If Austin Scott Runs For Senate…

Austin Scott is the President of the Tea Party class of 2010, and has taken well to Washington.  He works well with both “the establishment” and those elected with him that are to the right of the right.  The Speaker of the House has an endearing nickname for him.  He has plum committee assignments on Armed Services and Agriculture.  He has the profile of a Congressman who is going places.

He’s also young.  The kind of person that if he were elected to the Senate, could achieve the kind of seniority – and power that goes with it – like those with names like Nunn, Russell, and Talmadge were able to achieve.  It’s a thought that would have to provide some allure.

Still, it would be a high risk gamble.  Scott, like Kingston, is from the half of the state that doesn’t generate as many Republican votes as the other half.  And it’s not likely that Scott would want to compete against Kingston, Westmoreland, or Gingrey.  Several others would likely have to pass before the reward would outweigh the risk.

But if it did, consider Ross Tolleson the first one on deck.  Allen Peake likely another.  With Jim Marshall safely dispatched, expect no shortage of Republicans ready to step up for this race should Scott decide it’s time to move up.  Who would be the others?

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  1. Scott65 says:

    Whereas the TP lable might run really well in his district, there is a growing dissatisfaction with the TP label among mainstream voters. As has been stated, the demographics in GA have been changing…in the 6 years since Saxy ran its changed a lot. People want people in DC willing to work towards deals…not block them without any kind of alternative…Graves would be lumped into this as well. You might like him. He might be a nice person…but I dont think he runs well statewide

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