McBerry endorses Broun

Going after the votes of young women… one at a time. Lord, I apologize.

From Ray McBerry:

A Great Candidate for US Senate Announces!

A number of you have asked me over the past six months to consider running for the U.S. Senate seat which has been held by the traitorous Saxby Chambliss. I have been quietly urging a better candidate to run for this office for more than a month now; and today I am able to publicly announce that Georgia has a GREAT candidate for US Senate in my friend, Congressman Paul Broun. Please enthusiastically throw your support and money behind this champion of the Constitution from Georgia!

For Georgia First,



  1. polpol says:

    Gentlemen (and gentleladies) start your engines, the race is about to begin and sitting in the pole position is……..WOW! are we in for some political theatre over the next gizillion months….

  2. Toxic Avenger says:

    Well that settles it, folks. When Ray McBerry endorses you, your candidacy is good as gold. That’s why Ray McBerry is so well-respected in the Republican Party, and holds basically every office he possibly can. With an undefeated record, and absolutely no molester jokes to his name, Ray “The Kingmaker” McBerry is all that matters in the 2014 Senate Race.

  3. northside101 says:

    For those interested in the race for Broun’s successor, some info on CD 10 (under its current boundaries):

    –Voted Republican in every statewwide partisan contest in 2010, from about two-thirds of the vote for Isakson in the Senate race to 61 percent for Sam Olens in attorney general contest.

    –Romney 62%, Obama 36%, Johnson (Libertarian) 1% last November

    —In the March 2012 presidential primary, the current 10th CD gave Gingrich 54%, Romney 21%, Santorum 19% and Ron Paul 6%. This was Gingirch’s #1 district in percentage in that contest., even better than in CD 9 (52%), Doug Collins’ Gainesville-centered district which is easily the state’s most heavily Republican congressional district (78% Romney last fall).

    —There is no dominant county in the 10th CD in terms of the GOP primary—no county that makes up half or even a third of the district’s total votes. In the March pres primary, Walton County accounted for 17% of the district’s total primary votes (13,302 of the 79,983 votes cast by the district), followed by the Gwinnett portion with 10% (8,089 votes), Barrow third with 9% (7,225 votes) and Henry fourth with 8% (6,441 votes). The smallest county in the district? Taliaferro along I-20 between Lake Oconee and Augusta, the state’s least populated county with less than 2,000 people–only 141 GOP primary votes.

    –District last November had about 393,000 active registered voters, 23% black, 68% white, !5 each Asian and Hispanic and 7% “others” (multiracial, no race lsited, etc)

  4. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    I am surprised. I thought McBooty was going to endorse Jeff Sexton, a/k/a The Dark Knight. LOL.

    • Jeff says:

      Glad someone still remembers me from the old life. You may forget about me now. Both these guys are y’all’s problems now – I’ve moved on. Though this does tell me all I need to know about Broun.

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