Are you telling me that this sucker is nuclear?* I’m not talking about time machines, missiles, or the iPhone 6. Is Plant Scherer creating nuclear contamination? The Macon law firm of Gautreaux & Adams believes so. Per the Macon Telegraph:

Brian Adams, a partner in Gautreaux & Adams, said Wednesday that the lawsuits target the plant’s operator and primary owner, Georgia Power, as well as other owners of the plant. About half the cases also will name the nearby Vulcan Materials rock quarry, he said.

The lawsuits relate to environmental contamination such as uranium, chromium and arsenic in air or water, Adams said.

Adams declined to share further details before a news conference Thursday morning in Atlanta. The suits will be filed in State Court of DeKalb County.

Dozens of Juliette residents have found unsafe levels of uranium in their well water or airborne radon in their homes. Some of them have been diagnosed with uranium poisoning.

The Georgia Department of Health and EPA are also looking into the issue. Uranium can naturally occur in the ground, but it seems that the individuals involved here believe that the presence of Georgia Power and their large coal ash pond are causing an increase in the levels of uranium. This may not seem like a problem to some, but to my knowledge Juliette does not have a centralized water and sewage system. That means each homeowner has their own well and septic system. If there is a high level of uranium in the coal ash pond, then that likely is seeping into residents water wells.
*The original quote involves plutonium, I know that.


  1. drjay says:

    is plant scherer capable of producing 1.21 gigawatts??? and i think he used plutonium in the movie…*

    *i see your asterisk, i’m just making sure we are all on the same page…

  2. Engineer says:

    I dunno, the radon part is a bit of a stretch to me. Radon seeps out of the ground naturally where you can find igneous rocks more specifically quartz-rich igneous rocks. Based on geological maps and records, they are probably mining in a Biotite Gneiss or maybe grading into Hornblende Gneiss/Amphibolite/Granite Gneiss. Suffice to say, this fits the bill for underlying rock that naturally releases radon. This is why radon is a big issue in the piedmont and mountains and fairly minor in the coastal plain.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Now why with all the EPA and state regulations would Ga Power even risk an environmental leakage? But we all know that our legal system is corrupt and President Obama will be using environmental justice as a way of redistribution. And we know that the Green movement for solar benefits as well.
    Rate payers of Georgia will be on the hook for this which means higher rates for all.

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