Election Night In Georgia

Election results here.

As I type, Turner leads the HD21 runoff, Burke leads the SD11 runoff, and Stover leads the HD78 Special Election, though a runoff seems likely.


  1. debbie0040 says:

    There have been three special elections in which ethics reform played a huge role. Brandon Beach, Scot Turner and Dean Burke all supported ethics reform and signed our pledge and won their races. Their opponents refused to sign the pledge and did not support caps on lobbyist gifts. People do care about ethics and limits on lobbyist gifts. Current legislators need to pay close attention to the results of those races..

    • UpHere says:

      Don’t fluff your feathers on Beach. He won simply because Jerguson is a lazy campaigner. I would venture to say that the average person in north Fulton has no clue about the ethics pledge.

      • debbie0040 says:

        Sean Jerguson was a very close ally of Speaker Ralston and had his photo with Ralston all over his campaign web site. Jerguson did not support caps on lobbyist gifts. Brandon Beach did even when he ran against Chip Rogers. Cherokee County comprised the majority of Senate District 21, not North Fulton.

    • South GA Bulldog says:

      Debbie, I can assure you that the reason that Dr. Burke won was not because of a stupid ethics pledge. I am from South Ga and this race had nothing to do with ethics.

      • John Konop says:


        In Cherokee Scott Turner was the Tea Party candidate. Debbie did have influence in both races in my county. Btw I am friends with Debbie, but I am not a member of the Tea Party. Both Scott and Brandon had other support as well based on various issues. The ethics issue was a top issue in Cherokee. And an issue that played well among the various groups. I went to a few events, and have friends from diferent groups, and ethics was a big topic in our elections.

        • saltycracker says:

          Right. But recall the cherokee tea parties supported Rogers then Jerguson and tax challenged Poole. I did not see support for Turner until the PEACH PUNDIT
          Blast was widely circulated.

  2. polpol says:

    how about letting those of us who are less informed about which seats we are talking about here….not by numbers, but by the previous incumbent….thanks

    • debbie0040 says:

      Brandon Beach won the race for Chip Rogers Senate Seat. Scot Turner won the race for Sean Jerguson’s House seat. I believe Burke won Bulloch’s State Senate seat but not sure about that one.

      • Correct, Debbie, it was district 11.

        And it is correct, as well, that the issue of ethics pledge, along with other good-government reforms including a difference on changing to four-year legislative terms (Keown supported, Burke opposed), were decisive issues that helped Dr. Burke in the runoff.

        Both candidates worked hard and are due congratulations.

        • Tiberius says:

          4 year terms actually came up as an issue in the Bulloch seat? Good, Lord……….talk about inside baseball. Were they needing policy differences that badly? Were they equally opposed to their interpretation of Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution? I’d love to see a poll that showed where on a line of “issues important to voters” 4 year terms sat.

  3. Justin Tomczak says:

    Statement from Tom Crymes…

    Tom Crymes Heads to Runoff in House District 71 Special

    First Time Candidate Humbled by Support

    February 5th, 2013 – Small business owner Tom Crymes has made it to the runoff in the Special Election for House District 71 in parts of Coweta and Fayette Counties. The special election had 6 candidates, two of whom will continue on for one more month.

    “It is humbling to receive the support of so many. I want to thank the other candidates who ran. I appreciate their willingness to throw their hat in the ring and I look forward to working with them to better our community” said Tom. “I’ve really enjoyed meeting the voters and taking our positive, conservative message out across the district. I’m looking forward to four more weeks on the campaign trail.”

    The runoff will be held on March 5th.

    To learn more about Tom, please visit http://www.TomCrymes.com or http://www.Facebook.com/voteTomCrymes

    • Mcmuffin says:

      Tom Crymes is the best candidate for Coweta County. This is a critical election. Stover is bad news for Coweta County. He has spent a decade building political websites with false and misleading information such as “boycott the times herald” and “Georgia for Fair Tax”–not news websites– they are campaign websites. He is endorsed by the nutty Mike Crane–do not take my word for it google “Newnan Times Herald Crane Cagle” Crane was unhappy because he was not place on “good” state boards so he wanted to include the minority leader in the decision making–that is a Democrat. The other Republicans stopped him. Please go vote district 71 Coweta and Fayette County and vote for Tom Crymes–he is a normal honest republican christian person. He is solid on supporting the 2nd ammendment.

      • CowetaVoter says:

        Your guy Crymes (CRIMES) fits his name:


        Thomas G. Crymes, candidate for Georgia’s district 71 House seat, faces new challenges with filed lawsuits, foreclosed properties and now, charges of operating multiple businesses without a business license.

        Atlanta, GA, Feb. 20, 2013 – Thomas G. Crymes, a candidate in the upcoming run-off election for Georgia State House District 71, today finds himself struggling to answer challenging questions about his involvement with insider bank lending, on-going lawsuits, property foreclosures and more.

        Only days after Crymes mailed a negative hit piece targeting opponent, David Stover, in reality it is Tom Crymes who finds himself unable to give explanations about a myriad of questionable business practices going all the way back to the year 2000. The sordid story is one of pre-economic melt-down insider bank lending with Tom Crymes featured predominately as the insider business partner receiving loans from Coweta County’s Neighborhood Community Bank. With Crymes business partners acting as directors of the bank, facilitating the loans to the businesses that they all owned together and then acting or not-acting with appropriate oversight, the actions led to an ultimate seizure of the bank by the FDIC. The total cost to the citizens through the FDIC fund was $66.6 million.

        According to the FDIC and reports by the Newnan Times Herald, the directors of Neighborhood Community Bank were James (Jim) Mottola of Parks and Mottola Realtors and David LaGuardia of the adjacent Outmed, LLC. The pair was also partners during this time with Tom Crymes in at least five different limited liability corporations including: Bledsoe Development LLC, Towncenter Condominium LLC, Bledsoe 60 LLC, Bledsoe Lot C LLC and Highway 34 Investors LLC. Many of the entities were on the receiving end of, according to the FDIC report, inappropriate “insider and conflict of interest” loans through Neighborhood Community Bank. Crymes’ properties have now been foreclosed. The total cost for the five failed LLCs amounted to over $5 million.

        But if that wasn’t enough, Crymes also finds himself dealing with a charge of not having valid business licenses for up to five other Newnan-based corporations and LLCs that he either owns or is a major partner. All the businesses show an address within the Newnan, GA city limits and most are located at 37 L Calumet Parkway, Suite 200, Newnan, GA, an address used by Tom Crymes for most of his business dealings including Tomco Construction LLC and Tomco Construction Services, a business owned 90% by Crymes’ wife. The businesses in question include: Oak Hill III LLC, C&G Ventures, Oak Hill Building 1, Blairsville Building 1 LLC and Oak Hill Professional Park Inc. None show that they have ever been licensed by either the City of Newnan or by Coweta County which requires a business license if located in the respective municipality and before building or receiving revenue or rental income. It is a similar story for another Tom Crymes owned corporation, JMLF II Inc, now administratively dissolved after litigation was filed against the company.

        Crymes efforts to hold off attachments stemming from his foreclosed properties and lawsuits include transferring his personal residence in Canongate subdivision into a trust and setting up each new construction deal into individually set up legal entities.

        Other business dealings gone sour for candidate Crymes include yet more LLCs and incorporated businesses that have been either sued, such as with N&N Partners, or have gone out of business, as with C.R.O. Enterprises Inc, a business Crymes owned in partnership with county architect Kip Oldham. In addition, Crymes had a lien placed on his Tomco Construction business in 2003 due to not paying payroll taxes.

      • Mcmuffin says:


        In an attempt to tarnish Tom Crymes duing the special election for diatrict 71 State Representative, the Stover campaigners have claimed massive business problems. Tom Crymes has reported that he is not battling lawsuits, forclosures, and that the only business he has a large ownership in is Tomco and Tomco has a business license. Tom has admitted problems in the past with the bad economy. In my opinion—what a success —pulled his business up in hard times. Here are sites from the Newnan Times Herald if googled where you will find direct dishonesty by Stover – reported by the paper.

        Google: Newnan Times Herald Stover Business License
        Google: Newnan Times Herald Stover TEAParty forum Duke Blackburn –there are two articles on this issue–the first where Stover lied -The second where the paper told about his lie. Sad that our TEA Party has a dishonest leader—we have lots of patriots in Coweta County–but they will not get involved with Stover
        Other good reads about the people endorsing Stover
        Google: Newnan Times Herald Mike Crane Casey Cagle
        Google: Broun thumbs his nose at Rove ajc jim callaway

        Another note—if you had difficulty with your business during the economic turn down- I am pulling for you and prayers to ya.

  4. Tiberius says:

    Cherokee County has a long way to go to restore its electoral sanity but tonight’s result and Beach’s election make for a good start.

      • saltycracker says:

        No the local Tea Parties will need new leaders but unfortunately that is not in the cards as Republican leaders complain and avert their eyes.

  5. georgiaconservative33 says:

    Is this election over yet? I don’t know who these people are or even where the district is, but I am tired of seeing the puppets go back and forth.

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