Did you hear about the new City of Lakeside in DeKalb?

Yes, Peach Pundit Daily had this in our subscribers’ email boxes this morning. Yes, we are pimping our newsletter. So?

Another new DeKalb City in the works? Oh, yes. The Lakeside City Alliance is looking to determine if a new city in central and western DeKalb is “necessary and feasible.” With a school system on the brink and a County CEO under investigation and property taxes going up AND sales taxes going up -Lakeside City will have more voter anger behind it than did Brookhaven or Dunwoody. 

You know what you should do.


  1. DeKalb Wonkette says:

    Don’t know who is angrier but as a resident of the proposed incorporation, I couldn’t be happier.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Pimping isn’t the proper term because the newsletter hasn’t yet appeared to be a prostitute. It’s hard to articulate why, but my guess would be that Mike Hassinger has a larger role in preparing it than most PP posters. (which is not to say that all posters have a role).

  3. bgsmallz says:

    Just as an FYI…I love the idea, but whoever drew their map was drunk. Splitting Sagamore Hills, cutting Tucker in half, drawing in the commercial areas on the north side of 85, drawing a line on Pleasantdale Road and leaving several thousand residents on an island between their city and the county line, etc.

    What they need to do, IMHO, is to think bigger…find folks from Smokerise, Druid Hills, Emory, Sagamore, Lakeside, Tucker, etc. Get a huge group. Then get a study done on the whole area with an some breakouts of commercial and residential communities included. Then work together on boundaries of multiple cities(if necessary) within that area. There are always criticisms of these things…but with most of the other cities, there was at least reasonable attempts at stopping at interstates, not dividing neighborhoods, not leaving areas cut off from their service provider, etc.

    The issue they are risking dropping a map like this is alienating the folks in Tucker and the Druid Hills crowd. That’s bad on two counts…

    First, precincts like Midvale Elem, Smokerise Elem, Tucker, Hugh Howell…all heavy GOP/Conservative. You want to divide them up and leave them in unicorporated DeKalb while asking the GOP supported legislature to help you do that? Dumb.

    Second, alienate Druid Hills at your own peril. They vote Dem and have influence. Fernbank and Druid Hills HS vote heavy Dem. Sagamore, Lakeside, and Oak Grove were split 50/50 over Obama/Romney. I’m sure they are as fed up with DeKalb as most everyone else, but I still think (and maybe I’m nuts) that many of those folks would jump at the chance to be part of the city of Atlanta or city of Decatur, officially. I’m sure either municipality would love to have Emory and Druid Hills. Plus, they could form their own little city with the type of residential and commercial they have.

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