2014: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Friday morning, the starter gun was officially fired on the 2014 campaign season.  Senator Saxby Chambliss announced his retirement, and the dominoes that will fall from that one decision will reshape much of Georgia politics as we know it.

I posted Friday my off the cuff reactions on those who are likely to take a strong look at Chambliss’ seat, and why they may or may not run.  Some have issued press releases or made statements they are considering.  A few have said they will pass.  Others are mostly quiet, getting a lay of the land.

Regardless, we’ll know in a matter of days who the early contenders are.  As we reported Friday, Congressman Tom Price is making phone calls in preparation for an announcement, though nothing is “official” until it is official.  I still expect him to lead off this gauntlet.  I expect at least one other Georgia Congressman to jump in as well, perhaps two depending on what Paul Broun decides.

Then there are others, such as Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, Attorney General Sam Olens, and Secretary of State Brian Kemp.  A few state legislators seem to want their name in the mix as well, but many of them are really looking at seats in Congress (or just wanting to see their name in the press).

While there are many others having their names floated, what we’ll deal with today are the next level of dominoes that fall if the current elected officials decide it’s time to try and move up.  And giving credit to our readership community, some good crowdsourcing is in order.

Let us know if the following people run for the US Senate, who is most likely to step up and take their place.  I’ll list names for those I know/have heard of to get the conversation started, but I don’t know each of the districts (and those lying in wait to be a Congress critter) as well as many of you. (And, given the hour I did this, I may have some in the wrong district. I know GA doesn’t require you to live in the district you represent (**cough, David Scott, cough**), but except as noted I tried to get them in the right spot.  Feel free to correct in the comments where I missed.

While I’m including John Barrow (as he’s going to have a Republican field of challengers regardless if he changes his mind and takes a look at Senate or not), I’m also mostly focusing on what’s going on with the Republican field.  Stefan will be around shortly to talk about what this has done over the weekend on the Democrats’ side of the ledger.

While this format will take up a bit of space, I hope it will allow for self-contained comment threads to continue the conversation we started on Friday.  Enjoy.


  1. jongkeen says:

    What about Jim Marshall for Senate. No one seems to have mentioned his name yet. Wouldn’t he be a great candidate?

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