Morning Reads Wednesday 6 February

So I’ve been asked to fill in for Ron for morning reads, hopefully I’ll be able to fill those shoes. If I miss anything good please forgive me, I’m still new. I don’t think I’ll have the same kind of musical selection but I’ll at least attempt to find a good one.



Real Clear Politics talks Democratic chances for the Georgia Senate Race – and talked to 3 Peach Pundit Contributors to talk about it.

Ethics are a theme at the state level but apparently not so much for Atlanta.

MARTA having secret meetings? Well only technically.

There may be a referendum to continue a Chattahm county SPLOST that expires on 30 September.

Things aren’t looking too peachy for Tyrone Brooks at the moment.

Columbus is a Renaissance City? I guess I should visit, does anyone know if Don Giovanni is playing?

Kyle Wingfield may be onto something with his definition of a lobbyist.



Pentagon considers extending benefits to same sex domestic partners.

The Justice Department is suing S&P, presumably they are responsible for the financial crisis.

More light into Obama’s legal mindset involving drone attacks, Al Qaeda, and American citizens.

Sequestration a problem? The CBO says we’re doing better.

The DHS director continues to not make friends across the aisle.

The Solomon Islands experience an Earthquake then a Tsunami.

Ted Nugent and Piers Morgan, Enjoy.


International/ Other

A Monopoly piece will be replaced, don’t worry the Top Hat is safe.

The French are capable of winning a war?

The British parliament approves of gay marriage.

It really didn’t work out well for Argentina last time but they will apparently try again.

Given history, this won’t last long.


As for music I leave you with Sirius Black’s theme song courtesy of Bon Jovi. If you haven’t read or seen the 5th Harry Potter, that reference makes no sense. For those of you that have, enjoy the laugh.


    • D_in_ATL says:

      No doubt that discrimination has had it’s place as a truly american ideal. I would hope that the Boy Scouts can work beyond that and instill some true american virtues in these kids instead.

      • Jackster says:

        Well Discrimination is more a part of the human condition than an american value. I hope you are willing to praise the scouts for their actions and vision, if indeed they publicly change their policy.

        your post here seems to indicate some latent hatred for an organization that supports children and families throughout the nation.

        Also, keep in mind, the individual boys are products of their local communities and the program. If you are a part of a very conservative church based troop, that has more to do with your views on gay leaders and boys than the national BSA corporate entity.

        • D_in_ATL says:

          Not sure where you get the idea I have latent hatred; I’m guessing that its merely because I disagree with you.

          Anyway, I was a scout and yes it was fun. But unless your a member of Westboro Baptist Church I can’t see how a policy of exclusion instills anything other than fear in these kids. My generation (perhaps yours) grew up treating gays poorly. I don’t see any redeeming quality in that. It’s completely different now, and I can see a positive difference in my kids and how they treat others because they just don’t concern themselves with these differences.

          If the scouts truly wish to foster good character in kids then they should stop forcing this issue.

          • Three Jack says:

            How many boys that are age eligible for the Boy Scouts actually know they are gay? And if somehow a boy has already determined this sexual preference, would it not seem a bit odd for him to skip dance class in order to camp out in the nasty old woods with a bunch of heterosexual boys?

            • Lea Thrace says:

              Wow. So homosexual males are only ever interested in dance class and other seemingly feminine things?

              I truly hope that was a joke on your part.

  1. Noway says:

    Although not in the reading list, the post office is doing away with Saturday delivery. That’s not enough. Mail should be delivered Mon, Wed and Fri and that’s it. We wouldn’t miss it one bit.

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