Morning Reads for Friday, January 25, 2013

– Love her or hate her, there’s a lot less of “That Woman from Albany.”
Rep. John Lewis to receive Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage
– Amazon still not collecting taxes for online purchases made in GA.
– After five years of “stagnant” wages, where do we apply?
– Major beverage distributor moving into Gwinnett, bringing 300 jobs with them.
– Hide and seek. Over 120,000 white voters DIDN’T in the 2012 presidential race.

– World’s largest credit card now has no limit.
– It’s my seat, I tell you! Mine!
– Actually, it does matter.
– Is Rand Paul ramping up to something bigger?
– A GOP survey! Let’em know what you REALLY think.
– Another general is out.

Random Everywhere:
Some people are just plain dumb / Who wants a tasty plum?
– Does this count as an assault weapon? (h/t @iowahawkblog)
Star Wars Legos Muslims offend, they do.

PSA: Just a friendly reminder that postal rates are going up on Sunday. Buy your Forever stamps on Friday.


      • Three Jack says:

        If the party responsible lies about the ‘why’, gonna be damn difficult to get started on the ‘who’.

      • Noway says:

        Ummm, Ed, putting aside your obvious blind-defense of Sec. Clinton, did you ever pause and ask why can’t we do both?

          • Noway says:

            Sure you did. You wanted to know why her obviously lame statement mattered. Apparently a lie in this instance doesn’t matter to you and is perfectly acceptable.

            • bowersville says:

              This is not a road Republicans can drive to victory on. The road takes you over a cliff. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin at yesterday’s hearing. Five words:

              “I’d like to refer to five words for them to reflect on: Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. We were told by every level of government here there were Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that justified a war […] We’re still searching for those weapons […] We could have a hearing on that if you’d like.”

              • Noway says:

                Respectfully disagree, Bowers. A tepid attempt at deflection. One has nothing to do with the other. Answer the question Madame Secretary, “Who authored the video defense when it was obviosuly provably false?”

              • Noway says:

                On second thought, you might be right, Bowers. Admini9strations can stonewall anytime they like, really. Some are still trying to find the answer to the Four Word question: “Who hired Craig Livingston?”

              • Three Jack says:

                So if Durbin wants to go down the WMD road again, I suggest whoever he brings before the senate respond by saying, ‘what’s the difference’ whether they had WMDs, could have been a couple of guys walking along with a jar of anthrax or an entire warehouse full of yellow cake uraniumn. We need to move forward and work on how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

                • bowersville says:

                  I think Durbin’s point was this. The intelligence that was shared with the country and the world leading up to Iraq was wrong and misleading. And we have fought a war in Iraq. But on this issue:

                  “Clinton was at times emotional and other times combative, but she was rarely challenged, and she offered very little in the way of insight or accountability for an unacceptable security breach that demonstrated that al-Qaida remains a potent threat, despite administration efforts to suggest the war on terror essentially ended at the time of Osama bin Laden’s death.

                  The purpose of congressional hearings ought to be, the discovery of the truth.”


                  The next day at the hearings for John Kerry. Kerry said this to the same Senator that Clinton was addressing her answer to:

                  Kerry responded to Johnson’s repeat performance of what really happened at Benghazi by asking, “Were you at the briefing at the tapes?” Johnson answered, “No.” Kerry continued, “Well, there was a briefing with tapes, which we all saw, those of us who went to it, which made it crystal clear. We sat for several hours with our intel folks, who described to us precisely what we were seeing. We saw the events unfold. We had a very complete and detailed description.”


                  My words again. I in no way believe the truth has come out on Benghazi. The administration has no intention of revealing the truth. But to get to the truth one has to get away from talk radio talking points and know the facts. John Kerry ate Senator Johnson’s lunch. Hillary’s comments will play well against her in campaign commercials. But, we still don’t know the truth and if Republicans insist on going down the rabbit trail of what Susan Rice said on TV after Romney got in between Clinton’s and Obama’s statements to the world and made Benghazi into a neo-con talking point of standing up for 1st Amendment rights, Republicans lose. We’ll never know the truth.

    • bowersville says:

      “A long-running feud over whether Congress provides enough money for protecting U.S. diplomats escalated Tuesday as the chairman of a Senate subcommittee charged that House Republicans “blithely torpedoed embassy security funds” in stripping a $1 billion measure sought by the State Department from a hurricane relief bill.”

      And that doesn’t even count this:

      ” In fiscal year 2011, lawmakers shaved $128 million off of the administration’s request for embassy security funding. House Republicans drained off even more funds in fiscal year 2012 — cutting back on the department’s request by $331 million.” Justified by this:

      [US Rep. ] Chaffetz said. “Look we have to make priorities and choices in this country. We have…15,000 contractors in Iraq. We have more than 6,000 contractors, a private army there, for President Obama, in Baghdad. And we’re talking about can we get two dozen or so people into Libya to help protect our forces. When you’re in tough economic times, you have to make difficult choices. You have to prioritize things.”

      Somebody has their priorities wrong when it’s more important to fund civilian contractors in Irag than US Embassy security.

  1. greencracker says:

    Last night, WSBTV reported Terry Coleman got arrested for trying to bring a gun thru security at the airport. But I can’t find the story on their website.

  2. bgsmallz says:

    “I’ve tried my best to relieve members of the General Assembly from difficult decisions that they have to make that have political consequences.” -Govenor Deal

    That’s what I call Leadership!

    “The Buck stops here.”- Harry Truman
    “For real-time updates on the whereabouts of the Buck, “Like” it on Facebook or follow it on twitter.”-Nathan Deal

      • bgsmallz says:

        There is a long and storied loyalist tradition in our state. I believe we were the only colony to declare allegiance to the crown during the revolution…ironic that such allegiance allowed us freedom from taxation by the crown. Hmmmm….the more things change and such…

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