Morning Reads 1/28/13

Welcome to Week Three of “As the General Assembly Turns:”

New Yorkers don’t care is Aubrey Lee Price is missing, and presumably dead, they formally indicted him. Might be a short trial. Price, you will recall, was head of a bank in Montgomery County. That’s right outside of Vidalia.

Georgia Lottery executives cashed out pretty well. Looks like I picked the wrong profession. Maybe if they were paid less, more money could be used to fund scholarships. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

Exports likely to be a big benefit to Georgia’s agribusinesses. People everywhere need peanuts, pecans, and pine trees.

Lawyers riding big wheels. Precisely what every charity event needs.

Man charged with arson; fire destroyed over 100 year old mill in Manchester.

Why is there a lack of women legislators? Curious minds seek answers. Georgia has actually had a number of historic females hold positions in politics, but the numbers still remain low.

More fallout from Chip being at GPB.

Cops these two may be; Culumbo they are not. LoJack, ever heard of it?

Will UGA lose their D-Cord? Let us hope not. Many are predicting Aaron Murray for the “Quarter Back of Awesomeness Award.” That’s what they are renaming the Heisman. Just fyi. You’re welcome for the advance notice.

Georgia’ own Forest Gump-esque runner; except this guy has a purpose.

Cain on Senate run: “Not it!” He’d win, I think.

Amazon still not collecting Georgia sales tax. The mighty internet will not bend to Georgia’s Department of Revenue.

And here is some music. Bluegrass, even. Ron Daniels, out.


    • atlanta_advocate says:

      Hmmm. If you guys attacked the beliefs of Muslims, Hindus and Jews the way that you do Christians, your schtick would be easier to take seriously.

      • Max Power says:

        If a Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim politician claimed that God put them on Earth to be in any political office, they’d get smacked by me pretty quickly. It’s one of the most dangerous beliefs to have, because if God meant for you to have the office anyone who opposes you, is against God’s will.

  1. saltycracker says:

    If morning posts were a contest, Ron just might have posted a trifecta of Georgia ineptness.

    Georgia Lottery leaders finding an end around to legislation to get at the public pot of money.
    Georgia agri-industry sees improved exports while collecting millions in farm subsidies.
    Georgia legislation on internet sales tax may be targeted by Amazon to challenge as it is the weakest written of the states.

    Bonus round: GPB – Well at least Guv Deal didn’t put Chip in charge of the lottery.

    • saltycracker says:

      Ethically posting…….. “ineptness” might have been a mischaracterization as the sly legislators & those of influence might have intended to write a toll maze in lieu of a clear direction.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Chip Rogers, Director of the Georgia Lottery: “Is that a “2” or a “5” on that ball? And what about balls with 6’s and/or 9’s on them? How in the heck are we supposed to tell the difference between 2’s and 5’s and 6’s and 9’s?”

    • Ron Daniels says:

      I aim to misbehave, and to make these posts interesting. What’s the point in picking the stuff you’ll see all day long on the AJC when there are other things going on.

      Some mornings it means we read about rabid goats, and then some mornings I hit a gold mind. 🙂

      • saltycracker says:

        You could have posted Obama/Hillary on 60 minutes claiming Egypt as being one of their successes, right along side the Egyptian Prez’s emergency decree, arresting and shooting citizens.

    • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

      The Guvnah has no reason to subvert the lottery. Though the two-edged sword wielded here to cut a party liability and wound state owned tv pricked his own ethical toe before he sheathed it.

  2. Noway says:

    Read the article, Max. It’s harmless. I don’t see Clark leading followers Jim Jones style. Lot’s of folks say things like this about a job they love. As long as he’s a good and honest sheriff, whether it was God or whoever, who cares?

    • Charlie says:

      Correct. Missed moving that to the front page in all the other breaking news/dominoes from Friday. We’ll push that up top in the next few days when folks bandwidth starts to return to the GA General Assembly.

    • saltycracker says:

      Looks like we have an American Christian pastor coming & going from Iran doing missionary work & lately an orphanage claiming human rights violations in getting arrested by Iran.

      I’m all for expressions of concern for Americans around the world but absent other info, why spend taxpayer dollars on this, let the charities do their best via the diplomats.

      • Harry says:

        I agree with your comment in general but don’t think there’s use of taxpayer funds involved in this instance. I’m just raising awareness.

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