Race To The Top Of The Georgia Republican Party: Your Pre-Convention Cycle Round-up

With about a week before the precinct mass meetings for counties of populations over 80,000, there have been a few announcements trickling out from a few folks.

There were a couple of folks who announced for Chairman and 1st Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party:

Alex Johnson of Dekalb County has announced that he’s running for state chairman.  That makes him candidate #2 actively seeking the chair to be the head Georgia Republican.  BJ Van Gundy announced in late 2012.

Also announcing this week is Catherine Bernard for 1st Vice Chairman of the state Republican party,.  If you’re a Peach Pundit regular, you may notice that Catherine’s name looks familiar.  Charlie did a profile on her as a delegate to the Republican National Convention last year.

I’m also hearing John Padgett, current GAGOP Secretary, is a candidate for 1st Vice Chairman.

Michael McNeeley’s name has been floated as running for the 1st Vice Chairman slot.  Nothing official yet as I write this, so consider it rumor.

Then there’s Tim Wessinger, press secretary for Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA-01), who has announced his intent on running for the 2nd Vice-Chairmanship of the state party:

Tim Wessinger announced [Saturday] that he is officially beginning his campaign for 2nd Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

Mr. Wessinger is the District Press Secretary for U.S. Representative Jack Kingston (GA-01), serving Georgia’s 1st Congressional District since January 2009. Over his career, Tim Wessinger has served on the Georgia Republican Party
Technology Committee, is the former Chairman of the Valdosta State College Republicans, former Regional Director of the Georgia Association of College Republicans, Former member of the Lowndes County Republican Party Executive
board, has worked on campaigns for Newt Gingrich, Saxby Chambliss, Nathan Deal, and Jack Kingston. Tim Wessinger was recognized in 2012 for his work for Georgia’s 1st Congressional District by Georgia Trend Magazine’s “40 under 40” and is an highly recognized figure in Georgia’s 1st Congressional district.

Said Tim Wessinger, “I am excited at the opportunity to help further Georgia’s Republican majority and continue to lead the Georgia Republican Party to victory in the future. We are at a pivotal time in our country and true grassroots is needed more than ever to return our nation on the right track. Over the coming days, I will introduce myself to everyone within our Party and explain my ideas for furthering our Republican majority in the state, as well as, how to change things on the national level.”

Stephen Aaron, from south Georgia and former College Republicans chairman and current Student Government president at Abraham-Baldwin Agricultural College, and Greg Williams, current chairman of the Buckhead Young Republicans, are also actively seeking election for 2nd Vice Chairman.

No doubt that the field will get a little more crowded after 10a this coming Saturday.


  1. 1st Vice-Chair
    John Padgett has been in the race since the GOP National Convention. I have spoken with him multiple times.

    2nd Vice-Chair
    Ron Johnson is running for 2nd Vice Chair:



    Doug Grammer is rumored for 2nd Vice-Chair. I have not seen anything official and he has not contacted me.

    I know Debbie McCord, current Assistant Secretary, has announced officially. I have not heard of anyone running against her, though.

  2. Joseph says:

    This is purely repeating a rumor – have heard someone in the Frost family is considering a run for State Chair or 3rd District Chair. Again – not sure which generation of Frost or which Chairmanship.

    • Charlie says:

      Ah, the Frost family. The ones that pitched such a fit at Coweta/3rd District to get the boy to Tampa, up to and including threatening legal action, so he could abstain.

      I hope they rethink this. I’ll be they won’t.

      • Joseph says:

        Well – shaking the trees helped get some more info. Apparently one of the thoughts is Frost V will run for Coweta Chair. That’s very plausible – I had just heard it might be something bigger from his father.

        And yes Charlie – I agree, I was able to dip over to the 3rd CD meeting last year since ours finished so quickly – Fifth made a big pitch / plea to the Liberty folks present that he was “one of them” and then abstained from voting at the RNC. From the few conversations I had, he seems like a nice person – I just hate that he burned one of the three 3rd CD’s votes at the RNC.

  3. atticuspatton says:

    LET THE GAMES BEGIN: From the desk of Bill Evelyn, Forsyth County’s favorite Ron Pauliac (insert sarcasm here). His first campaign promise for 2nd Vice of Gwinnett: guaranteed convention chaos. And yet we wonder why the real grassroots republicans dread the convention cycle these days. He makes mention of Alex Johnson too, I wonder if that is his MO as well?

    From Bill Evelyn: I’ve been asked to contact you by the state leadership of the Liberty movement.

    In 2012 you signed up at the Ron Paul Liberty page as a volunteer. This is where I got your Email address.

    I am the Forsyth County Coordinator and can be reached at __________________ or __________________. Jonathon Gordon is the 7th District Coordinator.

    The GOP Mass Meetings are in three weeks on Saturday February 9, 2013 at the Forsyth Central High School. We need as many of you as possible to attend and vote in Precinct Captains from the Liberty movement. If all 400 of you from Forsyth County show, we will control the event.

    It would be very nice if you would sign up to be delegates to the County Convention where we intend to vote in a Liberty Executive Committee; Chairman, 1st Vice, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you can’t attend, but want your name added to be delegate or alternate to the respective conventions, please send me your contact information to include address, a phone number, and what Precinct you vote in. I will give this information to those respective precinct Captains for inclusion.

    If you determine to go further to District and State, I would appreciate your vote. I am running for 7th District 2nd Vice Chair.

    If you make it to state we are running Liberty candidates to head the State GOP.

    Below is the letter from the state leadership. Thank you.

    >>Good morning fellow Liberty lovers!

    Last year the sole purpose of those involved in the liberty movement during the convention cycle was focused on winning delegates for Ron Paul. We came close in the 4th District to winning several delegates. While we came short of our ultimate goal, our showing was phenomenal! We sent shock waves throughout the GA GOP! While Ron Paul is no longer running or in Congress, we still have a great opportunity to move the conversation towards Liberty here in the 4th District and in our respective counties.

    In this Convention Cycle, we will be electing GOP officers at the County, District, and State levels. Everything from the State Chair, County Chair, to the Executive Committee Members at the County and State level is up for election. This year is the chance to really make our voice heard, by attending these conventions and electing good, honest, fair, judicious individuals to those positions of leadership within the GA GOP. Let it not be said that we did nothing to move the conversation in the direction of Liberty in our own backyards.

    For example, in DeKalb, Alex Johnson, a great supporter of liberty, is trying to become the next Chairman of the DeKalb Republican Party and needs the help of all those in DeKalb. Also the 4th District will have five positions on the State Executive Committee up for election at the 4th District Convention; the other District Conventions will also have State Executive Committees positions up for election. If enough individuals show up at the Mass Precinct Meetings and then to the County Conventions and District Conventions, we will have individuals who will run for State Committee positions.

    In order to do this, we need everyone who was involved last year to get involved again for this convention cycle. Please sign up at http://gaforliberty.com/ . Please contact anyone you know who was involved last year and get them involved this year.

    To be a voting delegate at the State Convention or District Convention you will need to be elected as a delegate from your County Convention. To be a voting delegate at the County Convention, you will need to first attend the Precinct Mass Meeting on February 9th in your respective counties (locations to be announced) and become a delegate to the county convention.

    • IndyInjun says:

      ” we wonder why the real grassroots republicans dread the convention cycle these days”

      Yes, pulling on those hobnailed jackboots has to be getting to be quite a chore.

    • Napoleon says:

      So Alex Johnson decided that DeKalb Chair wasn’t enough of a pipe dream that he decided to go for the whole state?

      I’ve put up with this Campaign for Liberty nonsense every convention since 2008 (2008, 2009, 2011) and I’ve had enough. Congratulations CFL, you’ve run off another “Neo-Con.”

      One less vote to stand in your way of complete domination.

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