Morning Reads for Tuesday, Feb 5

Stefan is the bard who can rhyme,

But he’s out of the country, so I’ll try this time,

The calendar is full with high-profile legislation,

the economists are shocked by their miscalculation.

Authorities storm the bunker and rescue the little boy,

9 students were arrested over the flinging of bok choy,

It’s not over – the TSPLOST debate,

Rep Brockway sends a weekly legislative update,

The House passed HB57 outlawing synthetic marijuana,

According to Forbes, the South will rise again – oh yes, we’s a gonna.

Coke uses an algorithm to engineer it’s OJ,

The House seat for District 21 will thankfully be filled today.

Manufacturing is up, a rise in January,

You’re better off than these folks – no need to be wary.

Mayor Reed says, “No, thanks. I’m not running for Senate.”

Menendez says, “No, ma’am. I definitely was not in it.”  (too much?)

p.s.  No joke – that’s a lot harder than it looks.  High five for doing it weekly, Stefan


  1. bowersville says:

    From the mdjonline article on the economy in Bridgett’s links:

    “One of those factors was a 22.2 percent drop in defense spending, the largest since 1972. The Financial Times says the drop in defense spending alone knocked 1.3 percent off gross domestic product for the final quarter of 2012.”

    And this all over the net this morning. This clip is from the Daily Beast:

    “This is an important change in momentum. Last year, Republicans generally sounded more alarmed about Pentagon cuts than about spending and the budget deficit. But now, that’s flipping.”

    With automatic across the board cuts by sequestration in a few days, we may be in for quite an economic ride.

  2. Three Jack says:

    Great job Bridget!

    From the story about the 21st District House election — Laurens said he was proud to have kept his campaign positive. “We never once mentioned my opponent’s name. It’s sad that some have decided that’s the best way to win,” he said.

    Really Brian? Hmmm, what was that whole deal yesterday as posted by Mike, something about a false endorsement mailer which included a completely bogus candidate comparison with a picture of your named opponent. Hopefully you learned from this first campaign that following the lead of your former mentor John Oxendine is not a winning campaign strategy.

  3. LauraGraceB says:

    Yes, well done, indeed! I’ve always been impressed with Stefan’s rhyming skills, and was disappointed to realize I wouldn’t see them today; but you came through!

  4. elfiii says:

    Congress is in bad shape, and the economic outlook is not much better.

    Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – The economy — Latest numbers not very happy ones

    Is that “Doom and Gloom”? 🙂

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