If (When) Tom Price Runs For Senate…

Tom Price is the most likely of the current Congressmen to run, and an announcement is likely very, very soon.  He has the advantage of getting out of the gate earliest because he was strongly considering a primary challenge against Saxby, and thus had already taken some of the initial steps.  His hefty Congressional campaign warchest doesn’t hurt either, as that money can be used in a Senate race as well.

Price is rooted in the mainstream of the party, but has taken steps over the past couple of years to ingratiate himself to the Tea Party wing of the party as well.  Most notably, Price recently added Ellen Carmichael to his staff as Communications Director.  Carmichael served as Herman Cain’s spokesperson as well, ensuring that a Price for Senate bid would have a message that appeals to a broad spectrum of Republicans.

As certain as it looks like Price will enter this race, expect former Secretary of State and recent gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel to enter a 6th district Congressional contest  as a front runner.  She remains popular in the district and has kept ties to those who supported her for governor 3 years ago.

Jan Jones, the Speaker Pro Tem of the state House, also resides in that neck of the woods.  Jones is ambitious and upwardly mobile.  It remains to be seen if she prefers that upward mobility to be in Atlanta or if Washington fits in any of her plans.

From the Cobb County part of the district, Judson Hill and his hair have been very visible across the 6th district and the twitterverse as of late.  After deflecting rumors (that he started) that he was going to challenge Chambliss, it now looks like he may be looking closer to home for a race.  Could it be for Congress?

Other names being mentioned:  Senator John Albers, Senator Brandon Beach, and former Rep (and Speaker for a week or so) Mark Burkhalter.


  1. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I’ve lived in the 6th, since 1990. It’s had various shapes and sizes since then-but the one thing I think has been true, folks here have appreciated the nice roads provided by Newt, a better than the GA average of voter participation and also being home to Sen. Isackson.

    They appear to put up with the fact that the current Rep. Price isn’t present at most political gatherings that don’t include a check. I don’t think he’s had another town hall since the summer of 2009. While he might be visible in some Republican circles, he’s never been present at a East Cobb Civic association candidate forum, parade, etc. I don’t think the average voter in the 6th knows a thing about him except he’s a Republican. Some might remember his support of Mitt in 2008, but likely won’t recall he supported Newt this go round.

    I can’t imagine he has any appeal outside of North Fulton, parts of Gwinnett and Cherokee. Wait till folks in Glynn county realize we’ll have two senators from the same area of GA-north metro suburbs. Yeah, I don’t see it.

    On another note is anyone asking if his wife is going to run for his seat in Congress? Or does she like the fact she’s got a safe Roswell city council seat?

  2. I don’t know that Brandon Beach would run, considering his recently acquired Senate seat. But he’s politically ambitious so who knows.

    I think Alpharetta’s mayor, David Belle Isle, might consider a run like this. He’s young and charismatic. Remember that he also ran in the Albers/Beach Senate race a few years ago.

    Also remember that the newly drawn 6th district contains a portion of north Dekalb County. It reaches all the way down to Tucker now. Wonder if there are any Republicans down that way that would consider throwing their hat in the race?

  3. northside101 says:

    Problem for a DeKalb Republican is that the county casts a disproportionately low percentage of the GOP primary vote, as DeKalb part of CD 6 is only slightly Republican, while the Cobb and Fulton portions are heavily Republican. In the 2012 presidential contest, Romney won 66 percent in the Cobb portion of the district and 62 percent on the Fulton side, but only 51 percent in the DeKalb portion. In the March 2012 GOP presidential primary, Fulton accounted for 41 percent of the district’s total votes (36,871 total GOP primary votes), and Cobb was a close second at 39 percent (34,967) but DeKalb was way behind with just 20 percent (18,480 votes). However, perhaps a DeKalb candidate with strong business and/or personal ties to north Fulton could make a serious run for it. A lot of the DeKalb portion of CD 6 overlaps with Senator Fran Millar’s distrct (his district takes in lots of north DeKalb and smaller portions of Fulton and Gwinnett). DeKalb state representatives who live in CD 6 include Mike Jacobs of HD 80 and Tom Taylor of HD 79.

  4. GrowBrookhaven says:

    I am very intrigued by Senator John Albers, but being in DeKalb County, I am not very familiar with him and would love to hear some thoughts. He appears to be a good family man, and still is an active firefighter if my understanding is correct. His co-sponsorship of Senate Resolution 8 earns points in my book, as does his apparent strong conversative voting record. Although we live here in blue DeKalb, us “northerners” who have fought for more governmental control on the local level are looking to bring as much red influence into our sphere as possible. Would Senator Albers be a man to support if he chooses to run?

  5. Napoleon says:

    The irony would be that if Tom Price were to win that you would have two members of the U.S. House of Representatives representing:

    Lt. Gov.
    Speaker of the House
    Sec. of State

    US Senator 1
    US Senator 2
    Attorney General

  6. Just Nasty and Mean says:

    She has proven herself time and again of a woman of substance, leadership, and strength of her convictions. Handel has Tea Party connections and support because of the proven conservative credentials with ethics and principles at the forefront.

    Albers needs much seasoning. Beach has been in office for 3 weeks. Jones would sacrifice a LOT of power to become a jr. congresswoman and does not have statewide recognition. Hill isn’t known in N. Fulton and N. DeKalb, and hasn’t gained credentials outside of Cobb.

    Handel leads in the 6th.

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