Morning Reads for Friday, February 8, 2013

Truett Cathy and Herman Russell selected as Georgia Trustees.
Reince Priebus was in town, courtin’ Black Republicans.
– Speaking of Reince, he made a recent acquisition.
– Is Michelle Nunn eyeing Saxby’s empty seat?
– Try out Hershel’s new restaurant the next time you’re in Athens.
Guess who owes the most to the City of Atlanta for overdue water bills?
– Is this a complementary article on the South or not? Paging Hassinger, Mike Hassinger…
Asteroid to pass VERY close next Friday. That gives you a week to clean the stores out of milk and bread, folks.

Run away! Run away!
Chicago police changing their response to 911 calls.
– Texas is running radio ads inviting California businesses to move to a more “business-friendly” climate. Plus, I’m pretty sure the Chicken Fried Steak is much better there, as well.
– Are folks finally paying more attention?
– Defense Secretary LeonPanetta on who said what while the 9/11 Benghazi attack unfolded.
– Again, run away! Run away!
Roger Stone may run for governor of Florida. What could go wrong?
– Will Google jiggle like jello?
Nanny Bloomberg at it again.
China and Japan are playing chicken.

Random Everywhere:
Reg Presley of The Troggs passed away this week. (Altogether now, Wild Thing, You make my heart sing, You make everything groovy, Wild Thing)
Andre Cassagnes, the inventor of the Etch A Sketch, died as well.
– Call Mickey 911. Disney is in the throes of a merchandizing hallucination.


    • Charlie says:

      This is morning reads, which as a reminder to all is an “open thread”.

      That means you get to talk about what you want here – political or not political – and free of the threat of me bashing you repeatedly for threadjacking.

      Carry on.

  1. John Vestal says:

    Did we miss this news? (h/t Todd and

    We now have a “Georgia Republican Assembly”, chartered by the NFRA.

    Charter members/officers….

Julianne Thompson – President
    ■ Kay Godwin – National Director
Josh McKoon – National Director
Heather Alvarez – Vice President
Pat Tippett – Secretary
Debbie Whelchel – Treasurer
Jason Thompson
    ■ Ralph Hudgens
    ■ Suzanne Hudgens
    ■ Byron Alvarez
    ■ Nickie Summers
    ■ Jason Spencer
    ■ Terri Green
    ■ Shannon Ryle Brown
Linda Gail Dennison
    ■ Cameron Harrellson
    ■ Robert Irvin
Melaney Spencer
    ■ Debbie Dooley
    ■ Kathy Hildebrand
Judy Craft
Chip Pearson
    ■ U.D. Roberts
    ■ Carolyn Garcia

    Maybe we can get more on this group from a contributor or two listed above?

  2. gcp says:

    Two useless activities not mentioned: a protest at the Smyrna Glock factory led by Revs. Hutchins and McDonald and the upcoming College Park “gun buyback.”

  3. Nonchalant says:

    I congratulate our new selectees to the revitalized Board of Trustees and hope they will turn their attention to finally getting our silkworm industry going. It’s been too long, we can wait no longer.

    Of course, we could just waste the effort on something like Solyndra.

    • Nonchalant says:

      As far as the Trustees helping Georgia be an asylum once more for convicts–given the number of laws in states like California, where you most assuredly are breaking one rule or the other on any given day, through no mischief of your own, we should fully adopt what Texas is doing in being an “asylum for manknd”, and welcome the refugees.

  4. analogkid says:

    As usual, RedState gets it wrong. If one supports free markets, then one should logically support net neutrality.

    ISPs (e.g., AT&T, Comcast) already charge their customers for access to the internet. The rates charged are based on the size of the pipe provided. Faster transmission of data equals higher cost to the end user and more revenue for the ISP. Nothing wrong with that… However, that is the point at which the revenue stream should end.

    The idea that an ISP should be able to charge its end users for the pipe and then simultaneously charge content providers (e.g., Google, Facebook) for the bandwidth that their own end users consume while accessing such content is absurd.

    Red State is arguing not only against free markets, but also against its own self interest. Ironically, if the courts overturn the FCC’s net neutrality regulations, Red State will soon be receiving bills from AT&T and Comcast, which, while hilarious, would be a terrible outcome.

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