Georgia Senate 2014: First In, Tom Price

I’m told by a very reliable 6th district source that, as expected, Congressman Tom Price of Roswell is already making phone calls and his candidacy will be official shortly.  It helps that the race has been under consideration for some time.  That, and he has a couple million dollars in his campaign account that can be transferred to a Senate race.

Others considering a run now will have at least one of the data points they will need to decide if they wish to give up a current office (and/or be able to raise a sizable chunk) to face a well funded Congressman in a primary.

And, this of course sets new dominoes.  I believe Karen Handel will likely jump in this race.  Who else may join her in a quest to represent GA-6 in Washington?


  1. debbie0040 says:

    I think Tom would be considered the front runner were he to jump in. If Westmoreland jumped in, they both would

    • tdk790 says:

      Agree. Price has the best base, though Westmoreland is very popular in his. Kingston would be kind of silly to run.

      As for 6CD, Handel’s the frontrunner. Albers may jump in but it wouldn’t be wise. Jan Jones would be less wise considering where she is.

  2. Charlie says:

    Price’s (short) statement on Saxby’s retirement:

    Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06) responded to the announcement of Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) that he would retire at the end of his second term in 2014, saying:

    “I join my fellow Georgians in deep appreciation for Saxby Chambliss’s extensive service to our great state and nation. Since 1995, he has answered the call to public service, first as a member of Congress, and later, as a member of the Senate. Betty and I wish Saxby and his wife, Julianne, the very best. I am proud to call him a friend.”

    • debbie0040 says:

      Price, Westmoreland, Broun and Gingrey all expressed interest in challenging Sen. Chambliss before Chambliss withdrew from the race. I think their interest drove him from the race.

    • GAgadfly says:

      To plagiarize my comment from the other thread, I think you nailed it by saying Westmoreland is the favorite if he wants it. The Governor will flex muscle in this race. If Price is in, axes from 2010 will be ground in 2014. Westmoreland and Deal are close, in fact there were once whispers that if an appointment needed to be made to finish out Saxby’s term, Westmoreland would likely have been the guy. Regardless of who else may get in, I see Price and Westmoreland slugging this one out in August 2014.

      • debbie0040 says:

        @GAgadfly, If Westmoreland runs and Gov. Deal comes out strong for him and attacks Tom , that will hurt Lynn in tea party circles.

        • Charlie says:

          Seriously? You’re going to try to pre-empt Westmoreland because of what you perceive Deal might do?

          First of all, you won’t see many of Deal’s fingerprints.

          Most importantly, Westmoreland actually lines up well with the TEA party’s votes in DC.

          If you want to try and paint him – Lynn EFFING Westmoreland- as a liberal/left of Tea party candidate, you have officially spun yourself into left field.

          As those letters I get from a-hole attorneys like Bob Loblaw always say, “Please govern yourself accordingly.”

          • debbie0040 says:

            @Charlie, I am not pre-empting anyone. I like and respect Lynn a a great deal and think he would make a great Senator. He has made a great congressman. I have spoken to him numerous times the past weeks.

            I was simply replying to what GAgadfly said about Lynn about Gov. Deal and his potential involvement. I was simply pointing out there was a down side to Gov. Deal getting involved.

  3. northside101 says:

    Most of the Cobb portion of Cong Dist 6 overlaps with Judson Hill’s 32nd Senate District (Hunter Hill, Steve Thompson and Barry Loudermilk also have small portions of Cobb CD 6). Most of Senator John Albers’ 56th Senate District is in CD 6 (all but the Cherokee portion of his Senate district, which is in CD 11), and most of Senator Fran Millar’s 40th District overlaps with CD 6. Senate President Pro Tem David Shafer also has some of CD 6 (in Fulton part of his Fulton/Gwinnett Senate district). Judson Hill’s district had the highest turnout of all 56 Senate districts in last year’s GOP presidential primary—and the highest turnout (according to data released from SOS yesterday) of all 56 Senate districts in last November’s general election (95,000+)

    Incidentally, if Price were to get elected to the Senate, this might be fhe first time both our senators hailed from metro Atlanta—and probably first time in a while (if ever) that both senators lived in the same congressional district.

    Republican electorate of CD 6 generally viewed more as the moderate/somewhat conservative side of the party. This was one of only two cong districts (John Lewis’s CD 5 being the other) that Romney won in the Georgia presidential primary. Isakson doubtless won the current 6th CD in 1996 when he ran pro-choice on abortion (though he lost statewide in the primary to Guy Millner), and of course won it in the 2004 Senate primary when he was viewed as the “liberal” candidate on abortion because he favored allowing abortions in cases of rape and incest (which rivals Herman Cain and Mac Collins did not). No dubt referendums on Sunday alcohol sales have easily passed in precincts of the district (which probably has Georgia’s largest Catholic population, compared to the other 13 cong districts)

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