Morning Reads 2/4/13

It’s February  Here at Peach Pundit, we remember to pay the electricity bill; unlike certain folk in New Orleans.

It was Groundhog Day! Four more weeks of winter!

The Affordable Care Act hits Middle Georgia. Some of you know this as Obamacare.

Unrelated, I’m sure, earthquakes hit North Georgia. If there were an election in Dodge, or Telfair, we’d even have dead rising from the grave.

Walker County teacher won’t be teacher of the year. Sexual assault charges typically don’t win you many awards . .

Georgians prefer dogs to cats. Let’s herd those cats to Alabama. I’ll get my broom.

Federal funds at risk for Georgia’s Department of Education.

“Granny! What tall plants you have!” Man grows millions of dollars worth of pot, at his grandmother’s home.

Some people go to Walmart to buy ingredients to make meth . . . and others just go to leave their meth.

Ga Southern to the Sun Belt? Yes, please.

Glynn County Commissioner’s death ruled a suicide. More questions arise.

Bridget said I had to post this. Don’t know why.

Music? Hit it!

It was Groundhog Day! Someone, please get the joke.


  1. John Konop says:

    A big problem with teacher evaluation system is the lack of logic around the yard stick of measurement. The system is test score driven over outcome driven. Does it matter more the test score or a student based on aptitude graduating with skills for work and or higher education. We cannot fix the problem unless we are all on the same page……..

  2. Ed says:

    Hey Ron,

    GSU’s theater is showing a Bill Murray double feature all February: “Groundhog Day” and “Ghostbusters”. Can someone say “ftw?”

    Also, what was Bar Rafaeli’s agent telling her about the commercial? “You’ll make a lot of money but you’ll also basically cement your image as a harlot.”

  3. Ed says:

    So GSU and GSU could be conference-mates. I will, of course, be rooting for GSU.

    What would you title the rivalry? The battle to become the second-most relevant program in Georgia?

    • peachstealth says:

      I’m not sure the possibility of playing in the GoDaddy Bowl is a move up from playing for the FCS (1-AA) national championship. Maybe in another 30 years, after I’ve left this world, GSoU will be invited to join a BCS conference and can again play for a national championship. Maybe GStU will beat us there.
      BTW if they tear down the Ga Dome, Where will GStU play it’s home games?

  4. When’s the last time the Georgia Dome had a power outage during a game? Anyone know?

    So the Super Dome is good enough to host a Super Bowl, right? It broke ground in 1971 and opened in 1975. It holds roughly 2k to 5k more fans than the Georgia Dome, but I’m sure the Dome could probably be modified to hold more somehow, right? So can anyone tell me why the Super Dome is good enough to host a Super Bowl, but the Georgia Dome isn’t?

    • John Walraven says:

      It may have opened in 1975, but Katrina ripped it a new one (literally). It’s been completely rebuilt and was gutted to start the renovation. It’s a new facility on top of a new foundation.

      • Okay, so we’re back to renovations. Wikipedia says:

        $193 million (2005–06 repairs)
        Renovations: ($223 million in 2013 dollars)

        Seems like that would be a lot cheaper than tearing down the Dome and building a new stadium?

    • peachstealth says:

      Because the Superdome is in N. O. not Atl. N.O. has a flavor neither Atl. or any other American city can match. The NFL also considers NO to be a warm weather city, not so Atl.
      Perhaps the Super Bowl should be played in the same non NFL warm weather city every year. I nominate Orlando. The only other possibility is San Antonio.

      • peachstealth says:

        OOps! forgot LA doesn’t have a team.
        Speaking of Orlando, I’ve often thought the Jags should change their name to the Florida OJ’s and play half their home games in Orlando and half in Jax.

              • Noway says:

                I actually prefer to see the Super Bowl in open air stadiums!! Cold, snow, rain are all great intangibles!

                • mountainpass says:

                  When they put A/C in my dad’s church he quit going. It changed the atmosphere, no more Funeral Home fans, no more sweating, heck everyone went to sleep. I feel the same way about Domes or skyboxes at open air stadiums, you lose the atmosphere.

  5. Rick Day says:

    In other news, the winner of this year’s Peach Pundit Patriots Pick ’em Fantasy league is none other than….me.

    Which does not say a lot about the rest of you because as a rookie, it took me 3 weekends just to figure out how ‘confidence points’ figure into the scoring.

    Nevertheless, Charlie and I persevered to the very end, but in the end, we both picked the Ravens to beat the spread and he and I finished first/second.

    Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
    1 OBAMA STARS 1041 137-124
    2 c_murrayiii 1034 129-132
    3 Edit This! 913 112-149
    4 Robber Baron 857 102-159
    5 New Stadium Please 406 48-213
    6 I Love America Go Patriots 140 17-244
    7 Testicular Fortitude 129 5-246
    8 You Didn’t Build That Either 72 8-253

    I can’t believe most of you just…quit. Time to fess up: who is who?

  6. DavidTC says:

    I’m pretty sure you can’t actually be charged with possession of drugs if the entire premise is that you _don’t_ have possession of them anymore. You have to actually _possess_ a controlled substance, not ‘have possessed it at some point in the past’.

    Plus unless they are very very lucky with the angle of the surveillance camera, even assuming they did see something fall from her pocket, they can’t really prove _that_ bag was the same bag as the one found with meth in it.

    I’m not convinced they actually did see anything at all on the cameras, considering the article doesn’t say so, and hence they _really_ have no basis for a case. You can’t convict someone because someone else says there wasn’t any meth on the floor, and then that person walked past, and now apparently there is meth there.

    OTOH, I suspect it would be enough for a search warrant, so that’s probably why they’re trying to find the woman.

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