Your Daily derp…

In the Peach Pundit Daily this morning was this item:

“Trigger Bill Gets Hearing: The AJCs Wayne Washington does an excellent job explaining the complexities of State Rep. Ed Lindsey’s “Parent Trigger Bill” which would allow parents to petition to change failing traditional public schools into charter public schools. Under the proposal, local school boards would be forced to “consider” such petitions -but not required to approve them. Opponents of the legislation say the bill would “lessen the authority of local school boards.” (And a thunderous cheer arose from the parents of DeKalb County… ) This educational reform proposal is a top priority for School Choice advocates, and bears watching.”

-Except somebody hit “send” without including the actual links to the AJC story and the legislation itself in the newsletter -so they are included above and well worth reading.

We regret the error and blame others.


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