A Textbook Lesson In How Not To Deal With Capitol Press

With the 2011 lesson of how not to deal with the press clearly forgotten, Senator Bill Heath provides a textbook example of how not to deal with press at the capitol.  WSB’s Lori Geary provides this year’s example:

Also not a good idea: Sending out form letters to voters telling them they are too stupid to know what they are signing and that voicing their concerns are wasting the valuable time of a Senator. Perhaps he should have also included them lobbyist registration forms too, so that they would know how to make their opinions count.


  1. BryanLong says:

    This is also a textbook example of how to abuse taxpayer dollars. And it’s a textbook example of political arrogance in the governor’s office for thinking voters won’t care.


    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      It wasn’t so much a textbook example of political arrogance as much as it was an example of political desperation and/or political necessity on the part of the Governor in getting his biggest problem in the form of Chip Rogers out of the Legislature.

      The Governor likely made a political calculation that the people who would be the most likely to care about Rogers being employed in a $150,000-a-year job at GPB would be the left-of-center voters who would be the most likely to support Georgia Public Broadcasting, the left-of-center voters who currently have little pull in statewide politics.

      The right-of-center voters that control the statewide political scene through the Republican Primary, particularly the Tea Party flank of the political spectrum to which Chip Rogers is a darling of sorts, likely would not be all that angry about seeing one of their political favorites get a six-figure job at a publicly-funded left-leaning network whom they’ve never been all that crazy about anyways.

  2. greencracker says:

    Lori Geary, like all Capitol press, is clearly a subversive. Going around being mean, pushing the liberal/conservative/UN/new world order/take your pick conspiracy. Like all press, she is part of the vast, moneyed conspiracy. That’s why she, like all reporters, are so darn rich.


  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Lori Geary is a sensationalist. That being said…

    What was Heath afraid of? I don’t understand the unwillingness to talk. He could have easily smiled and said that he stands by his statement and make up something about economic development and blah blah blah I gotta run, thank you. Instead, he hides behind an inkjet? Not a good look.

    • Spacey G says:

      At least he had an iPad to keep him occupied while he was in hiding. I bet he was reading Peach Pundit while holed-up. Come to think about it, is he still there? Lori let him go home for the weekend to watch the Super Bowl? Downton Abby?

      I’m somewhat concerned now. I hope a lobbyist pal thought to send him in a doughnut and coffee. But they’re likely just fair-weather friends. Still, coffee and a doughnut should put ’em under the $100. limit.

  4. WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

    Hey now. Y’all can’t be getting Chip fired now. A Deal is a Deal.

    As far as Senator Heath’s actions, both in his email response and his lack of one here, I will have to quote Forrest Gump. “Stupid is as stupid does.” Looks as if he is a team player but the coach needs to punt on this one.

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