Morning Reads 1/30/13

Ahoy and other nautical greetings!

The Gullahs are in danger, but Michael Thurmond may bring them much needed help. Thurmond could run for Senate.

Immigration reform really coming? From Congress? Am I the only one who recalls that they nearly drove us off the fiscal cliff and still have not come to a full solution to that issue. Or passed a budget . . . in years. Come on, man.

Two Republicans and a Democrat visit the Savannah port. One is a Mayor of a “city.” One is a Governor. One is a Transportation Secretary. Figuring out which two are Republicans may be difficult. Really, Ray LaHood lucked up. He could be LaFender, LaBumper, LaOilpan, or LaTyrod. That’d be awful.

Will there be brew-ha-ha over this brewing bill to allow home brewers to brew brews for brew competitions?

Come snow, sleet, hail, or blizzard; Georgia Power is ready. More reliable and friendly than the Post Office, too.

Math-addicts compete in Americus. Maybe I should rethink that nickname.

Tourism in Georgia: a big deal says Deal. The Governor is a slightly smaller deal, but if he gets put on a clearance rack, he’ll be a huge deal. The Macon Telegraph says that Agriculture is also a big deal. Who are we to believe? Maybe we need a smaller Governor Deal so that the deals we have as a State are smaller deals for everyone to deal with. Get it? Got it? Good.

New car tax law will hurt the car leasing market. Whoopsy!

Department of Banking and Finance cracks down on unlicensed brokers. How about some relief for citizens who are the victim of bloated banks making bad deals? The sheer volume of individuals who were flat-out lied to by banks is astounding.

A renewed effort to ban cellphone use inside vehicles. Same old song and dance as last year. Eating fast food in vehicles causes a lot of accidents, and the food kills people, too. Who wants to ban that?

Georgia sees decrease in students applying to law school. Great news everyone, I’ve now got job security.

Georgia, the Pear State? Peer at this article about pear growing.

South Georgia Job of the Week: Septic Tank Mappers. You have to put up with a lot of–well you know–to have this job.

Let me apologize in advance for this musical selection. Your friend, Ron.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Car lease taxes: Declaring “unintended consequences” from a bill is another example that our legislators are incompetent or very clever. The shot to car leasing was very obvious from observers with several versions as to why. But now we see a law passed, a ruckus arising and talk of tweaking the law with probably a few perks thrown in. That is standard procedure in Georgia.

    • Three Jack says:

      Spot on salty. If they didn’t know, they are stupid. If they did know, I wouldn’t use the term clever…more like underhanded or corrupt.

        • saltycracker says:

          “didn’t think it all the way through”
          In this case that would rank just after ” we had unprotected sex for two years and we never suspected she would get PG…”

        • Dave Bearse says:

          The car lobbyists, that go-to expects representing the dealers that sell virtually 100% of the leased vehciles in a state where citizens lease vehicles at a rate that is 2.5 times the national rate, had four plus years to think about this.

          It either is willful or less than mediocre. There’s no room in between.

    • John Konop says:

      You realize this is the same point I have made about the Fair Tax and reduced asset value of cars, homes……if you add a 30 percent tax on the financing you will lower values and sales…….values and sales are driven by payment affordability…….

  2. Engineer says:

    I’ve spoken to folks from the S. GA Regional Commission about it at conferences and what-not and they’ve been working on that septic tank thing a while. Here’s their map’s website if you were curious about the data.

    They still have a lot of ground to cover.

  3. Scott65 says:

    I dont think Pear Growing States have much to fear. Georgia’s weather is to hot/humid for Bartlet Pears…besides the only way you know the pears are ripe is once the squirrels have stripped it bare (and can do so in little more than a couple of days). I hate squirrels…little rats with fur

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