Congressman Tom Price Introduces “Require a PLAN Act”

It’s been almost 4 years since the Democrat-held U.S. Senate has passed a budget, and the Democrat in the White House has indicated that he would not meet the statutory deadline of transmitting the 2013 budget to Congress.  Note that this would be the 4th year in a row that the White House has missed the statutory deadline of submitting the budget to Congress.  Deadlock in Washington seems to be the norm, and any hope of balancing the budget seems to be waning.  However, Congressman Tom Price (R-GA-06) has introduced legislation that would require the White House to produce a balanced budget within a 10-year budget window or provide a supplemental budget plan by April 1st of this year explaining in what year the federal budget would achieve balance.

“Over the past two years, House Republicans have done our job and passed sensible budget proposals that would address the nation’s fiscal challenges, balance the federal budget, and get our economy moving. We will do so again this year and produce a budget that balances within the next 10 years,” Congressman Price said. “Sadly, we have not seen a similar level of concern on the part of the White House or the Senate for the nation’s looming debt crisis. In fact the Senate has not bothered to pass a budget in nearly four years. That is why Congress had to pass the ‘No Budget, No Pay’ Act as a last-ditch effort to encourage the Democrat-majority in Washington to debate in good faith with us about the fiscal future of our country.

“Today we are moving this debate forward in a positive manner by introducing the Require a PLAN Act which will force President Obama to produce a plan to balance the nation’s budget. It is unfortunate that it must come to this — that we must mandate the Senate and White House to perform their most basic duties in the stewardship entrusted to them by the American people. Still, we will continue to pressure the Senate and the White House to thoughtfully examine and solve the enormous fiscal challenges facing our nation – not ignore them – so that we may protect the American Dream for generations to come.”

The legislation is expected to make it to the floor of the House for consideration sometime this coming week.


  1. Gotta love Republicans. Their own wunderchild Paul Ryan’s budget doesn’t balance for 25 years! And yet of Obama, they demand 10. Which I’m fine with, by the way, but the point being that 25 years is a complete joke that no one should take seriously.

  2. Charlie says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) issued the following statement after voting in favor of H.R. 444, the Require a PLAN Act of 2013, which obligates President Obama to generate a balanced budget within a 10-year window or provide a supplemental budget plan by April 1, 2013, that identifies the year in which a balanced budget would be reached:

    “It’s disheartening to have to pass legislation that forces our Commander-in-chief to draft a responsible budget proposal,” Collins said. “But when you have an executive branch that is as out-of-touch with the hardships of the American people as the Obama Administration, this is unfortunately what you have to do. I made a commitment to my constituency to do everything I could to reduce the suffocating debt the federal government has unfairly placed on future generations. If that means voting for a bill that requires President Obama to be a responsible leader and protect the future of my children and the rest of the youth living in the Ninth District of Georgia, then so be it.”

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