being able to articulate those principles to the people accurately and clearly then you will not lose. When you try to decide for the people and think you know better than the people – you alienate them – this is where ego comes in to play. That is what you call authoritarian, and that type of mentality is anti-Republican.

                @debbie0040 – they actually did have us sign a registration form that had the Republican principles on it when we checked in – saying we agreed to them. I kept a copy and will try to find it later today.

                Rick – if you don’t know who Debbie is – she is a grassroots activist leader and works very hard. No matter who you ask – people on the left, people on the right, or independents would say she works very hard – they would be telling you a lie if they said otherwise, whether they agree with her or not. I doubt she fears that anyone will come into her organization and try to “take it over”. You know why – she works hard, stays true to her organization’s principles and is a LEADER. When you do this – the people will work with you and want to volunteer their time. If someone tried to “take over” her organization then she would just meet it head on and go directly to the people and it would be stopped.

                On the other hand when you become the King George III of the GOP, and think you need to tell people how to think because you know better than them. The people will not work with you and will begin to look to the Declaration of Independence for advice (remember in our early GOP platforms, we speak about the belief in the inalienable rights given to us by our creator and protected by the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and listed within the Declaration of Independence). This spirit of freedom is within our inner being for most Americans – no matter what they say or how they vote – if you dig deep and look at their core beliefs, we are naturally programmed internally to appreciate freedom and rebel against tyranny. Think about it like this – like the old saying goes – you get a lot more bees with honey than you do vinegar!

          • NorthGAGOP says:

            Newbie or not. Common sense says you don’t publish a private email string on a public forum.

            Bad form.

          • eschristian says:

            Rick –

            Look up above @Napoleon’s example – this is what occurred – it is apparently in violation of the rules (and potentially even more from what I’m hearing). I’m not talking to “newby” folks, I’m talking to people that are knowledgeable about our party’s rules.

            This is what happens when you take advice from the Rockdale GOP Chair with an 0-8 record, a spot of paranoia against “Libertarians” (which ends up being anyone that disagrees with his regime), and support of a 5th grade level at best, bigoted story written by the Rockdale GOP representative on the Board of Elections (husband of their 1st Vice Chair) about a “little white plane that got sluggish when it got shiny new black paint on it” and then decides to defend such foolishness and not condemn it.

            I sure don’t know everything, but I know enough to know that if you are doing changes to the by-laws or convention rules – you get the most knowledgeable person you can find, an expert on the rules or an elections lawyer, that can tell you if these changes are legit or not, and whether or not they are in violation of the State GOP’s rules before you roll them out. And you sure don’t use rules as weapons against new people and attack your base for standing up for the people! FYI – publishing private emails like that can be in violation of federal laws.

    • Napoleon says:

      Debbie is 110% correct on this. If Rick Ingram and the Newton County GOP had a rule that assigned points to allow people to sign up as delegates and alternates to the County Convention and, because of that point system, people were not allowed to sign up for open delegate and alternate slots and those slots remained empty, then the Call and State Party Rules were violated. The Newton County GOP convention will be null and void as will any delegates and alternates elected by the county to the district and state convention.

      If I made a blunder as big as Rick just did, I would resign.

      • jri1515 says:

        Resign as what? I do not speak for the Newton County Party as I am not an officer. I am simply one of the hardest working volunteers you can befriend.

        • Napoleon says:

          Sorry. Assumed you were the Chair if you were giving out your number and saying you were willing to talk with people about it. The Chair does need to resign if he/she allowed this to happen.

          But you now know what the rules are.

        • eschristian says:

          Rick – let’s keep it real. You are not an officer but your wife is and the Chairman does not get on facebook. In other words, for some reason they have you out here trying to defend their/your point of view.

          I tried to keep it somewhat vague on here to begin with, only to ask some really smart folks that actually understand the rules their opinion in regards to this matter. Then when you came out, it appears the party “leaders” want this debated in public on Peach Pundit – so I elaborated a few more details to let Debbie & Napoleon know that they have hit the nail on the head and in turn has confirmed that our entire delegation is screwed up because of this silly paranoia about people “taking over the party”. Plenty of folks know me on here and in person and know I am what you consider a Reagan Republican – aka a part of the BASE of the party – and not only did you make the “newbies” mad the other day, you tried to shut down your base!

          I still plan on reaching out to the “leaders” in the party to try and get this resolved, if they are willing to make right the wrongs that have been committed but just know, “The Newton County GOP convention will be null and void as will any delegates and alternates elected by the county to the district and state convention.” is not going to play well with the people! And you can’t blame anybody but yourselves and your friends in the Rockdale GOP “leadership” for this debacle – it played out in front of everyone at the MPM, “leadership” owns this – whether they want it or not!

  10. jri1515 says:

    An open seat should not mean representation by an unknown. How do I know they are not a Democrat in Republican clothing?

    • Napoleon says:

      JRI1515, You don’t know, but that’s the system we have. Anyone can attend a mass precinct meeting and be elected a delegate or alternate to the county convention. If you are worried about Democrats, Libertarians or anyone but true Republicans getting those slots, then you had better do what you can to make sure you get enough old people to show up who can fill those slots before the new people. If you can’t then that’s YOUR fault.

      If you live in a county that denied a person present a delegate or alternate spot over someone who was not there or left it blank, then you have de-legitimized your county party convention. Every delegate elected by that convention to a district or state convention can be refused to be seated. Furthermore, your county elected Party officers can be challenged and thrown out requiring a new convention.

      • jri1515 says:

        Yes you are right. Anyone can attend the mass meetings just like they did in our county. I disagree that you think we should allow Democrats to represent us Republicans. I love all, even Democrats, but I really do not want them representing me. That is why we work so hard as Republicans.

        Rick Inram

        • eschristian says:

          Okay – first of all Rick – you are not helping the situation. You are embarrassing the party even further. Please put the keyboard down and reflect – and for the love of God, please quit posting anything about the Newton County Republican party. I can say as well – this is not just a request from the grassroots but the party would appreciate it as well.

          I don’t hate the party, and don’t want to see it destroyed – if you continue with this foolish attempt at debate that might just happen! I could be a real smart a~~ right now and ask you to tell me who was at the MPM that was a Democrat, since you say there were Democrats there trying to vote as Republicans & seem to know what Democrats “look like”, as you were a part of the early voting debacle that said you “saw Democrats voting” & even came up with a percentage of 60% Dems to 40% GOP – poor independents got left out (wonder what they look like) :-/, what the heck does a Democrat “look like” anyways? BUT please forget I asked that and for everything that is good in the world please don’t answer the question either!

          Okay, just wanted to give an update as I like to keep it real and prefer this gets resolved. I just got off the phone with a member of “leadership” and they HEAR us and ask that we meet with them to try to resolve this problem and talk about ways to get our party back to the principles that make us Republican. I want to see action but this is a positive step towards getting our house in order – cautiously optimistic! 😉

          Thank you Debbie, Napoleon, and everyone else for helping get answers about the rules. We will have to wait and see what the district/state does with this mess but at least it sounds like the local party has heard the grassroots and want to reach out to us – and that is a very good thing. 😉

  11. jri1515 says:

    You say it’s insane that open seats were not given to someone nobody knows. How do we know they are real? Obama was relatively unknown. Look what happened.

    Rick Ingram
    Proud to show my name

  12. Brownd51 says:

    I just have one remark to make about the points system. My precinct has 41 delegates but only 3 showed up and that is the way it has been all year. Scenerio: If 38 people show up to our Mass Precinct meeting from my precinct and we have never seen these people before (they could be demcrates for all we know) and want to be delegates should we allow it. Just because an open seat is available. They could then take over the party. Am I mistaken about this scenrio. This is why the points system was established to make sure that these seats are taken by people who are truely working in the party and not wolves in sheeps clothing. I want ever seat to be taken but that is not possible when people refuse to participate in activities they just want to go to the party. I welcome new comers come to the meetings ,volunteer for the fund raiser, work the campaigns, do your part and then you can come to the ball.

    • debbie0040 says:

      @Brownd51, you don’t get to make up your own rules regarding the Mass Precinct Meetings. You HAVE to follow the state call and state law. It is not about your motives or your wishes. If you don’t like the way the law and state call is set up then work to change it, but you have to follow them while they are in place. You and your allies have to work hard and recruit new people that will vote for leaders you want in place. The ones with the most votes win but you cannot determine the criteria for voters. That is already determined by law and the state call.

      • Napoleon says:

        Let me highlight something in Debbie’s last sentence…”That is already determined by LAW and the state call.”

        State law does comes into play. You just can’t ignore the rules and laws behind those rules because it suits you.

    • eschristian says:

      Okay – I told “leadership” I was going to try to keep things offline until we can all meet up and try and get this resolved and headed back in the right direction but just by the #’s you gave in this scenario… Brownd51 is either Rick’s wife, Rick, or the other lady from that precinct – just keep it real. And please – quit making it worse by trying to defend it!

      Enough has been said. I came on here to get help from other grassroots activists & folks that actually understand the rules. Not to embarrass the party – transparency should not be an embarrassment but comments by some in here trying to defend bad behavior has been embarrassing to the party. It is not helpful to try and defend the debacle. It has been helpful to hear that basically the process was screwed up – now that we know that, even though it is still the opinion of “leadership” that it was legit – I’m going to let the district/state decide that and I think Debbie and Napoleon have stated accurately that it was screwed up but it’s nothing we can do but wait on the 4th District and the GA GOP to sort this mess out and work on fixing the problems from within and move forward. If the party “leaders” are sincere then great, if not then we will let the county convention voters decide in March, their fate.

      And NO I’m not running – some folks think I am but I’m not – I am just not going to watch our local party be destroyed and stray away from Republican principles. If “leadership” is buying time and not serious then I would support an alternative if a viable option is available. They sounded sincere so I am going to hope that they are.

  13. jri1515 says:

    I will be glad to spend time with those at question, tonight if need be, to see if they have true Republican beliefs. Call me with thier numbers, or even better, give them my number. I want everyone envolved. We need TRUE support. I do highlight the word TRUE. Meaning proven. I don’t even mind Democrats helping, but let me know who and what they are before I blindly trust them.

    Rick Ingram
    Proud Republican and true American

  14. jri1515 says:

    Yes. They are all welcome. Even Dems. But let me know who you are before you represent my beliefs. We need the young involved, but most will not come help. I offer a friendly and welcomed challenge to come help me.

    Rick Ingram

  15. Napoleon says:

    Rick, how about because it’s THE RULES. It’s not about insanity, it’s about FOLLOWING THE RULES. The Rules say it. You DO it. If you don’t do it, you don’t get to play. Also, there is a name for people who ignore the rules when it doesn’t fit them or stands in the way of their goals: DEMOCRATS.

    I think you have shown you are the one who is, in fact, in the wrong party.

  16. jri1515 says:

    Our rules state that delegates are elected by the merit system. Play nice. You do not have to call me names. Especially when you go by the name Napoleon. What is your real name? You know mine. I want to be your friend. There is no reason for name calling. Especially when you do not know me.

    Rick Ingram

    • Napoleon says:

      Your county rules cannot violate state party rules or the convention call, which, they appear to do. Like I said above, I am sorry, but figured you were the Chair by virtue of the fact you wanted people to call you. If you are simply a volunteer then you cannot be held responsible, though ignorance is never an excuse for violating the law and the Rules are the Law of the Party.

      Don’t think for a second that you are the first one to grapple with the issue of making sure Republicans are not out numbered by Democrats, but I know for a fact that the rules, as they are currently written, are the best that can be done without violating RNC rules and/or State law.

    • jri1515 says:

      Hey Napoleon. Sorry if I insulted you. That was not my intention. All I want is to bring the Republican Party together as one and help stop all the discontent and arguing that I see as a new person to the scene. No wonder we have a leader like Obama. Republicans cannot stand together and it seems most do not even know who believes what. Why is it so hard for everyone to get along?

      • Napoleon says:

        I understand the Rick, that’s why I said I was sorry to you in two posts. The fault is with the leadership of your county party. Debbie has also been around the party long enough to know the concerns about non-Republicans, not just becoming party leaders, but running for office as Republicans to trick voters.

        In the end, what needs to happen is focused party recruitment. We don’t do that as much as we used to, but that doesn’t negate the rules.

        Let’s say we have a precinct with 6 delegate slots. We all are from the same precinct so at the mass meeting, you, me, and Debbie shows up. There are also three new people, Bill, Hillary and Barack. I also brought the names of three people to add to the list, Ronald, George and Mitt. We all know all three as strong Republicans, but they couldn’t make it this morning so they asked me to fill in their names.

        As new people, Bill, Hillary and Barack would have no points in your system. So we start filling out the slots:

        1. Napoleon
        2. Debbie
        3. Rick

        The next three slots HAVE to, under party rules, go to:

        4. Bill
        5. Hillary
        6. Barack

        I can fill the first three alternate spots with:

        1. Ronald
        2. George
        3. Mitt

        Now, if those three had shown, and we had 9 people for 6 slots, then you, me, Debbie, Ronald, George and Mitt could out vote the other 3 new people, but, they would still have to be alternates.

        That’s because the purpose of a mass meeting is to establish the membership, so, you can’t really qualify membership when none yet exists. Remember, the Convention is the highest governing authority in the Party. The County Committee governs between conventions, but is a lower body. I understand you had good intentions, but we all also know that they also pave the path to Hell.

  17. Harry says:

    Sounds like some precincts are given too many delegate slots to assign. On the other hand, I’ve grown jaded and personally no longer participating. The GOP was traditionally from inception a grass roots, bottom-up party. There are forces at work in both parties to change the rules at national, state and local level to influence results and cultivate top-down command and control for whatever reasons.

  18. Harry says:

    A Billy Graham prayer:
    ‘Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good,’ but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn and called it choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable… We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem. We have abused power and called it politics. We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition. We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment. Search us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from sin and set us free. Amen!’

  19. jri1515 says:

    I believe the problem is that the upper management of the state party does not know how to solve problems and bring people together. In MY OPINION, this is the problem. I have enjoyed the discussion and would love to meet everyone. I represent the real people, not the politicians. Thank you Harry. You quoted some great points.

    • We don’t know how to bring people together at the State party? Newton County just blocked people due to their inexperience. It was not that long ago that I walked into a precinct meeting for the first time. I was scared to death and I had no idea what was going on. Thankfully, the Bulloch County GOP members took time to explain the process to me and asked me to get involved.

      The GAGOP has an open convention process. To exclude someone due to inexperience is plain wrong.

      –Lawton Sack, GA-12 GAGOP Chair and GAGOP Executive Committee Member

      • eschristian says:

        As a Republican in Newton County, who spoke up immediately because I knew this wrong as it was going down. As a lifelong member of our party’s base – the rock solid Ronald Reagan wing of the party I must say….

        +16 trillion (like Obama’s debt – LOL) @Lawton Sack (GATA Eagles!)’s response!

        I guarantee you it is NOT the GA GOP’s fault (upper management or otherwise)!

  20. jri1515 says:

    My name is Rick Ingram. I love my county, I love my state, and I love my people. Let no man or woman speak ill of them. We live in what once was the greatest country on this planet. Let us not lose it due to egos and entitlements.

      • Vicki says:

        Hey, if Sue Everhart now gets to willy-nilly declare Precinct Mass Meeting votes to be invalid and to just declare that people are hereby anointed as delegates (as she did for the McNeelys – see story linked to below), will she be tipping her scepter in the direction of all the folks who were denied delegate status under this (BLATANT violation of the rules) “point system”?–McNelly-headed-to-GOP-convention-in-spite-of-controversy

        • debbie0040 says:

          My understanding is that Newton nor Rockdale held a valid mass precinct meeting. Precincts did not elect delegates to the county convention as was required by the state call. This means if they hold a county convention there wil be no duly elected delegates to vote to elect officers and elect delegates to the district and state conventions. The Newton County GOP Point system elected the delegates and that was a violation. I think a do-over is what is necessary. A new mass precinct meeting supervised by the district/state party.

  21. Were the delegate and alternate positions to the County Convention voted on in each individual precinct in Newton County? The County Party cannot set up “rules” that fly in the face of Robert’s Rules of Order or that do not allow the precincts to take a majority vote in each Precinct. Each precinct has the right to vote on its own Rules, elect officers, and to vote on Delegates and Alternates. The GAGOP is open to anyone who is a resident of their precinct and holds Republican values. We cannot add additional requirements, such as being on a certain committee, membership status, paying Party dues, points, etc.

    –Lawton Sack, GA-12 GAGOP Chair and GAGOP Executive Committee Member

  22. jri1515 says:

    Finally, someone that knows what they are talking about!
    I can personally say no one was turned away from the meeting. If there should be any complaint, it should be that I hugged every woman and shook the hand of every man that entered. I dare anyone to face me and say otherwise. But let it be to my face. Do not allow them to say otherwise without facing me or you will be as guilty as them of lying. I take this as a personal attack against me as I was the person at the door welcoming everyone. This is me talking as I am not representing my friends in Newton County or the Republican Party. NO ONE WAS TURNED AWAY FROM THE NEWTON COUNTY MASS MEETING. ALL WERE WELCOMED TO ENTER. This is not a political issue any more. I take this as a personal attack upon my good, loving nature, and with you as my witness, challenge anyone that states otherwise to face me in front of you and lets see who the real liar is! I hate to us the word liar, because it is harsh and mean. But the truth is the truth. Do you accept my challenge, or are you going to let the lie go on. If you want to be a leader, act like one. It’s about time leaders of our party step forward and make people accountable. Leave the drama behind and choose true leaders to take control. I love my county, I love my state, and love the people around me. I fear no man, but have to respect all women. I think we need more participation and need to physically see those who lead us or claim to lead us. I am new but it doesn’t take long to see how some hide from visibilty but do not hesitate to speak badly of others. In the old days, my grandfather used to call it “Hiding behind your mothers skirt.” I have nothing to hide, but it seems some do!


    Rick Ingram

    • eschristian says:


      If this was directed at me…

      You may be taking this personally but no one is attacking you personally. Frankly, it’s not about you – never was. It’s about what occurred as a party on Saturday.

      I only stood up against blatant abuse of the GA GOP rules/Call & election laws. It’s called integrity – standing up for what is right even when it is speaking out against your own party. I did it because I care about the Newton GOP and know the importance of self-governance.

      As far as, participation – physically and otherwise – find anyone that will dispute the sweat equity and money that I have contributed – locally and other levels of the GOP since 2007! And not once have I asked to be reimbursed for anything – I did it because I love my country and my party (at least as it was founded upon).

  23. Jane says:

    Party organizations of both major parties require participants to agree to the values and principals of the party. Few disagree with that. The question is how strict should you be in requiring the potential leader in party to be active in the party. As long as the rules are well understood and do not necessarily disadvantage one ideological wing of the party versus another wing of the party, I do not have a problem with what several counties did this year. Requiring past participation, and requiring that potential party leaders do not have a history of giving money or endorsing people of another party is reasonable.

    Some delegate to Tampa last year endorsed a non-Republican for president after the convention. Should they be elected as Republican party leaders in a party they refuse to support?

    • debbie0040 says:

      @Jane, we are not talking about delegate to the district, State or national convention. The point system could apply in those cases. We are talking about delegates to the county convention and being able to caucus in your precinct. The Newton county GOP did NOT have the authority to over rule the state call.

      Here is the criteria in the State Call to participate in the Mass Precinct Meeting and I don’t see Newton County Point system anywhere in it.:
      1. ALL qualified resident registered voters in Georgia who believe in the principles of the Republican party and supports its aims and purposes. (Saying someone looks like a Libertarian doesn’t cut it to disqualify someone unless you want to open yourself up for a lawsuit)

      The call goes on to say that the Georgia Republican Party seeks the largest participation in the mass precinct meeting.

      Point number 1 , 2nd paragraph clearly states : “In precincts which meet rule 9.2 Mass Meeting, the delegates aned alternates allocated to the county convention from a particular precinct SHALL BE elected by the resident, registered voters IN ATTENDANCE in that precinct. Notice it does NOT say elected by a point system of the county party.
      If you go further down to point number 7 it states , ” All delegates and alternates to the county convention MUST be elected from within the precinct in which they reside. “

      • debbie0040 says:

        @Jane, everyone has raised valid points about the need to change the way things are done but we need to work to change it by changing the state law and rules/call. We can’t just decide to change it on our own

        The Newton County GOP could have just had people sign sworn oaths saying they believe in the principles of the Republican party and supports its aims and purposes as that was in the call as a criteria.

  24. Napoleon says:

    @Jane, the answer is not to make rules to exclude, but to grow your party organization to outnumber. While we are complaining on another thread about what happened to Michael McNeely as being petty and shameful, what happened to him did not violate any rules. It should also be a lesson for Michael…bring as many people to the meeting as you can. I know we don’t expect problems in the mass meetings, but the old Boy Scout motto is “Be prepared.”

  25. Charuth Cutestory says:

    From my understanding both Newton and Rockdale counties both asked people for money at the precinct mass meetings, then proceeded to not really do a vote. It seemed like the higher ups in those counties’ parties were trying to tell people who they should vote for. This is not right. Having some sort of merit system to my knowledge is not part of the state GOP rules. What that does is exclude the many grassroots new comers that are angry at the direction this country is going in. We need grassroots participation also if the GOP is to survive. I am not sure how we are supposed to grow the GOP from the grassroots level when new comers are shut out of the process, particularly since we are no longer in the era of ‘hold your nose and vote’. The Tea Party/Liberty/Ron Paul people, whatever they are being called these days (and who ever it is that Karl Rove has declared war on) seem to be content to sit out elections if they are turned off by what is going on in the GOP. Haven’t we learned anything from the McCain and Romney losses? You do not grow a party by rejecting people. These are tax paying law abiding citizens who need to have a say in the process and who is elected, they should not be ignored. It seems as though a small few in the GOP are more concerned about holding on to power rather than making sure that principled individuals (newcomers or not) can have an effect on correcting the problems in this country. I am sorry Mr. Ingram, you sound sincere but if there are people in the GOP actively seeking to take people’s money then suppress their vote, then it becomes necessary to speak ill of at least their actions.

  26. jri1515 says:

    Now that the letters have been sent and possibly received, most of the truth will be realized. I must say it was enjoyable feeding and toying with the gossiping egos.
    It was like feeding Koi in a pond and watching the fish lips hit the surface. It just proved that a lot of people involved in politics don’t have a clue what the truth is. They are simply board and like to hear themselves.

    Rick Ingram

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