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We haven’t done this enough lately, but I’d like to bump a comment from yesterday’s post on a proposed City Of Lakeside to the front page for better viewing and discussion.  It is from commenter “bgsmallz” – who you may note I frequently but usually politely disagree with on the stadium issue (don’t threadjack to that issue here).  It draws the discussion from a “what if” concept to a “how to” action plan. 

Just as an FYI…I love the idea, but whoever drew their map was drunk.  Splitting Sagamore Hills, cutting Tucker in half, drawing in the commercial areas on the north side of 85, drawing a line on Pleasantdale Road and leaving several thousand residents on an island between their city and the county line, etc.

What they need to do, IMHO, is to think bigger…find folks from Smokerise, Druid Hills, Emory, Sagamore, Lakeside, Tucker, etc.  Get a huge group.  Then get a study done on the whole area with an some breakouts of commercial and residential communities included.  Then work together on boundaries of multiple cities(if necessary) within that area.   There are always criticisms of these things…but with most of the other cities, there was at least reasonable attempts at stopping at interstates, not dividing neighborhoods, not leaving areas cut off from their service provider, etc. 

The issue they are risking dropping a map like this is alienating the folks in Tucker and the Druid Hills crowd.  That’s bad on two counts…

First, precincts like Midvale Elem, Smokerise Elem, Tucker, Hugh Howell…all heavy GOP/Conservative.  You want to divide them up and leave them in unicorporated DeKalb while asking the GOP supported legislature to help you do that?  Dumb.

Second, alienate Druid Hills at your own peril.  They vote Dem and have influence. Fernbank and Druid Hills HS vote heavy Dem.  Sagamore, Lakeside, and Oak Grove were split 50/50 over Obama/Romney.   I’m sure they are as fed up with DeKalb as most everyone else, but I still think (and maybe I’m nuts) that many of those folks would jump at the chance to be part of the city of Atlanta or city of Decatur, officially. I’m sure either municipality would love to have Emory and Druid Hills.  Plus, they could form their own little city with the type of residential and commercial they have.


  1. griftdrift says:

    “Second, alienate Druid Hills at your own peril.”

    Exactly right. Although, I’ll caveat that with their power ain’t what it used to be. Although when you consider “used to be” was a level of power that stopped the DOT in their tracks, they still have some swing.

  2. Ghost of William F Buckley says:

    Very good pol points from someone who is clearly and keenly aware of DeKalb government dynamics.

    I want to see a clear and convincing effort to eliminate the CEO form of governance in DeKalb, concurrent with new cityhood initiatives.

    The ‘us against them’ mentality between new and existing cities and Big County governance is going to increase, much to the detriment of ALL. Right now cities are doing OK, but unless the Court system is strong, their success is going to be held back.

    If I were King, I would also re-structure/streamline DeKalb’s multiple layers of entersecting Courts.

    Maybe one on my smart Reps could look into all that?

    • bgsmallz says:

      I’m not sure you can ever use the word ‘clearly’ when talking about an understanding of DeKalb gov’t dynamics…but thanks to you and, presumably, to Charlie, for the positive feedback on the contribution.

  3. chamblee54 says:

    1- Can we change the law to require a super majority to create a new city?
    2- I hope that the effort to create Lakeside is more pleasant than the creation of Brookhaven.
    3- There are probably better names for the new town than Lakeside. The lake is small and polluted, and the town might mirror that.

  4. Left Turn Only says:

    This trend is so sad to me. As long as we are all in the same political mix together we’re forced to work together. When we separate ourselves by creating little tribal cities, it’s easier to throw stones at each other. Look at Fulton. The Whites have been plotting a coup for years, hoping to route the Blacks from county government. Now, through the use of political gerrymandering, they have the delegation and are on the cusp of winning. (Don’t try to hide behind the Repubs vs Dems – in reality it’s like 1964 never happened.) This is no way to foster cooperation. It only fosters resentment, and obscene spectacles like Edward Lindsey’s rants during reapportionment (where he was clearly outclassed in all respects by the classy Stacey Abrams) will be long remembered. Can’t we all just get along? As for me, I will resist the new “city” as best I can.

  5. ThatcherQueen says:

    Do we need a repeat of the city of Decatur, pray tell? High taxes and Nazi police force? The only reason for a city is a community of interest. And Lakeside has no interest with Druid Hills, Cynthia McKinney-electing liberals. A new city is for one purpose: a more efficient, local government. By any means necessary. Druid Hills voters vote more and bigger every time. They can have Decatur and Obama.

  6. Dave Bearse says:

    Bgsmallz is correct concerning the boundary. It leaves a one-quarter mile wide two-mile long finger between Pleasantdale Rd and Gwinnett County consisting largely of apartments and modest townhomes. It cherry picks Executive Park on Clairmont west of I-85 just like Brookhaven tired to do. It also includes a good size chunk of 100% commercial property along the north side of Lawrenceville Highway that is separated by CSXT from the rest of the Lakeside.

    Pronponet’s greed evidenced in the proposed boundaries is so blatant that they’ve lost presumption that the proposal is made in good faith. The presumption should be that Lakeside is a bad idea, and the burden of proof be on proponents to prove otherwise, before a referendum is authorized.

    Any other new north DeKalb city needs to be done in the context of study that includes the entire northern portion of the county, if not the entire county.

    As a side note, the GaGOP House gerrymander of DeKalb County means a lot of House seats are within or very near the proposed city limits.

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