Georgia Senate 2014: Kingston? Going To Consider It

Congressman Jack Kingston just sent the following over.  Of note is that the email came not from his official House email account, but from his campaign office:


SAVANNAH, GA – Congressman Jack Kingston (GA-1) released the following statement upon learning of Senator Chambliss’ decision to retire at the end of his current term:

“Saxby Chambliss has been a great public servant.  He is a good and honest man who has always done what he thinks is best for our great state and this country.   I have appreciated the opportunity to work with him in Congress.  On a personal level, Libby and I cherish our friendship with Saxby and Julianne and know it will continue for years to come.

“Serving the State of Georgia is one of the greatest honors of my life.  From the bounties of our fields and the unparalleled might of our soldiers to the top-notch research of our universities and the global commerce churning through our ports, I have worked to strengthen some of our greatest assets.   I have also fought to cut the federal budget and reduce the size of government so we may free future generations from a life indebted to China.  Over the coming days, I will discuss with my family and meditate through prayer on how best to continue that service.”


      • IndyInjun says:

        Kingston voted for Medicare D, Patriot Act, Commodities Futures Modernization Act (unleashed derivatives plague), and Gramm Leach Bliley (allowed banks to gamble with depositor’s money)
        Price was not in Congress for these votes. Gingrey voted for Medicare D.

        Fiscal conservatism cannot encompass a candidate like Kingston. There is no other likely candidate that would energize me into total opposition.

        • Please name some bills that Kingston voted for that Price did not (or vice versa). In other words, show me that Price is different than Kingston.

          With the vote on the Patriot Act being 211-3 for Republicans, I would assume that every Georgia Republican would have voted for it.

          • IndyInjun says:

            Price has been there 7 years. Kingston is going on 20. If I took the time to post all of the damaging votes by Kingston, I could never get through with them.

            I hope he runs. That way we are rid of two of his kind.

            Your point is well taken. It is why I no longer identify with a party that says that it stands for my interests while stabbing me in the back. I used to be proud to be a Republican and donate accordingly. Now I am not and do not. If you want us back, you cannot continue to line up behind Saxby’s and Jack’s. Maybe we can give Price benefit of the doubt, but Kingston has been poison to fiscal conservatives for 2 decades.

          • IndyInjun says:

            As for the one-sided votes, when you voted to destroy my retirement and the futures of the kids by committing financial outrages, while putting the US dollar on the same footing as an out-of-the-money gambling debt, it isn’t something I am going to give you a pass on.

            Kingston made these votes and so did Isakson, Chambliss, and Deal. These votes have destroyed the USA and I will remember them until I die.

            Do not offer up any of these guys and expect me to vote for them or to be quiet about their duplicity.

      • tdk790 says:

        Here’s a difference.. wonder if GAGOP voters care about spending?

        – “Jack Kingston sponsored or co-sponsored 40 earmarks totalling $66,787,000 in fiscal year 2010 ranking 32nd out of 435 representatives.”
        – “Tom Price sponsored or co-sponsored 0 earmarks totaling $0 in fiscal year 2010, ranking 402nd out of 435 representatives.”


  1. Scott65 says:

    Call me crazy, but of all the names floated, Kingston is the most electable statewide. You guys act sometimes like only Republicans get to vote…you have to pick at least some of the votes off from more moderate R’s and D’s…

    • IndyInjun says:

      I didn’t know that the GOP was our only choice. Now you have me excited about a Barrow-Kingston race.

    • Charlie says:

      There’s a certain protocol, almost an art, to things like this.

      With the exception of Price (who was recently signaling he was about to launch a challenge anyway), most of the other potential candidates hadn’t seriously considered what it would take to form a committee (and raise cash) outside of their existing base. Thus, statements like this help some keep their options open (and their own supporters close) while others who aren’t running can take themselves out early.

      Consider these markers and placeholders. And while not “news”, they are very much relevant.

      • View from Brookhaven says:

        Oh, I know. Have to stay in the news, even if you’re not saying anything.

        Imagine it took a bit more to put this release together. It’s a change from the usual “I am outraged…!!!1!” releases.

        • Charlie says:

          No, not being argumentative, but this isn’t about the “news”. This is communication between candidates. The “news” is just the vehicle.

          Thus the point of my post. Unlike most times, we are not the target of these press releases. These are aimed squarely at their peers.

          It’s important we understand the dance that we are observing. Don’t try to judge a disco contest when you are watching a very rare waltz with very firm rules.

  2. northside101 says:

    If Kingston runs, then who replaces him? State Senator Buddy Carter wanted to run for Congress in 2012, but Barrow’s 12th CD was pushed out of his Senate district. William Ligon of Brunswick (Seante Dist 3)? Any of the Savannah-area state representatives? Any Democrats come to mind?

  3. Tiberius says:

    That is a lot of seniority for Kingston to give up especially when you consider the chances of the GOP holding the House after the next election is better than the GOP taking the Senate. Why put yourself in a minority when youcan be a House Chairman?

  4. TheEiger says:

    Kingston puts his toe in the Senate waters every few years. He has been doing it since the late 90’s. He never pulls the trigger and probably won’t this time either. Ask Eric Johnson how hard it is to run statewide being from the coast where no one knows who you are.

  5. segafamily says:

    Jack Kingston went to Congress 20 years ago supporting term limits. That is until he got his taste of the gravy train which caused him to never look back. While he may be liked in some quarters, he’s not in quite a few. A cursory review of his campaign finances will reveal most contributions come from outside the state and are big business donations, not actual Georgians or real voters as they say. That in itself is telling. So let’s all hope his prayerful mediation leads him recognize his shortcomings and to not run for either the House or Senate in the future. It’s time for some fresh representation.

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