Morning Reads for Thursday, January 31st

I’m so sorry to hear about the damage and loss in Georgia.  I’m in San Antonio this week and started tracking down family as news alerts came through email.  The tornado went right by my niece’s high school in Sonoraville; my company’s entire Kennesaw facility shut down to take shelter for a few hours.




  • For the sports fans: Top UGA target de-commits from FSU
  • Another viral Lonely Island video about YOLO.  Instead of “You Only Live Once” it’s “You Oughta Look Out”.  Over 15M hits in four days.  Mmm – Adam Levine.
  • Blackberry started from scratch to make the BB10.  “…does not include a single line of code from the current OS, RIM hopes to wrestle back some market share…”


  1. IndyInjun says:

    Don’t you love it when bowing up to a “done deal” yields its first $100 million in savings?

    Good going citizens, activists, and Peach Punditeers!

    Good start, Arther Blank, but the TERM SHEET and other data says you need to ante up another $200 million.

    • Baker says:

      Maybe this will finally get the NYT and other big media to really hammer how bad China really is.

      Good interview with the Lady Abrams by the way Ed.

      • bgsmallz says:

        Who cares about the Times? Mess with my ice cream or sticky buns and we’ve got real problems.

        “Several U.S. food makers have chosen to cut back on the use of pecans, Zedan said, either curtailing production of things like butter pecan ice cream or substituting in other nuts.
        “If you can buy pecans at $6 a pound or walnuts at $3, what are you going to put in your sticky buns,” he said”

  2. mountainpass says:

    Shooting at Price Middle School in Atlanta. A 14 year old shot in the head and a teacher shot. Both were breathing and alert. Shooter arrested.

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