Morning Reads for Thursday, Feb 7

Gooood morning! from Dallas, Texas.  A big hello to Julie S. who reads PP regularly – we volunteered on a campaign together prior to her moving to Dallas, and I still haven’t been able to squeeze in a coffee :/  Happy Thursday, everyone!


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  1. John Vestal says:

    From the “credit where credit’s due” department….

    Last night on WSBRadio, Erick really tried to corner Paul Broun in regard to his now-famous “pit of hell” comments, as well as how he’ll respond when faced with the inevitable types of questions that make the Akins and Murdocks of U.S. politics pop stoopid pills. Each time, however, Broun immediately ducked/dodged and went back to talking economy and jobs.

    Not that focusing on those issues aren’t vastly more important….they are…..but once you’ve been seen in public wearing clown shoes and a big round nose, people are going to want to know where they are now.

    Good job, Erick.

    • xdog says:

      If he didn’t get an answer, why the ‘good job’?

      Did he ask about Broun’s views on Obama and the Soviet constitution?

      • John Vestal says:

        Maybe “good effort” is a better descriptor. Erick tried to get him to answer twice before going to a break, and yet AGAIN after coming back……which, honestly, was more than many (much less someone like Erick who also describes himself as an ‘evangelical’) would have done.

        • xdog says:

          Sorry, didn’t mean to get picky about terms. It just struck me that Erickson would be more likely to lob softballs than not to Broun.

        • Noway says:

          Would loved to have had Erick cut him off after repeated non answers, explaining to him on the air that if he chooses not to answer a direct question, he’s not welcome on the show. The audience would have loved it and that would be all the blogosphere and political junkies like us would be talking about. It would have brought that idiot to the forefront right now, exposing him for the crackpot, pandering sleaze that he is. And that question would be the only one he’d be receiving from here on out and he’s be out of the race in a week.

    • Rhyming is Stefan’s Tuesday gig; mine is seemingly “overkill”. Just helping him out while he’s out of town. I’ve got his back like a sweater.

      Comically, he was so excited about his photo with a rhino. I told him I don’t see what’s special or new about it and replied back with a photo of him and Charlie….

  2. drjay says:

    so does everyone think broun is really all in here, or does the timing give him a chance to bow out gracefully and run for reelection, if the wind just isn’t blowing his way for this seat fundraising and polling wise this time next year..

  3. Hays prison isn’t in Forsyth County, it’s in Chattooga. And a new warden (who was warden there before) isn’t enough to stop a ticking time bomb.. Four inmate murders at or related to Hays in the last two months and multiple guard stabbings, inmates who wander the prison at night because of broken cell door locks and gangsters who organize drug deals and hits from behind bars using cell phones provided by prison employees. We need a lot of state and maybe national attention on this disaster prison before there’s a mass escape.

    — LU

    • mountainpass says:

      Forsyth is the town. It has the Corrections headquarters located there.

      The real problem with the prisons is they are don’t pay well and as a result are understaffed.

  4. Rick Day says:

    ProTip: do not party on The West Side” it is all touristy.

    Party in Deep Ellum, where fun is “genteel-edgy”.

    Need too get back there and see the folks soon….

        • mpierce says:

          Why not convert the grant to a loan for those under 3.0? There should be a reasonable minimum standard for the free money.

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